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In the Crossfire: April’s Aries New Moon and the challenges threatening Justice in America

In a story that reads like what used to be called a bad “dime novel”-a mostly unedited tome tossed off by some hack writer with a salacious imagination...


...ultra-conservative activist Virginia “Ginni” Thomas (wife of Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas) is implicated by 29 text messages sent between her phone and Trump’s then-Chief-of-Staff Mark Meadow’s phone in a potential plot to overturn, by any means necessary, the 2020 election of president Joe Biden.  

Getting to the bottom of what led to the would-be coup at the U.S. Capitol on January 6th, 2021 is at the heart of the special House Committee’s investigation, of course, so these recent revelations about the involvement of Ginni Thomas and Mark Meadows have opened a major new area of concern for that Committee. Not only was there an apparent plot involving a top White House figure and a Supreme Court Justice’s radical activist wife, but these revelations raised serious questions about the conduct of Justice Thomas himself.  

For instance, why was he the only Justice to vote in favor of Donald Trump’s records regarding January 6th remaining privileged? Perhaps because his wife’s involvement would be implicated if those records became public? So, can we trust the integrity of his decisions on the Court in anything going forward? Many issues about which his wife counsels her conservative clients and associates do end up before the Court eventually, so the possibility of a conflict of interests is very real for Justice Thomas. Judges are expected to recuse themselves if a case put in front of them presents even the appearance of a conflict of interests; what’s wrong with this picture? 

Ginni and Clarence Thomas
At the very least, the revelations of these past couple weeks have confirmed what many probably believed from the start: that the scheme to overthrow the election and obstruct the counting of the electoral votes in Congress was a top-down affair, carried on at the highest executive level, potentially with the tacit (but plausibly deniable, of course) cooperation of a powerful Judicial branch player. I wouldn't say that lightly; in fact, the “top-down” nature of the obstruction was pretty well confirmed by a federal judge this past week. From the NYTimes: 

“WASHINGTON — A federal judge ruled on Monday that former President Donald J. Trump and a lawyer who had advised him on how to overturn the 2020 election most likely had committed felonies, including obstructing the work of Congress and conspiring to defraud the United States. 

The judge’s comments in the civil case of the lawyer, John Eastman, marked a significant breakthrough for the House committee investigating the Jan. 6 attack on the Capitol. The committee, which is weighing making a criminal referral to the Justice Department, had used a filing in the case to lay out the crimes it believed Mr. Trump might have committed. 

Mr. Trump has not been charged with any crime, and the judge’s ruling had no immediate, practical legal effect on him. But it essentially ratified the committee’s argument that Mr. Trump’s efforts to block Congress from certifying Joseph R. Biden Jr.’s Electoral College victory could well rise to the level of a criminal conspiracy.” 

If this sounds like a slightly evasive, non-committal statement on the part of this judge, it’s not because there are no specific charging possibilities. The Lawfare Blog clarifies:  

“Specifically, it [a brief filed by the Jan. 6 committee in a Santa Ana, CA-based federal court] outlined evidence suggesting that Trump had committed two crimes: corruptly obstructing an official proceeding (18 U.S.C. §1512(c)(2)) and conspiracy to defraud the United States (18 U.S.C. §371). With respect to both statutes, the committee focused on Trump’s attempts to intimidate and cajole Vice President Mike Pence into violating the Twelfth Amendment and the Electoral Count Act by refusing to count states’ already certified votes. The brief cites Trump’s ‘extensive public and private campaign to convince the Vice President to reject certain Biden electors or delay the proceedings, without basis,’ and also mentions his ‘disseminating false information about election fraud, and pressuring state officials to alter state election results and federal officials to assist in that effort.’” 

So, it’s now up to the DOJ and Attorney General Merrick Garland to decide next steps on any and all potential charges against those who planned and executed the events of January 6th, 2021.  

“Best friends” in focus 

The role Ms. Thomas (if not her husband—they describe each other as “best friends”) appears to have played in the above plot is almost literally laid out in those infamous 29 text messages, mentioned earlier, but this, from Steve Benen,  MSNBC, puts the controversy into perspective: 

“This is not a situation in which the spouse of a sitting justice simply expressed political opinions. As The New York Times recently explained, the text messages between Thomas and Meadows ‘demonstrated that she was an active participant in shaping the legal effort to overturn the election.’ 

