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Of corrosion and backlash: revisiting the astrology of how we got here


In his Age of Revolutions: Progress and Backlash from 1600 to the Present, historian/analyst Fareed Zakaria suggests that our current precarious situation in the U.S. (and in much of Europe) has its roots in the “hyper-globalization” of the 1990s and the deep economic fallout that followed from 2007-on. 

This makes sense looking back: the entire Obama period (2009-2017) bridges that rough 2007 period and our current situation, and it inspired not only race-related backlash, but also ended up scapegoating Barack Obama for the economic mess created by the preceding administration. And for not being able to resolve our middle east wars as quickly as he intended.

That “taint,” if you will, has spilled over on Biden in ways both blatant and subtle. Biden finished what Obama was never quite able to accomplish with the war in Afghanistan, but our pullout in August 2021—mandated by an agreement Trump made with the Taliban before leaving office—was shocking at best. Biden has moved forward with a stronger climate change-sensitive environmental agenda than Obama was ever able to, but the corporate pushback has only deepened and now threatens to support another Trump administration, endangering both our democracy and our ability to address the climate change crisis. 

Europe is as threatened with illiberalism (aka fascism) as we are.

And then there were the forces wielded against Obama, personally, including most memorably Trump’s whole “birther” movement with its obvious racial dog-whistling and its attempt to challenge Obama’s legitimacy—even his right to citizenship. And Trump wasn’t even going to be running against Obama in 2016, so we might have wondered why bother? Not much to figure out there…Obama was a black man in a position of power and Trump had nothing to lose with the voters he wanted to impress by questioning his legitimacy; for Trump, it seemed to be a way of stoking simmering grievances that he knew existed with the Black Lives Matter movement. It was a way of teasing his most extreme base out of the shadows and testing how far he could push them. 

Interestingly, Biden has been more openly supportive of black causes than Obama felt able to be while in office—an approach Biden signaled early on by claiming that the deadly pro-Nazi, white supremacist “Unite the Right” rally that transpired during Trump’s first year in office in Charlottesville, N.C. inspired him to run for president in 2020.

Chilling scene from the 2017 "Unite the Right" protest.

Stoking hatred and grievances was the driving force of Trump’s first campaign and remains a feature in this year’s campaign, although defending himself with a victimization narrative has overshadowed much of his usual agenda. From the very onset of his 2016 campaign, Trump seemed to sense that the nation was sinking into a foul, defiant mood that he could leverage, and the astrology of the day—especially as reflected in the cyclical index numbers—were, indeed, trending more negative by the day as his administration proceeded. A few examples will illustrate:

·        June 16, 2015: Trump took his trip down the golden escalator, announcing his presidential campaign -- the index number was negative (-) 800; shortly thereafter on September 17, 2015, the Jupiter-Neptune cycle achieved 2Q opposition (9/2015), putting that cycle into waning territory, so deepening the negative numbers another 300+ points.

·        November 26, 2015: by this time the Saturn-Neptune cycle had reached its 3Q waning square, with the chart for that day clocking in at negative (-) 1205. Only the Jupiter-Uranus, Uranus-Neptune, Uranus-Pluto and Neptune-Pluto cycles offered positive numbers.

·        January 12, 2020: a powerful new Saturn-Pluto cycle launched in Capricorn this day, lifting the index numbers by about 360 points, but at a negative (-) 1599, it felt less like a lift and more like a warning shot that the election year looming ahead was bound to be a titanic power struggle. By the end of 2020, the Jupiter-Saturn cycle had launched anew in Capricorn, as well, lifting the index again, but not enough to spare us from what was soon to come.

·        January 6, 2021: not a cycles milestone, but a moment of crisis in American history that was reflected in the negative (-) 1300 index number. Many people were waving Confederate flags at this attack on the Capitol, which was a baffling reference, if we think about it. The U.S. Civil War was at least fought over deep cultural commitments and what both sides considered noble causes at the time. It was launched with 8/10 waxing cycles and a positive index number of 90; January 6th was about supporting one man’s inability to accept defeat by violently perpetrating his “Big Lie”—as a nation, we’ve seen much more worthwhile causes.   

