Friday, May 19, 2023

A game of Cosmic "Chicken:" crossing over into the 2024 Jupiter-Uranus cycle

From Rebel Without a Cause (1955)
In the last post here, I suggested that “silver linings” are possible with the Jupiter-Uranus cycle, even during its current balsamic state, but that we need to be mindful of the very real pitfalls, as well.  



Consider, for instance, the shameless political brinkmanship playing out as I write this about raising the U.S. debt ceiling so we can pay our bills going forward and avoid catastrophic default. The GOP side is demanding draconian cuts to the nation’s discretionary spending as a condition for achieving that, which basically means they would raise the debt ceiling only if it can be done on the backs of “the least of these”...poor Medicaid and Food Aid recipients, disabled Vets, school children, retirees who depend upon Social Security, anyone buying a home or living off savings and investments, and so on. Tax cuts to the wealthy? Those are sacrosanct, apparently. See the figure below for the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities “round-up” (CBPP) of GOP demands: 


So, as Biden has put it several times, the GOP is attempting to take hostage the nation’s “full faith and credit”--not to mention the poorest and most vulnerable among us—presumedly, all for the sake of scoring political points before 2024 elections. And, like the fixed Taurus duo of Jupiter and Uranus now transiting above, they aren’t willing to budge from their long list of demands, including what House leader Kevin McCarthy describes as his “red line”--work requirements for Medicaid recipients. An excerpt from the CBPP’s summary of his demands is warranted here: 

“House Speaker Kevin McCarthy’s debt-limit-and-cuts bill puts the U.S. economy at grave risk by using the need to raise the debt ceiling as a bargaining chip to force a set of unpopular, harmful policies — policies that would make deep cuts in a host of national priorities; leave more people hungry, homeless, and without health coverage; and make it easier for wealthy people to cheat on their taxes. The bill would also repeal the Inflation Reduction Act’s funding to address climate change and would undertake harmful changes that would undermine how regulations are crafted. 

In exchange for these highly problematic long-term, and in some cases permanent, policies, the McCarthy bill would only raise the debt ceiling through early next year (March 31, 2024, at the latest), allowing House Republicans to use the deadline for another round of hostage-taking.” 

So, holding a knife to our economic “jugular,” and basically daring Biden to do anything substantive to work around these demands. It gets even worse: McCarthy and his GOP fellows also want to make permanent the Trump-era tax cuts that overwhelmingly fed the super-wealthy while building up our national debt and its ratio to our overall economy. So pretty much creating the crisis they claim needs to be addressed with their current demands. The Congressional Budget Office (CBO) estimates that making the tax cuts permanent would cost the nation $3.5 trillion 

In summary, anything less than pulling the economic rug out from under ordinary Americans for the sake of feeding the wealthiest at the top, and the entire economy defaults, destroying our economic standing in the world and taking a good part of the world economy with it. At the risk of sounding apocalyptic, it would be 2008 all over again, on steroids and totally on purpose. It reads like a bad Austin Powers/Dr. Evil spin-off.  

So, the fact that silver linings may yet reveal themselves between now and the launch of the new Jupiter-Uranus cycle in April, 2024 does nothing to soften the harsh realities of the present moment. We don’t need to be catastrophists to see that the coming months could be fraught with peril, economic and otherwise, and that Jupiter and Uranus promise to play a major role in whatever unfolds. Consider Chart 1 below for the June 1, 2023 deadline the Fed has declared for raising the national debt limit, or else.  


Chart 1. U.S. default deadline, June 1, 2023, 12:00 a.m. DST, Washington, D.C.