And then her husband heard arguments in election-related cases, siding with Team Trump on matters related to disclosing important information to Congress. 

One need not be a liberal ideologue to recognize that this is a legitimate ethics controversy. If the political dynamic were reversed, and the matter involved a left-wing justice and the jurist’s radicalized spouse, it’s a safe bet many of McConnell’s Republican colleagues on Capitol Hill would be calling for that justice’s impeachment.” 

In fact, there’s more to say about the texts exchanged between Thomas and Meadows because not only did they display a willingness to push fringe conspiracy theories and Trump’s Big Lie about the election being “stolen” from him, but they did so from a particularly alarming angle. This passage from The Atlantic captured it well: 

“One of the most dangerous aspects of the effort to overturn the election was the extent to which it was an explicitly religious cause. January 6 insurrectionists stampeded into the Senate chamber with prayers on their lips. Prominent religious leaders and leading Christian lawyers threw themselves into the effort to delay election certification or throw out the election results entirely. In the House and Senate, the congressional leaders of the effort to overturn the election included many of Congress’s most public evangelicals. 

They didn’t just approach the election fight with religious zeal; they approached it with an absolute conviction that they enjoyed divine sanction. The merger of faith and partisanship was damaging enough, but the merger of faith with lawlessness and even outright delusion represented a profound perversion of the role of the Christian in the public square. 

All too many Christians, people who are supposed to “act justlyand to reject the ‘spirit of fear’ for, among other things, ‘sound judgment,’ panicked about the future of the country and the church and shed any form of critical thinking in favor of embracing the most outlandish of false allegations. And those Christians weren’t just the January 6 rioters. They included believers at the pinnacle of American power.” 

Unfortunately, as Jupiter transits ever closer to its imminent late Pisces cycle conjunction with Neptune a couple weeks from now, the toxic conflation of religious zeal, power-hungry self-righteousness and the deluded refusal to admit the facts on display in the January 6th coup attempt could find even more avenues for expression—more on that as we go.  

Bottom line, the potential criminality of the events of January 6, 2021 at the U.S. Capitol is multi-layered and supremely complicated by players who apparently believe they are above the laws of the land. To gain some astrological perspective on all this, we’ll examine highlights from the charts for these “best friends” and consider them against this month’s New Moon lunation, which already seems to be particularly powerful. There is no published birth time for Ginni Thomas (if you have it, please share!), so her chart will be used against other, timed charts, including for her husband.  

The lunation chart will be cast for Washington, D.C. 



The astrology 



Chart #1. Clarence Thomas, June 23, 1948, 9:00 p.m. ST, Pin Point, GA. Rodden rating AA: BC/BR. Tropical Equal Houses, True Node. All charts cast on Kepler 8.0 and courtesy of Cosmic Patterns Software.  

To my eye, the overwhelming impression in this chart is that Justice Thomas is a deeply Saturnian individual (Capricorn rising, Moon in Aquarius, co-ruled by Saturn and Uranus) whose inner dissonance (Sun inconjunct Moon from Cancer-Aquarius) is both challenged and validated by powerful Yin counterforces. His 4th house Taurus No. Node suggests that, while he’s comfortable with and drawn to the lofty public life he’s achieved, his higher evolution as a person will be found in the Yin refuge of Home (4th-Taurus). It’s interesting in this regard that his North Node conjoins Pallas (Taurus)—the asteroid often associated with Justice. Only he and his wife know for sure, but this does suggest that perhaps his approach to Justice (his public role, about which he is expected to be impartial and to maintain certain ethical guidelines) is a frequent topic around the kitchen table! 

Significantly, this Nodal axis is t-squared by 7th house Pluto-Vesta-Saturn (conjunct in Leo); Clarence Thomas’s view of Others appears intensely entangled with his ideas about Power-writ-large, authority, the Law and (not incidentally), his life partner and the household (Vesta) they have created. Asteroid experts Demetra George and Douglas Bloch suggest that this powerful convergence of Saturn and Pluto with Vesta could point to “conflicts between one’s personal needs and one’s obligations toward others” (with Saturn) and “a sense of destiny and personal commitment to the transformation of society”(with Pluto) [1] Further, in the 7th house, all this energy is likely to be intensely influenced by his primary partnership in life. So, those who suspect that Clarence’s work on the Supreme Court is very much at the heart of his “best friends” partnership with his wife, Ginni, may be onto something. 