·        November 5, 2024: flashing forward to this year’s election, the index reveals a considerable shift upward, but it’s still lingering in overall negative territory with (-) 12. Two recently renewed cycles contributed to this upward swing: Jupiter-Neptune (April, 2022) and Jupiter-Uranus (April, 2024). With only two cycles remaining in waning mode until at least 2026, the positive numbers will be increasing for some time after the election.


L-R, Margaret Hoover, Fareed Zakaria.

In his recent Firing Line conversation with Margaret Hoover, Zakaria characterizes America's situation today as being in the “midst of a full-blown cultural backlash”—“too much change, too fast.” The Obama years did highlight progressive causes like universal health care, gay marriage and transgender rights, but if other gnarly, intertwined issues hadn’t converged in this same packed timeframe—like a global immigration crisis, the growing climate emergency, a global pandemic and the planned obsolescence of human labor that seems to be looming with AI development—would we find ourselves in the deeply divided state we’re in this election year? 

IMHO, maybe the lion’s share of the change that has felt so disruptive and impossible to absorb in short order was seeded long ago and has basically been beyond anyone’s control, and it is this sense of being “out of control” that has really lured the wannabe authoritarians out of the woodwork, with their will-to Power, dystopian visions and “Sky is falling” rhetoric. And their will to dismiss out of hand the real problems that need to be solved.

Technological progress (the province of Jupiter-Uranus) such as the so-called AI Revolution often seems to operate according to its own logic, which in keeping with Uranus, is often disruptive to the larger society in jobs lost, in whole industries made obsolete and in new pressures on individuals and families. On the flip side of that, however, who could have predicted in 1980 that we’d all be carrying powerful, miniaturized computers in our pockets and basically managing our lives “online” by 2024?  With the 2024 Jupiter-Uranus cycle now in its opening phase, we can expect a lot of attention to be paid to this for at least the coming seven years.  

This evolutionary process of normalizing new technologies in society always takes time—which is why these disruptive periods are stimulated by Jupiter cycles but are gradually smoothed out and integrated into our daily lives by the dynamics of the Saturn cycles. Over time, we humans can usually be counted on to find ways to adapt to and eventually embrace change.  If we have competent leadership and humane governance (Saturn takes the lead here), we can hope to accomplish this without leaving too many behind.  


But then there are those who don’t aspire to lead because leading would require broadly sharing the benefits of progress—their goal is simply Power-writ-large and the lion’s share of the “spoils.” For them, “divide and conquer” tactics and tearing down our trust in social institutions work best, and what divides us better than deeply-rooted cultural issues marinated in sensationalism and propaganda? Issues like race, gender, religion, perceived status and conflicting perspectives about the most fundamental ideas (like what constitutes “freedom”) are all great fodder for the dividers. These divisions don’t just arise naturally; they are cultivated and goal-driven. 

In fact, dividing the public has been approached like a blood sport in recent years: the COVID pandemic could have united us in the fight against a common “enemy,” but no, that would have been too easy…. twisting it into a chaotic, self-destructive political football laced with conspiracy theories is probably still paying nice dividends to key players.

So historically, it’s difficult to dispute Zakaria’s conclusions about the significant dynamics that were set in motion in the Obama years due to the excesses of the 1990s and how they’ve brought us to our present situation, but since mundane astrology provides us the tools, we can try to understand more deeply the planetary dynamics that have been in play since that critical 2008 time frame. 

Maybe in the process we might rediscover some common causes that we may have given up on since the 2000s?



Barack and Michelle Obama on Inauguration Day, 2009.

Once upon a time…

Speaking of 2008, the most recent Saturn-Uranus opposition—in abbreviated cycles terms, the Sat-180-Ura—clicked in on November 4th that year – in the U.S., the day after Barack Obama defeated Republican John McCain for the presidency. Uranus and Neptune were still navigating their 7-year mutual reception at the time (each inhabited the other’s ruling sign) and were reflecting the growing dissatisfaction with our post-9/11 middle east entanglements and “forever wars,” not to mention the near-collapse of our entire economy with the 2007-08 Wall Street meltdown. 


Moms for Liberty want to ban the truth about America's racial past from schools.