We won’t belabor this chart in all its troubling details; there’s really no need to once you notice the amazingly tight fixed grand square hugging all four angles, at the heart of it. This tense configuration is comprised of Pluto opposite Mars across the horizon (Aquarius-Leo), with this axis tightly squared by Jupiter-No. Node opposite Moon-So. Node (Taurus-Scorpio). Bil Tierney masterfully interprets the basic Fixed Grand Square in his Dynamics of Aspect Analysis, so we’ll rely on his insight for starters:  

“Although the Fixed Grand Square suggests powerful inner fortitude, awesome determination and masterful planning ability, it also implies rigidity and a temperament too habitual to allow for needed adjustments...Unlike the Cardinal Grand Square, which has difficulty being motivated to finish up whatever projects it readily initiates, the Fixed Grand Square conglomerates activities yet over-strains itself by trying to master too much at any time. Its phenomenal endurance and dogged persistence can be abused here. This person does not want to lose control of his personal interests and will rarely allow others to take over matters indicated. If Mars, Uranus, or Pluto composes part of this configuration, then intolerance, dictatorial behavior and obsession with power are usually emphasized.” [1] 

To my eye, this describes the bull-headed nature of today’s debt ceiling debate to a “tee.” Biden is naturally inclined to seek out deals, but he’s faced with belligerent sparring partners who refuse to entertain anything but exactly what they’re demanding, so brandishing the will to power and obsessiveness that Tierney proposes. His passage goes on to say that the Fixed is the “Grand Square of extremism,” which also makes perfect sense: extremism is often about refusing to back down in the face of imminent destruction, no matter the cost.  

To flesh out the tense bones of this configuration a bit, here’s how I see it: 

  • - Militant obstinacy (Leo Mars in 7th), empowered by the implicit threat of shocking, extreme measures (Aquarius Pluto rising in the 12th, opposite Mars) 

  • - The collective and personal fates of People (Scorpio Moon conjunct So. Node in 10th) are regressively pitted against (opposite) the powerful material whims of the wealthy class (Taurus Jupiter conjunct No. Node)

Of course, as Tierney warned, Mars, Uranus and Pluto are all involved in this June 1, 2023 deadline grand cross and playing key roles in it, as we see above. All told, this configuration, with its four fixed squares and two powerful oppositions, enhanced by the involvement of not only the angles of the chart, but the Nodal axis as well, reflects a potentially perilous “brink” that we may very well zoom right over, like a car full of drunk teenagers playing “chicken.” 



On the other hand, the balsamic nature of the Jupiter-Uranus cycle at this moment may provide the silver lining we need: balsamic periods tend to unfold more passively than this actively threatening June 1st scenario proposes at first glance to be. Solutions that “kick the can down the road” sound more apt, despite the belligerent stand-off.  

Add to that the fact that Pluto and Mars will wander out of opposition orb over the next month, and we may see that this purposely manufactured crisis fizzles, much as the manufactured Title 42 panic at the southern border fizzled in the past couple weeks 

These silver lining possibilities are not something to take for granted, of course—having to negotiate with thugs who have a knife to one’s jugular is always dicey, so it's good to hear Biden say that paying the bills we've already incurred (based on past spending bills) is “not negotiable.” Yet here we are, at the cliff, waiting for the other guys to blink and realizing that it's a no-win situation. Or maybe it just looks that way.

Cue the scene from Monty Python & the Holy Grail in which the absurd Black ('Tis but a scratch) Knight won’t accept defeat, despite Arthur lopping off all his limbs. Trying to negotiate with extremists is rarely fruitful, but belligerent determination can work both ways: in other words, the nation must pass this test.  

Perhaps realizing that leaps of faith never get old is the truest gift of these balsamic Jupiter-Uranus days. Lightning does strike as it will, and with both planets now in earthy Taurus, we're well-grounded to make the most of it! 

With that in mind, let’s now take a deep dive into the next Jupiter-Uranus cycle, fast approaching in April, 2024.  



On to the next cycle!

Chart 2. Jupiter conjoins Uranus, April 20, 2024, 9:54:31 p.m. DST, Washington, D.C. 


At 21°+Taurus, the conjunction of Jupiter-Uranus falls in the Taurus 6th house, meaning that both the cycle and the house resonate with Venus (ruling Taurus) in fiery Aries, the traditional sign of Venus’s “fall,” a point reinforced by her rather tight conjunction to Aries Chiron. This suggests, for starters, that the dynamics that unfold during this cycle may continue to disadvantage women and the “yin” Venusian dimension of life in American society, which would include the arts and humanities and all that entails. These dynamics will undoubtedly intensify divisiveness—it'll be an election year, after all!  