Funny, but no joke: from the Seattle Times

Indeed, there seems to be little “space” between them personally and perhaps their worldviews: Mercury (Rx,) falls conjunct Sun within 4’ and within less than a degree from Venus (all Cancer). The fact that these Cancer points all inconjoin Moon (Aquarius) points to emotional dissonance that could create some “air” (Aquarius) between Thomas’s thinking and his personal attachments—indeed, this Moon disposes his Cancer points and rules the Cancer 7thbut there’s little doubt that conflicts may arise between his need to care for his Other and his ability to intellectually distance himself for the sake of his work.  

Interestingly, the most dignified planet in Clarence Thomas’s chart is his Sagittarius Jupiter (Rx)--a point that progressed into direct motion in 2002—an important period for his Supreme Court career. He and Ginni (his second wife) married in 1987, and he was elevated to the Court in 1991, despite serious allegations of sexual harassment against him by his former DC District Court subordinate, Anita Hill.  The convergence of these events did seem at the time like an unleashed Zeus-style Jupiter in action, although his wife, Ginni, supported him through it all. Whatever the truth was, perhaps that was the smartest thing she could have done at the time—she's enjoyed amazingly broad access to DC power players for her conservative activism ever since.  

In fact, Justice Thomas’s rather “charmed” career life may have a lot to do with this Jupiter and its opposition to Uranus (Gemini), a point that is, in turn, widely conjunct his Sun-Mercury-Venus (Cancer) as well. He’s likely quite adept at turning narratives to his own advantage, and with Gemini involved, it’s more than likely that he can effectively “speak out of both sides of his mouth” when he feels challenged. That may not bode well for his professional need to avoid conflicts of interest.    

It’s not hard to see how this Jupiter-Uranus opposition ties into all that we’ve said above about emotional dissonance and the ongoing task of maintaining at least the appearance of intellectual distance: this airy Uranus disposes his Moon (Aquarius), which in turn disposes all his Cancer points. To watch or listen to him (which doesn’t happen often, but when it does), it's easy to think his air of powerful judicial gravity says it all—he's been known for not saying one word during Court proceedings for long stretches of time, but for writing quite impactful legal decisions: clearly, that reserved, “mental” image (1st house airy Moon) he projects is only the tip of the proverbial “iceberg.”  

Let’s now examine what the charts of these “best friends” look like set next to each other. 


Biwheel #1. (inner wheel) Clarence Thomas, June 23, 1948, 9:00 p.m. ST, Pin Point, GA. Rodden rating AA: BC/BR (outer wheel) Virginia (Lamp) Thomas, February 23, 1957, 12:00 p.m. (noon chart, no birth time known), Omaha, NB. Tropical Equal Houses, True Node. All charts cast on Kepler 8.0 and courtesy of Cosmic Patterns Software. 

I’m not attempting a synastry analysis here, but what we will explore here very briefly are the potential avenues of influence, support or friction flowing between these two high-profile figures—the Justice with a timed chart, again, and the activist, Ginni Thomas (née Virginia Lamp), with an untimed (noon) chart. Specifically, we’re exploring whether we should be concerned about Justice Thomas’s ability to remain impartial and to avoid conflicts of interest as he goes about his judicial decision-making. Placements in Justice Thomas’s charts will be prefaced with CT; placements in Ginni Thomas’s chart will be prefaced with GT.  

GT Sun (Pisces) trines CT Sun-Mercury-Venus (Cancer), so we can get a sense of how deeply influenced they both are by Neptune (GT Sun and CT Sun-Mercury-Venus form an interchart grand trine with GT Scorpio Neptune). The Moon transited between 24°12’ Sagittarius and 6°19’ Capricorn on GT’s birthdate, so there’s a good chance that her Moon is either conjunct CT Jupiter (Sagittarius, and possibly opposite his Gemini Uranus) or opposite his Cancer points. Either way, their emotional Beings both seem fairly invested in the power of his Saturnian persona.  