Despite the euphoria experienced by many at this 2008 election outcome (an interesting Capricorn Moon-Jupiter conjunction fell trine Saturn (Virgo) and sextile Uranus (Pisces), it didn’t take long for a Saturn-Uranus-worthy backlash to emerge. This manifested in the U.S. with the uncompromisingly conservative Tea Party movement in early 2009 and it reached a kind of apotheosis with the formation of the Moms for Liberty movement on January 1, 2021, during a rapidly evolving period of key developments: the insurrection at the Capitol on January 6, the Jupiter-Uranus cycle hits its 3Q waning square on January 17, and on February 17, the Saturn-Uranus cycle reached its waning 3Q square.  A quick reminder of their agenda from Wikipedia:

Moms for Liberty is an American conservative political organization that advocates against school curricula that mention LGBT rights, race and ethnicity, critical race theory, and discrimination.[1][2][3][4] Multiple chapters have also campaigned to ban books that address gender and sexuality from school libraries.[1][5][6] Founded in January 2021, the group began by campaigning against COVID-19 responses in schools such as mask and vaccine mandates.[1] Moms for Liberty is influential within the Republican Party.[7]

In 2023, the Southern Poverty Law Center, a civil rights organization that tracks extremists, termed Moms for Liberty a far-right extremist organization.[8][9][10][11] The group has been criticized for harassment, for deepening divisions among parents, for making students' education more difficult, and for having close ties to the Republican Party rather than being a genuine grassroots effort.”

In retrospect, we can appreciate how the Tea Party movement and the Occupy Wall Street phenomenon that sprang up in NYC in 2011 seeded the twin poles of the intransigent Right-Left divide that has grown so dangerously fractious since. OWS was a short-lived progressive liberal movement that unfolded—controversially, given the participants were literally camped out in a park in New York City’s financial district for weeks—during Uranus’s early days in Aries (it ingressed in March, 2010).

This Aries ingress ended the 2003-10 Uranus-Neptune mutual reception and allowed Uranus to creep ever closer to its powerful cardinal opening square with Capricorn Pluto—a square that turned out to be an historic, 7-hit series of squares beginning in June 2012, just in time for Obama’s re-election that November.  As many of you may remember, there was an entire complex of powerful cardinal aspects falling into place during this period that culminated with that Uranus-Pluto juggernaut:

·         A new Jupiter-Uranus cycle kicked into gear on June 8, 2010 at 0°+Aries;

·         Aries Jupiter squared Capricorn Pluto in February 2011 (reaching the 1Q square of their 2007 cycle in late Sagittarius);

·         Libra Saturn squared Capricorn Pluto in November 2009 (this was the 3Q waning square of their 1982 cycle in late Libra;

·         And, as noted above, in June 2012, Aries Uranus formed the first of 7 exact squares it would go through with Capricorn Pluto.


As if the escalating pressure of this cardinal dynamo wasn’t enough to spark volatility, Aquarius Chiron was also applying to a long-term conjunction with Neptune, so adding its wounding influence to the Uranus-Pluto passages by its association with Uranus’s home sign, Aquarius. Among other things, this manifested in a tragic escalation of the so-called U.S. Opioid epidemic. From Wikipedia:

“The second wave of the opioid epidemic began around 2010 and is characterized by the surge in heroin use and overdose deaths.[6] Between 2005 and 2012, the number of people who used heroin nearly doubled, growing from 380,000 to 670,000 individuals. In 2010, there were 2,789 fatal heroin overdoses, representing an almost 50% increase compared to previous years.” 

What Wikipedia doesn’t mention is, Neptune also ingressed its potent home sign Pisces in 2011, enabling the erosion of traditional restraints physicians practiced when prescribing pain killers and lending momentum and contagion to this increasingly deadly epidemic. Neptune also tends to obfuscate ongoing conflicts of interest, like doctors being rewarded by pharmaceutical companies for prescribing their products.  In 2009, just before this shocking spike in heroin overdoses, a new Jupiter-Neptune cycle launched conjunct our Sibly Moon in late Aquarius, pushing excessive (Jupiter) substance use (Neptune) on the People for profit (Jupiter). Can’t make this stuff up!

In 2010, an aggressive new Jupiter-Uranus cycle launched at 0°Aries, which likely perpetuated the drive to profit from the human misery that was being created while the getting was good. To be fair, these two Jupiter cycles (with Uranus and Neptune) probably also enabled the passage of the Affordable Care Act in 2010—for good reason, public health was on everyone’s minds at that time.

