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People/Organizations in the News (non-governmental)

Into the desert: on Neptune & Pluto, migrant crises, the Helsinki Summit & shifting alliances (7/5/18)
The Long View from Eris: spirited warriors in the news  (4/28/18)
Two companies in the D.C. crosshairs: Amazon & WAPO (4/6/18)
"Enough:" Pluto in Sag comes of age with grit & grace (3/16/18)
Progress, pitfalls & keeping it real: the 2018 Aries Ingress (3/11/18)
Unacceptable Sacrifices: the Parkland Shooting & Beyond (2/22/18
Let the Jup-Sat-Plu Games begin: the high stakes in Pyeongchang (2/12/18)
An astrological fork in the road: on gender & power in America (11/19/17)
 Dropping a bombshell: on today's FBI indictment (10/30/17)

A Dark Moon rises: the astrology of the Vegas attack (10/2/17)
At the crossroads: Hurricane Harvey & Trump’s Fri. night specials (8/29/17)
From euphoria to muck: the 2009 Jup-Nep cycle lives on (7/24/17)
Surprise, surprise…: the Astrology of an email disaster (7/14/17)
That “crunching noise”…Cosmic meetings and wake-up calls (7/11/17)
Potholes & Eclipse politics: Michigan's Mar. 8th primary election (2/23/16)  
Mars in Scorpio & the Showdown at the Malheur Wildlife Refuge (1/11/16
A methane gusher & a Paris agreement... (12/31/15)  

Revisiting the "Ghost of Christmas Past" -- Dickens' Christmas Carol (12/21/15)  
"The Great Clock of Worlds" & the New Year...Beethoven’s 245th! (12/17/15
Jupiter-Chiron & the extremist impulse (11/20/15)  
Nous sommes Paris! "Black Friday" in Paris & the Sat-Nep Cycle (11/15/15)  
On order v. disorder, rivers of humanity: a Ura-Plu, Sat-Nep saga (11/11/15)

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