Complicating all this is the fact that Venus and Chiron fall very near the 22°+Aries Mars/Jupiter-Uranus midpoint, as well, suggesting that the overwhelming battery of litigation that characterizes D.C. at this moment (in 2023) will likely persist into the new cycle represented in this chart. Mars also tightly sextiles Jupiter-Uranus, so opportunities for violent outbreaks and upheavals will exist, even though Mars is widely conjunct Neptune here in Pisces and its energies could tend to be expressed via subterfuge and passive aggressive means. With both Venus and Mars somewhat debilitated, armed conflicts (such as between Russia and Ukraine) could more likely be more mired in confusion, obfuscation and misinformation than responsive to diplomatic efforts.  

Of course, close ties between Jupiter-Uranus and Venus could also speak to the health of the American economy—expert doomsayers have been predicting trouble ahead for years now and if our present (as I write this in mid-2023) dilemma over the national debt ceiling isn’t resolved soon, their concerns could be vindicated. Jupiter rules the 2nd house of finance here, and Mercury—conjunct No. Node, Venus and Chiron in Aries—rules the Gemini 8th house of credit and debt and the Virgo 10th house of public reputation. Defaulting on U.S. debt would adversely impact all these areas of concern, no doubt. 


Of course, whatever transpires between now and then, the usual fearmongering about the economy will intensify during the upcoming 2024 election campaigns. Indeed, the impending election may be what the holdouts on a clean debt ceiling hike have in mind with their “hostage-taking” tactics—people vote with their pocketbooks, after all and a bad economy rarely benefits the incumbent, so undermining the economy could win votes!  

The economy can also be a great distraction from other important issues, too, such as the challenges that have been emerging to our democracy everywhere we look. Nearly all so-called “Red” states have not only been severely limiting women’s reproductive rights, but they’ve also been passing laws making state ballot initiatives nearly impossible to mount, meaning the people get virtually no say in these onerous restrictions.  

Immigration promises to be another volatile issue, although the ball has been in Congress’s court for a comprehensive reform package for decades now and it's been more politically efficacious to just blame Biden for whatever goes on at the border. As it happened in the past weeks, since the so-called Title 42 ended on May 12, GOP attempts to blow the situation up into a crisis comparable to the apocalyptic Y2K scare have fizzled out more quickly than the January 1, 2000 champagne bubbles did. Perhaps the current deeply-waning state of the 2010 Jupiter-Uranus cycle we considered in the last post has had something to do with these outcomes, but it could also be that Jupiter’s relatively new cycle with Neptune (launched in Pisces in 4/2022) hasn’t waxed into a stressful angle yet.  

Climate change as it's happening now.

Finally, the one issue that will dominate this coming 2024 cycle (whether we acknowledge it or not) and might truly warrant an apocalyptic panic is climate change. It promises to threaten public health (6th house Jupiter-Uranus) from several angles—but the twisted public agenda of our times (Virgo Moon opposite Pisces Saturn-Mars-Neptune across 10-4 axis) appears bent on distracting us all from the substantive mitigation measures that must be made. 

As we’ll discuss a bit more under Biwheel 1 below, pointless culture wars will likely continue being waged against our human rights; suffice to say here that going forward, we need to resist the temptation to ignore the devastating impact these culture wars are having on the Earth and its ability to sustain life as we know it. We are more than likely to reach the much dreaded and critical 1.5°C warming level within less than a decade, so well within the 14 years of this 2024 Jupiter-Uranus cycle. There is literally no time left for dithering around and obstruction.  