There’s so much more to say about that fateful cardinal complex period, but since so much of the dysfunction we’ve been discussing here seems rooted in the 2008-16 Obama years, let’s take a quick look at the cyclical index numbers for the Election 2008 chart (Chart 1 below) to take the astrological “pulse” of those times.


Chart 1. Election 2008, November 3, 2008, 6:39 a.m. ST (dawn), Washington, D.C. All charts are cast by the author on Kepler 8.0, with Tropical Equal Houses and True Node and courtesy of Cosmic Patterns Software.


And the cyclical index numbers are as follows:

Planetary cycle










































Adjusted total



*Waxing and waning totals are rounded up to the nearest degree.

Notice here that we have 6 waxing cycles in this chart—including that Saturn-Uranus cycle we mentioned early on, which is less than a degree from tipping over into the waning column. Perhaps this momentary reprieve from higher waning numbers was one reason that Obama enjoyed a brief honeymoon as president. Of course, one day later, the cycle hit its opposition point and more, basically adding it to the waning column—a dip reflected in the no-win economic realities that he had inherited from the Bush administration and the entanglements that persisted overseas. The honeymoon was short, indeed.

In fact, under Mitch McConnell, the GOP-led Senate was determined to block every Obama initiative it could—in retrospect, it’s pretty amazing that major programs like the Affordable Care Act (March 2010) managed to pass. 

Sarah Palin (at podium) was instrumental in Tea Party politics.

So, as Obama’s first term progressed, so did the deepening polarization. As noted earlier, the so-called Tea Party sprang up in early 2009 to reject his every move and to hold Republican lawmakers to a “no compromise” standard. The Saturn-Uranus opposition was still within orb at that time (Virgo Rx-Pisces) and six points (including the No. Node and Chiron) were in rebellious Aquarius, which is co-ruled by Saturn and Uranus!

The progressive liberal Left became more entrenched as well, inspiring not only the Occupy Wall Street phenomenon, but a more outspoken and aggressive caucus in Congress. Obama was, for the most part, stuck somewhere in between, but his policies often seemed to tick-tock back and forth between accommodating one side or the other.

He was known as the “Deporter-in-Chief” for some policies, but he also issued an Executive Order that became known as the DACA program, (the Dream Act) to allow undocumented young adults who were brought to America as children by their parents the possibility of legally continuing to live and work here. He also made serious compromises with the corporate health care industry in order to get the Affordable Care Act passed. In retrospect, the astrology of the period may have demanded this compromising approach to get anything done, but the lower the index’s waning numbers sank, the more difficult it became. At some point, First Lady Michelle Obama coined the phrase “when they go low, we go high,” which probably said it all.

Amazingly, the nation voted (pretty handily) to keep Michelle’s husband in the White House for a second term in 2012. Let’s take a brief look at that chart and consider the index numbers as well—we might say that the conditions we find in this chart helped carry us into the tumultuous Clinton-Trump election in 2016.


Chart 2. Election 2012, November 6, 2012, 6:41 a.m. ST (dawn chart), Washington, D.C.


Pluto rules this Scorpio rising chart—which happens a lot when we use dawn charts for elections—and it’s doing so in this chart from early Capricorn, in the economy-sensitive 2nd house. Due to stay in Capricorn well into 2023, Pluto is still within orb of squaring Aries Uranus, so this duo is poised here to carry forward the spirit of that conservative Capricorn complex.

Two years prior, the 2010 Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act—had passed in response to the 2007-08 economic crisis and by this election, it was not sitting well with the corporate world, inspiring deep-pocketed resistance to some of its restrictions. The corporate world had few complaints, however, when Obama, new in office and acting on the advice of his Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner, extended a series of “too big to fail” bailouts to some endangered banks. Bottom line, under a Capricorn Pluto, corporate bottom lines were a primary concern during Obama’s second term. We might even say that corporate bottom lines were pitted against government funding and government funding often ended up being on the losing side. From Wikipedia:

“From October 1 to October 17, 2013, the United States federal government entered a shutdown and curtailed most routine operations because neither legislation appropriating funds for fiscal year 2014 nor a continuing resolution for the interim authorization of appropriations for fiscal year 2014 was enacted in time.”

There have been several more attempts at this funding brinkmanship since that 2013 debacle, alongside constant pressure to cut funding on key programs and to lower corporate taxes.