GT Mercury-Vesta-Venus (Aquarius) opposes CT Saturn (Leo), with this axis overlaying his critical 1-7 house axis. The very fated feel of this opposition is only enhanced when we see that it squares GT’s Nodal Axis (Scorpio-Taurus), creating a fairly tight fixed grand square. Again, confirming that they are emotionally, mentally and ideologically entwined partners when it comes to his career. At the risk of spouting cliches, “behind every powerful man...” 

Also a bit cliché, GT Neptune could very well have CT’s career “under its spell,” hovering as it does over the 10th house of his official role in the world. Aside from its trines to his Cancer points (described above), it also squares his Aquarius Moon, potentially eroding his emotional resistance to its delusionary “charms.” Indeed, key text messages from that now notorious trove of 29 reflect Ginni Thomas’s willingness to believe even fringe, QAnon-style conspiracy theories, and to use those ideas for her activist aims.  

Reportedly, both Thomases are professed Catholics (he was born into it; she converted in 2002, the year his Jupiter RX turned direct by progression). How much of their uber-conservative outlook comes down to true religious faith and how much is simply related to the extreme politics of our times is unknowable, but there’s no doubt Jupiter and Neptune hold significant weight in both their charts, and as a “power” couple, the combined influence of these points is difficult to overstate. GT Jupiter (Rx, Virgo) t-squares CT Jupiter-Uranus opposition (Sagittarius-Gemini) and trines CT ASC-Moon (Capricorn-Aquarius); they clearly have a vested interest in making the most of their partnership. What that means in terms of specific shared goals is less clear—their actions speak louder than words here. 

This feels like a good transition point for briefly considering the New Moon lunation that, as I write this, has set the tone for this lunar month. Hopefully, we’ll gain some perspective into the short-term ramifications of Ginni Thomas’s entanglement in the January 6th story. Is she likely to feel compelled to answer a subpoena from the House Committee? Will Mark Meadows’ role in this saga now be treated more seriously by the DOJ than it has been to this point? Or will something happen to derail any such accountability?  

As we’ll see, this month may be more impactful than most for navigating such issues: for starters, even though we’ll have a powerful Aries overtone to the entire month, that energy will be overlaid with a distinctly “softer,” but less straightforward and above-board cosmic “gauze” on the 12th, when Jupiter and Neptune launch their new, roughly 13-year cycle by conjoining at 23°+Pisces. But let’s not get ahead of the story; first, what can we expect from this lunation?  



The April 1st Aries New Moon 


Chart #2. New Moon, April 1, 2022, 2:24:14 a.m., DST, Washington, DC. Tropical Equal Houses, True Node. All charts cast on Kepler 8.0 and courtesy of Cosmic Patterns Software. 

The lunation perfected at 11°31’ Aries, in the 4th house of the homeland/grassroots and the People. Mercury, Sun, Moon, Chiron and Pallas are conjoined, inflecting the national mood with a sense of woundedness and perhaps even anger; people are eager for a period of forward momentum, especially one that helps to heal the “wounds” inflicted on them by these past couple years. Schools (Mercury) will likely remain a focus of a lot of angry activism on both sides of the aisle—two years of basically lost or hampered learning for their children is enough to make any parent angry and looking for someone to blame.  More on this issue in future posts.  

Notice that Mars (Aquarius) disposes these Aries points from the 2nd house, conjunct the chart ruler, Saturn, not to mention Juno and Venus (all Aquarius): clearly, there are two key energetic power centers in this chart—the stellia in both Aries and Aquarius—so the importance of a conjunction between rulers of those signs (Mars and Saturn) is impossible to overlook. In fact, these planetary gatherings dominate the 2nd and 4th houses, houses that reflect the American people’s focus on “kitchen table issues” and on how inflation is pinching their budgets and limiting their forward motion. The question for our purposes here is, how will these distractions influence public response to the potential scandal brewing in DC over Ginni Thomas’s activism? A lot of corruption can fly beneath the public’s radar screen when the price of gasoline dominates the collective mind, but will it?  

In fact, the dominant Mars and Saturn dynamics in this lunation could produce little sympathy for or willingness to overlook corruption among those who wield power. The rule of law should mean something, after all, and no one (on any level of government) should be held “above” that law. So goes the tough narrative that is presently afloat, demanding that Justice Thomas should be required to recuse himself from any cases involving the events of January 6th that reach the Supreme Court. Either that or resign, or most extremely, be impeached. It’s notable that Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell has already come to the podium to admonish Dems for even thinking about impeaching Justice Thomas; he must have a sense that the willingness to impeach is real to even go there, right?  