The potential for a “smoke-and-mirrors" situation is very real with this upcoming cycle conjunction and U.S. election, unfortunately, and Mars is, again, a key player. As mentioned quickly above, disposing the Aries points and co-ruling this Scorpio chart with Pluto, it not only conjoins Neptune and Saturn in Pisces, it also opposes the Moon (the People). This leaves the People vulnerable to high-level gaslighting and misinformation: indeed, discerning between real and fabricated crises and threats could become very difficult, but it will be essential for the health of our democracy.  

This Moon (Virgo)—as the lone major planet/luminary above the horizon—suggests that the People will be challenged to organize themselves (the 11th is the house of collective associations) and to hold their own against a determined undertow of energies and power playing that probably do not have their best interests at heart.  

This Moon also forms an out-of-sign trine with Pluto (Aquarius), which lends it significant connections to both rulers of this Scorpio-rising chart (Mars and Pluto); the People are not powerless here. Even so, with Moon opposite, Mars also conjoins the Saturn/Neptune midpoint in Pisces: here’s what midpoints expert Michael Munkasey has to say about the political implications of this midpoint: 

Thesis: Delusions among the real leadership; long-lived programs which have no real purpose; policies which restrict spies; misusing law officers; inefficient use of capable expert advice; mistaken religious leaders. 

Antithesis: Leaders deceive about the exercise of control; deficient business practices exposed; respected persons involved in questionable practice; reliable equipment failures; a leader capitulates.” [3]

So, this one midpoint promises a deep well of toxic possibilities that could undermine our collective ability to make sound, truth-informed political judgments and that, in combination with the Mars-to-Jupiter-Uranus sextile, should greatly concern us. To my eye, Munkasey's interpretation reads like a summary of the wranglings that have been going on in certain House committees attempting to “investigate the investigators” regarding the January 6th 2021 Capitol insurrection, not to mention attempts (in play as I write this in 2023) to distract the public from serious issues with so-called “culture wars” drama and the legal chaos that seems to be following Trump around.   

Trump could be further challenged under this new Jupiter-Uranus cycle, even though his natal Jupiter-Uranus trine (Libra-Gemini) has probably protected him from quite a few challenges over the years. We won’t belabor that point here, but the Pisces Saturn-Mars-Neptune gathering in Chart 1, enhanced by Mars being at their midpoint, t-squares his natal Gemini Uranus-Sun-No. Node conjunction opposite Sagittarius Moon-So. Node [1] and could conceivably undermine his confidence and sense of being in control. This is a much longer story for another day, of course; for now, suffice to say that the chaos that follows him will likely continue rattling American discourse for some time.  

Finally, a few words are warranted about Saturn in this chart, but a bit of context is first needed. Anyone watching over the past few years knows that we’ve just been through a deeply Saturnian period of major Capricorn and Aquarius passages: Saturn and Jupiter both transited through Capricorn—in the process launching new Saturn-Pluto (1/2020) and Jupiter-Pluto (4/2020) cycles—in the final days before their latest conjunction (12/2020) at 0°+Aquarius.  

Those new cycle launches coincided, of course, with Pluto transiting the final degrees of Capricorn—another long story we’ll save for another time. Bottom line for now, between those Capricorn passages and the subsequent transits of Jupiter and Saturn through Aquarius—also co-ruled by Saturn--we’ve been through an incredibly weighty, tangled thicket of Saturnian energies in the past several years, and now, in Pisces, Saturn seems to be almost a “bit player” in this chart, more occupied with navigating its waning few degrees with Neptune than with influencing other developments.  

Interestingly, the U.S. Supreme Court has been going through a period of shocking revelations about potential corruption within its ranks, and even though the Court is the least democratic institution within our system of checks and balances, the American people need to trust its legitimacy for our system of checks and balances to work. The irony with this, of course, is that the Jupiter-Uranus cycle that is now quickly waning to completion was launched in 2010, the same year the Court decided—in its Citizens United v. FEC casethat unlimited corporate money in our national elections was A-OK. Clearly, the Court’s eroding legitimacy has been a work-in-progress this entire cycle.  