Scorpio’s co-ruler Mars is also a key player in Chart 2, trailing behind 2nd house Pluto in aggressive Sagittarius, trine disruptive Aries Eris and opposite Jupiter-Vesta (widely conjunct in Gemini) and in grand trine with Aries Eris and the Leo MC. The intense fiscal focus of Obama’s second term was undeniable here and reinforced by the 8th house ruler Sagittarius Mercury’s grand trine with the Leo Moon and Aries Uranus. 


An eerie scene in D.C. during the 2013 shutdown.

Thankfully, 2013 was the last time (so far!) the GOP’s funding brinkmanship succeeded in shutting down the government—that October, there were 5 waxing cycles and 5 waning cycles because by this time, the Jupiter-Saturn and Jupiter-Pluto cycles had both entered waning phases. These developments sank the numbers even further and created more drag and cynicism in public life and discourse.

For its part in the chart above, Scorpio Saturn trines Pisces Neptune (their waning trine) and inconjoins Aries Uranus (again, waning), suggesting that institutions could be subject to erosion and government infrastructures could find themselves between a rock and a hard place. More Bureaucratic power struggles lay ahead, and the culture backlash was about to pick up stream with the Obama Supreme Court’s legalization of gay marriage across the nation in June, 2015.

The chart (Chart 3 below) for the Obergefell v. Hodges Court decision (decided June 26, 2015) featured five waxing and five waning cycles, but in the end the tally was negative (-) 798. Obama himself had seemed hesitant to push this issue until his second term, suggesting that he knew he would be tossing fuel on dry kindling with Evangelical Republicans, if not others. But fiery Venus conjoined Jupiter in Leo on that day and together they formed waxing trines with Aries Uranus and Eris; if we factor Sagittarius Pallas into the mix, these important fiery points formed a grand trine, suggesting that the SCOTUS decision was timely, shocking, but ultimately backed by economic and social factors, and that it was simply a matter of Justice (Pallas). 


Chart 3. Obergefell v. Hodges Supreme Court decision, June 26, 2015, 12:00 p.m. DST (noon chart), Washington, D.C.

Flashing forward, could it be that this decision is in jeopardy with today’s Supreme Court? I wouldn’t put anything past this Court with its rogue extremist Justices Thomas and Alito, but there might also be a signal in the chart we’re considering, too: Justice-minded Sagittarius Pallas falls square Pisces Chiron at the DSC and the only outer planets that aren’t transiting retrograde in this chart are Jupiter and Uranus. At times we can dismiss such details as insignificant, but today’s Court has shown it has an appetite for overturning precedents and settled law (contrary to normal practice), and the Rx status of these particular outer planets—Saturn, Neptune, Pluto, Chiron—may leave an opening for such revisiting and redoing as a matter of top-level power plays and a desire to “wound” (Chiron) Obama’s legacy.

That said, however, Mars conjoins the Sun at the top of the chart in Cancer and both form an out-of-sign trine with the late Libra Moon in the 2nd house. These dual trines are significant for linking the energies of Sun, Mars, Venus and the Moon in mutually receptive and protective ways, through rulers and dispositors: the Sun pings with Leo Venus and in Cancer, it resonates with the Moon; Venus does likewise because it rules Libra; the Moon is naturally ruled by Cancer and Mars tends to be protective in this sign, so this is a sympathetic trine from several directions.

Note the gender dynamic at work here, as well, if we allow that Sun and Mars are naturally “yang,” but fall here in “yin” signs, and the Moon and Venus are naturally “yin,” falling here in ‘yang” signs—it’s all an interesting reflection of the Court decision represented here.

Those impacted by this decision should remain vigilant, however: Mars in early Cancer also inconjoins Saturn (Rx) in late Scorpio, suggesting that legal wranglings and frustrations are still possible. Given the current state of the Court (a long story for another day), all bets are off!

As for the cyclical index numbers I cited above for Chart 3—five waxing cycles usually are enough to put the final toll in positive territory, and that was certainly the case here. Four of the five waning cycles had angular separation numbers of -200 or more, meaning there was a lot of room left for deeper negative numbers (from -200 to -359 in each case) as long as those cycles remained waning. That trek into more deeply negative territory would characterize the “tone” of Trump’s 2016 victory and his entire administration. Let’s take a brief look at Chart 4 below for his 2017 Inauguration. 