How likely does this possibility seem for Thomas? Granted, some Dems may be tasting blood after watching GOP senators savage Judge Ketanji-Brown at her recent Supreme Court confirmation hearings, but an impeachment would be an extreme escalation that is difficult to imagine. Could the path ahead really be this shocking for Thomas? We’ll consider this question in Triwheel #1 below.  

Saturn rules this Capricorn rising lunation from the Aquarius 2nd house, where it conjoins Juno and Venus (also Aquarius). These harsh energies are disposed by Taurus Uranus, which also falls square Vesta and (widely) Mars (Aquarius) from the 5th house of children and local influencers. The GOP must have some able prognosticators who are guiding them to focus on child-related issues these days; as the haunting classic film Night of the Hunter put it in its Depression-era crime drama, “it’s a hard world for little things.” This could be the banner for so much happening in the world right now, and in truth, Americans have it much easier than millions of others, but that fact doesn’t register very well when budgets are pinched and people emerging from the never-ending pandemic are frustrated and angry and looking for someone to blame.  

In fact, bracketed between the Aquarius and Aries stellia are Jupiter and Neptune, applying to their cycle conjunction in Pisces. These two co-rule oceanic Pisces, and this combination could definitely reflect that the pandemic is just morphing, not truly ending. They could also wield tsunami-like power over the course of collective discourse, but sticking with our particular focus here, I would expect that there will be dual tidal waves of social media commentary on the Thomases. Both political parties will scramble to catch this “wave” for the sake of November’s midterm elections. The exercise is likely to be exhausting because Jupiter and Neptune will derive power from playing both sides against the middle, trying to neutralize the whole situation. In the end, little may be accomplished.  

Thankfully, Jupiter powers through this conjunction and beyond its orb with Neptune fairly quickly, entering Aries in May, but it does turn Rx in July and briefly re-enter Pisces just in time for the November election, so will the distorted narrative this pair is likely to promote prevail between now and then? A determined, disciplined effort will be required to break through the “fog” of electoral “war,” for sure, but let’s not get ahead of ourselves. For now, the question is, what will this impending conjunction do for the likely investigations into Ginni Thomas’s role in the January 6th uprising? And for her powerful husband’s career?  

To take a closer look at the possibilities, let’s take a quick look at Triwheel #1 below, setting the Thomas’s charts against this lunation. 


Triwheel #1. (inner wheel) Clarence Thomas, June 23, 1948, 9:00 p.m. ST, Pin Point, GA. Rodden rating AA: BC/BR; (middle wheel) Virginia Thomas, February 23, 1957, 12:00 p.m. (noon chart, no birth time known), Omaha, NB; (outer wheel) New Moon, April 1, 2022, 2:24:14 a.m., DST, Washington, DC. Tropical Equal Houses, True Node. All charts cast on Kepler 8.0 and courtesy of Cosmic Patterns Software. 

It’s fitting that Justice Thomas (CT) is at the heart of this exploration and triwheel; his legitimacy as a Justice, not to mention that of the Supreme Court, is hanging in the balance these days. So, has his wife (GT) dealt him a significant blow in regards to all this? Indeed, even natally, there is that possibility: her Aquarius stellium (GT Chiron-Mercury-Vesta-Venus) opposes CT Pluto-Vesta-Saturn and that is all being t-squared (some points widely) by Lunation Uranus (Taurus). Uranus’s disruptive force is likely triggered and reinforced by the aspects formed by the transiting Aquarius points (Vesta-Mars-Saturn-Juno-Venus).  

As noted earlier, the wounding “punch” of this Mars-Saturn combination, especially conjunct that tight GT Venus-CT Saturn opposition, is hard to overstate. Notice that CT Chiron (Rx, Scorpio) is also pulled into this fixed onslaught, sitting widely conjunct CT MC (Scorpio) and opposite Lunation Uranus. Will this disruption deal a fatal blow to Thomas’s judicial career? Time will tell, but the dynamics are in place for a serious challenge: transiting Uranus is disposed by that powerful Lunation Venus, conjunct GT’s Venus, so both Aquarius co-rulers (Saturn and Uranus) are actively challenging both Thomases at the moment. The possibility of legal ramifications for GT is also real: Lunation Saturn tightly conjoins GT Venus, tying into her natal Nodal axis t-square with this point.   