The trouble is, to productively and safely manifest the spectacular innovations and technologies that a typical Jupiter-Uranus cycle may inspire takes a structured approach that is disciplined and skillful and exercises integrity—so Saturn’s territory. A healthy Jupiter-Saturn balance is always desirable—especially in a nation founded with Saturn in balanced and judicious Libra (see U.S. Sibly chart in Biwheel 1 below)—but in our polarized and frankly extremist times, that balance has become elusive at best.  

For instance, as I write this in 2023, an amazing number of Artificial Intelligence (AI) powered technologies are making their commercial debuts, even though a sober chorus of serious observers—including UNESCOhave been signaling their concern in the background. Key concerns do exist:  just because such astounding technologies are possible doesn’t mean they are desirable. Or helpful. Or responsible and ethical. What are the trade-offs between risks and benefits with these technologies, and who gets to decide how such things are distributed across society? What could happen if the power of these technologies falls into the hands of extremists?  

These are all sane, responsible questions, but with a weakened Saturn, we may not get the answers we need in a timely fashion. 

So, AI has basically landed in our midst like a Jupiter-Uranus strike of “lightning” that’s probably impossible to stop. Or, as one media outlet put it, AI is “eating the world,” and will basically revolutionize the workplace and more. Again, here’s where a more potent Saturn would be helpful—not to stop the rollout of these technologies, but to perhaps craft some useful guidelines and regulations for managing and tempering their deployment. So, when Saturn recedes into the status of a Neptune-undermined “bit player,” things can easily get thrown out of whack. 

Of course, that’s not the end of the story for such issues: planetary cycle partners always resonate with other planets that fall in their respective ruling signs. Here, this means that the Jupiter-Uranus cycle will “ping” with any planet residing in Sagittarius or Pisces (Jupiter rules or co-rules) and Aquarius (Uranus co-rules)Jupiter has only recently (4/2022) conjoined Neptune in Pisces, so this is an alliance that also colors how Jupiter behaves within its cycle with Uranus.  

Also significant is the fact that Pluto is now in Aquarius (first exact on March 23, 2023), so resonating with Uranus, despite there being no major aspect between them as I write this. We’ll dig much more deeply into this resonance another time but suffice to say here that today’s decisions about business innovations and technological juggernauts like AI are being heavily influenced by Pluto’s deep-pocketed clout and its powerful will to transform everything it touches. 


Jupiter-Uranus 2024 and the U.S. Sibly Chiron return 

One significant connection between Chart 1 above and the volatility roiling so much of American discourse these days can be gleaned from Chiron’s conjunction to Venus, both in Mars-disposed Aries. We’ve already seen above how key Venus is to this 2024 cycle’s launch, but it’s worth noting here that Chiron falls exact to the minute conjunct U.S. Sibly Chiron here as well, meaning the nation will be simultaneously experiencing a Chiron return and a Jupiter-Uranus conjunction. This “coincidence” suggests a potentially turbulent passage that merits a closer look.  

Throughout our history, U.S. Sibly Chiron returns—first exact in May 1874, April 1924 and April 1974—have marked turbulent times. This is another topic worth its own study, but suffice to say here, Chiron’s repeating 50+year transit to the volatile mid-Aries point occupied by Sibly Chiron has never failed to trigger our most painful, toxic tendencies as a nation, and to rip open a host of original, festering wounds. Around our nation’s slave-holding history; around the brutal systemic realities—which may seem invisible at times but persist nonetheless—of race-and-class-based privilege; around the dynamics driving what seems to be the wave of extremist-inspired gun violence we’ve been suffering through as a nation, and about the deep well of national rage and division that has surfaced like a lanced boil in the past couple decades.  

I think we've already been seeing a preview of the trauma that our now-imminent U.S. Sibly Chiron return—happening at a time when right-wing domestic terrorism and gun violence are already major challenges—threatens to produce, ripping open wounds related to all the above concerns and potentially more.  

So, how are these two major passages (a Jupiter-Uranus conjunction and the U.S. Sibly Chiron return) likely to interact in American discourse going forward? 

Let’s consider Biwheel 1 below.  