Chart 4. 2017 Presidential Inauguration, January 20, 2017, 12:00 p.m. ST, Washington, D.C.


If we look first of all at the outer planetary cycle pairs, we see here that all 7 of the Saturn and Jupiter-related cycles (Jup-Sat, Jup-Ura, Jup-Nep, Jup-Plu, Sat-Ura, Sat-Nep, Sat-Plu) are waning. Four of the seven are in 3Q territory, meaning their numbers fall between -270 and -359. This is especially significant here, with all of these planets, save Jupiter, in the collective upper hemisphere of the chart. After having experienced those years, it’s hardly surprising to see Neptune elevated—Trump’s communications person Sean Spicer kicked off the new regime by adamantly pushing a lie about Trump’s crowd size at the ceremony!

The shock of it all—which extended to Trump’s infamous “American carnage” speech that day—was certainly reflected in the persistently repeating Uranus-Pluto square (waxing) that was still within orb. The impact Trump would have on the nation’s legislative and judicial branches and the erosion of our critical separation of powers was evidenced by the Pisces Venus-Chiron-Mars conjunction square Sagittarius Saturn and reinforced by Jupiter’s Libra opposition to disruptive Aries Uranus and Eris. Making the “Boss” feel good and protected by loyal subjects was job number one going forward—very much in line with the “complete immunity from criminal prosecution” he now wants the Supreme Court to grant him.

In a democracy, there’s a fundamental conflict between that agenda and accomplishing the People’s work, and from day one, that conflict was reflected in the Trump administration’s actions.  

The cyclical index numbers certainly reflected the tearing down of the “old” (democracy, in this case) to accommodate Trump’s dystopian MAGA vision. Here they are:















































Adjusted total






*Waxing and waning totals are rounded up to the nearest degree.



Final thoughts

So, have we perhaps hit upon any common causes that still unite us in the face of today's culture of divide and conquer? I choose to believe that our founding ideals--whether we always act in accord with them or not--still speak to something great about this nation, but I'm also aware that nations have a life span just as any Being does.

Historically, we’ve always seemed to follow a pattern of taking a few key steps forward, only to then hit a wall and end up taking multiple steps back, at times in the face of ferocious pressure. Democracy being the messy approach to running a country that it is, this may just be the necessary pattern, however as we've been seeing these past eight years or so, things can go badly awry and become way out of balance and jeopardize everything

Trouble is, as a nation, we’ve been through a lot since the “hyperglobalized 1990s” that Fareed Zakaria writes about in his Age of Revolutions, connecting that period to the 2008 financial crisis and to our present situation. Astrologically, the 1990s functioned like a pressure cooker that would finally explode in our faces with the contested 2000 election and the tragic events of September 11, 2001. It’s difficult to disagree with Zakaria’s analysis—especially once the outer planets have their say!

Even so, as Winston Churchill has been credited saying, “Americans can always be trusted to do the right thing, once all other possibilities have been exhausted."  The "right thing" isn't always easy to discern, of course--I would venture to say that in this election season, it's not about which individual wins, it's a matter of which worldview prevails. Democracy or autocracy? A government of the People or of the billionaires who are busy eroding and buying our national institutions out from under us? (can't get stuck paying taxes!). This goes beyond one election and one pair of candidates, but I don't believe it's too late to say enough is enough and to seek out better possibilities.

For much more on the transformative times we have been living through, or to perhaps explore the basics of cycles-related astrology,  please see my latest publication, A Guide to the Astrology of Outer-Planetary Cycles, Volume 1: the Jupiter Cycles. Both the Kindle e-book and paperback versions are now available and I am hard at work on the next volume, the Saturn cycles!

Thank you so much for your kind attention—any and all questions or feedback are welcome and much-appreciated!

Keep it light, my friends!



Raye Robertson is a practicing astrologer, writer and retired educator. A graduate of the Faculty of Astrological Studies (U.K.), Raye focuses on mundane, collective-oriented astrology, with a particular interest in current affairs, U.S. history, culture and media, the astrology of generations, and public concerns such as education and health. Her articles on these topics have appeared in several key astrology journals over the years, and she has authored three books on mundane astrology topics that are currently available on Amazon Kindle. For information about individual chart readings, contact:

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