Has Ginni Thomas gone too far? (Sacramento Bee)
Powerful, deep-pocketed forces will undoubtedly rush to the Justice’s defense, but will they dig even deeper to defend her, as well? She’s already being eyed by the January 6th House Committee for a possible conspiracy charge referral; that could carry penalties if the DOJ takes up the case. She is viewed by many, after all, as the stereotypical wife who happens to enjoy access to powerful entities because of who her husband is. Suffice to say, it’ll be interesting to see if she’s forced to back off from some of her more extreme political activities in order to calm things down.  

Please notice that when Jupiter and Neptune launch their new cycle at 23°+ Pisces in a couple weeks (see earlier discussion), they will do so positioned much the way they are in this triwheel—impacting CT’s 2nd house, opposite his Mars (Virgo) and GT Jupiter (Rx, Virgo). This Jupiter-Neptune conjunction will thus form a transiting mutable grand-square with CT’s dignified Jupiter (Sagittarius)-opposite-Uranus (Gemini) and it could form a transiting t-square with GT’s hard-to-pin-down Moon (late Sagittarius-early Capricorn).   

Whatever the case is with her Moon, it appears likely that the chaos kicked up by Ginni Thomas’s radicalism and her infamous “29 text messages” will be reflected in her husband’s career going forward. Will they be able to turn the chaos into advantage? Stranger things have happened; they’re likely to be treated even more like culture heroes by the radical Right after this. Even so, whether the ferment will be enough to force his resignation or retirement remains to be seen. Clearly, this story is just getting started.  



Final thoughts 

The upcoming Jupiter-Neptune cycle will undoubtedly stretch and challenge our imaginations about the intimidating world that seems to be unfolding in front of our eyes. Neptune’s higher angels promote compassion and mercy; can we imagine the world evolving in the direction of more compassion and less deception, chaos and divisiveness? Unfortunately, this Neptune has proven more adept at divisiveness than compassion in its long tour of home sign Pisces, but individual exceptions are everywhere we look and hope springs eternal. 

For instance, who could have imagined the valiant fight and resilience of the Ukrainian people, in the face of a war criminal’s ego-driven aggression? (If Putin was looking to solidify his place in history with this war of choice, he certainly succeeded!). But I digress...this is no time for downplaying the war’s seriousness, although Jupiter and Neptune might try that propaganda route. More to the point, can we imagine suffering like the besieged Ukrainians in Mariopul whose very lives are being held hostage by this criminal war?  

Everyone’s needs and hardships are important and valid, of course, but somehow, having to tighten our belts a bit for the sake of Ukraine’s war effort seems trivial by comparison.   

As for the main concern of this post, it’s clear that, if confidence in the Supreme Court is at an all-time low, as some Court experts and public polling report, it may be that it’s time to contemplate serious change in how the Court operates. Why are Justices not required to follow a code of ethics, unlike all other levels of the judiciary, including legal practitioners? Do we not see how handing out lifetime appointments with no firm expectations of ethical practice, is just inviting corruption? Jupiter and Neptune together aren’t the most well-disciplined, balanced energies; it could be that their freshly-renewed combined impact will catalyze long-overdue change going forward.  

In 1932, Jupiter conjoined Neptune at 8°+ in mutable Virgo; as we know, the U.S. went through a major political sea change at that time with the ascendance of Franklin Delano Roosevelt to the White House, which spawned some political chaos and divisiveness, but also catalyzed key reforms and a social safety net that helped pull us out of that decade's Depression and secured at least some dignity in old age for generations to come. On the other hand, that mutable convergence of 1932, in concert with a host of heavier, more aggressive energies, tossed the world order up in the air in the 1930s and 40s, enabling Hitler’s rise and bringing misery and death to millions in WWII. The energy complexes of those times and ours are hauntingly similar in key ways—a story for another day. Suffice to say here, I hope we can all keep a vision of a lighter and more loving world in our hearts going forward. It can’t hurt!  




1. Demetra George and Douglas Bloch, Asteroid Goddesses: the Mythology, Psychology and Astrology of the Re-emerging Feminine, Ibis Press, 2003 ed., Lake Worth, FL, pp. 147-149.  


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