Biwheel 1. (inner wheel) U.S. (Sibly) chart, 7/4/1776, 5:10 p.m. LMT, Philadelphia, PA; (outer wheel) Chart 1 above.  


We’ve already seen under Chart 1 why Mars will wield a great deal of power in this upcoming Jupiter-Uranus cycle—yes, Venus rules the Taurus Jupiter-Uranus conjunction, yet she does so from Aries, meaning that Mars disposes the Aries grouping of Part-of-Fortune, Chiron, Venus, Mercury and No. Node seen here and could thus set the tone for their expression in American life for the next 14 years. In mundane astrology, we look to Mars for indications about a nation’s military might and warrior spirit; in Pisces, conjunct the Saturn/Neptune midpoint (Pisces), these essential realities could seem more corrupt and compromised than usual.  

Indeed, there have been recent efforts to rein in some instances of corruption within U.S. defense operations, including the prosecution of Jack Teixeira, an airman in the Massachusetts Air National Guard, in connection with his alleged mishandling of classified national defense information. There may be more of the same ahead, along with potentially damaging subterfuge and misinformation campaigns. Pisces Mars also opposes 10th house Sibly Neptune (Virgo), suggesting that corrupt practices among military and perhaps other institutional leaders will also surface.  

The May 9, 2023 conviction of Donald Trump for sexually abusing and defaming writer E. Jean Carroll , the revelations about corrupt practices on the part of Justice Clarence Thomas and the con-man antics of Congressman George Santos could very well be previews of more high-level drama ahead. 

Cycle Mars at the Saturn/Neptune midpoint is also likely to manifest as the weaponizing of misinformation and subterfuge on the grassroots level to target the nation’s institutions and infrastructures (Saturn). The Saturn-Neptune cycle is also deeply waning and in its balsamic phase, so passive aggressive attacks on our institutional status quo (aka, our democracy) are more than feasible. Placed over the Sibly 4th house, this Pisces grouping—reinforced by Cycle Moon (Virgo) opposite Neptune and Mars (Pisces)--suggests that we can probably expect to witness the stoking of even more divisiveness and turmoil on the grassroots level than we’re already seeing.  

It also seems that key institutions—such as Congress, the Supreme Court, the Justice Department, and so on (see examples cited above)—will likely continue being passively undermined by corruption and/or incompetence within their ranks. If everything about this chart was as-is, but Mars happened to fall in a cardinal sign or fixed sign and wasn’t in such proximity with Neptune, we could probably expect this new cycle to express itself far more directly and proactively.  

As it is, we’re likely to be dealing with a maddening amount of passive aggression from those who simply want to overturn the status quo for their own purposes. As a nation that claims to be a democracy, we underestimate the power of passive tactics like the drip, drip, drip of domestic terrorism outbursts (mass shootings), the addictive force of toxic, manipulative social media, and the undermining force of public corruption at our peril. 


At the U.S. Capitol on January 6, 2021.

Not surprisingly, these factors could again challenge the integrity of the presidential election in 2024: Mars disposes the Aries No. Node-Mercury-Venus-Chiron, all conjunct Sibly Chiron and opposed Cycle So. Node and Sibly Saturn in Libra, and this axis t-squares Sibly Sun (Cancer). How this will play out personally for Biden (Sibly Sun = the Executive) and members of Congress (Sibly Saturn) is a separate matter, but suffice to say here, we do seem likely to be engaged in what Biden has called a “battle for the soul of America”--aka, our national Chiron return.  

To be clear, every Chiron return we’ve experienced as a nation has been stressful, with basically the same issues surfacing and stoking turmoil, but this time the stakes could be even higher than usual because deep-pocketed political forces are waging war on our ability to confront and heal the toxic parts of our history with book and curriculum bans and an extreme anti-intellectual culture-wars narrative that threatens to render an entire generation of American children ignorant of this nation’s past, warts and all. All to cater to resurgent white supremacy as a political force: yes, we can expect difficulties ahead, trying to navigate this critical Chironic healing process.  

Of course, in so far as this battle is ultimately about choosing to improve upon our existing (small “d”) democratic checks and balances, or to continue dissolving them for some delusionary cult of leadership that wants to “dismantle the administrative state,” what we're about to be faced with in 2024 has been 248 years in the making. Even so—except for the 1860s Civil War—our cohesion as a nation has never seemed quite as fragile as it has during this now-balsamic 2010 Jupiter-Uranus cycle.  

None of this has been just a Jupiter-Uranus affair or just a Chiron return affair, naturally: the Sibly chart—and thus our national life—has been beset by too many difficult transits and passages in recent years to even keep track. Paramount among them, however, has been our still-ongoing Sibly Pluto return, which has been enhanced and given a delusionary twist by the transiting opposition of Neptune (Pisces) to Sibly Neptune (Virgo).  

Even from early Aquarius, Pluto is still a key player in this: here we see it transiting very near the southern end of the Sibly Nodal axis, certainly reflecting the feeling we may have these days of showing our worst selves to the world. As I write this in May 2023, Biden and GOP leaders are at a stand-off over what should be the simple raising of the nation’s debt limit so that we can continue paying for expenses already incurred; will we, indeed, become a “deadbeat” nation, as Biden puts it? Bottom line, struggles over the nation’s finances—some would argue, based on delusionary misconceptions of national debt and deficits, etc.--will most certainly persist into this new Jupiter-Uranus cycle.  

More generally, the impact on the nation’s collective mental and spiritual health of these long Neptune and Pluto passages has been very real and will continue to be so for years: a reality that is showing up most starkly among our young people and in those battling various forms of addiction—a Neptunian malaise that ultimately feeds deep pocketed players and renders populations vulnerable to manipulation (Pluto).  


To be frank, it seems to me that the magnitude of this problem transcends any presidential administration’s reach because, for starters, a nation that can no longer agree on a common set of facts and worse—chooses to live in a state of denial about provable facts—will find itself in existential peril. I would agree with those who suggest that divisiveness has itself become a political strategy.

The question we might ask here is: will this upcoming Jupiter-Uranus cycle and Sibly Chiron return become part of that problem, or will it help provide us with solutions and perhaps even healing?  

One key to answering that question may lie in the placement of the cycle conjunction (outer wheel, Jupiter-Uranus) over the Sibly 6th house of health, workers and service professions, including the military. In other words, the collective malaise we’ve been inundated with during the Pluto and Neptune transits described above will certainly form the backdrop to this Jupiter-Uranus cycle. This cycle tends to lean into technological solutions and innovations, which will be perfectly suitable, especially if they provide practical, material solutions to the needs of American workers and public servants. There are hopeful signs, however: I’m encouraged by the trend we’re seeing in Michigan these days toward recruiting young people into the construction trades—well-paid, skilled and potentially middle-class jobs that will take these workers anywhere they want to go.  

Health care will likely be an important focus: as much as we might like to forget the pandemic years we finally seem to be putting behind us, the presence in this biwheel of Saturn, Mars and Neptune in Pisces over the Sibly 4th and Mars sextile 6th house Jupiter-Uranus (Pisces-Taurus) suggest that as a nation, we need to be vigilant. We also need to be aware of the possibilities for subterfuge within our military ranks and the questionable goals of self-appointed, grass-roots militias. Unfortunately, this grassroots militarization trend is nothing new, but it will be something to watch going forward.  

As I write this, several such militia members who helped organize the January 6, 2021 insurrection at the U.S. Capitol have been found guilty of seditious conspiracy: let’s hope these convictions are a good sign for the years ahead. 





[1] Bil Tierney, Dynamics of Aspect Analysis: New Perceptions in Astrology, CRCS Publications, Reno, NV, 1983, p. 88.

[2] Donald J. Trump, June 14, 1946, 10:54 a.m. DST, Jamaica, NY. Rodden rated: AA.

[3] Michael Munkasey, Midpoints: Unleashing the Power of the Planets, ACS Publications, San Diego, CA, 1991, p. 292.