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Is autocracy lapping at our shores? The approaching Sibly Progressed Lunar Cycle


Perhaps reflected in the last week of June's barrage of regressive output from the Supreme Court, the U.S. is looking at a series of challenging astrological developments between now and April, 2024. Two of these developments specifically target the U.S. Sibly chart; one is more global in scope; remarkably, all three transpire within one full month, and two of the three are first exact on the same day. The list I’m referring to here includes: 

  • The Sibly Progressed New Moon, first exact on March 25, 2024 at 19° Pis 26’ 

  • The U.S. Sibly Chiron return at 20° Ari 08’, first exact on April 20, 2024 

  • A new Jupiter-Uranus cycle that launches at 21° Tau 50’ on April 20, 2024 

These three events wouldn’t seem to be related at first glance, but once we look beneath the surface there’s no missing the connection: all three can be molded to autocratic purposes by those who seem eager to foreclose on what remains of American democracy these days. From an opinion piece by Jennifer Rubin in this morning’s Washington Post 

“On this Independence Day, we should reaffirm the twin pillars of democracy: Voters (not the mob) pick their leaders, and elected leaders (not unelected judges) make policy decisions for which they are held accountable. Just as we need to preserve the sanctity of elections (by prosecuting coup instigators), democracy defenders need to address judicial radicals’ gross distortion of our system, resulting in the current Supreme Court’s subversion of democracy. 

Unhinged from judicial standards, the court now roves through the policy landscape, overturning decades of law and reordering Americans’ lives and institutions. It upends women’s health, revamps college admissions, snatches student aid from millions and redefines public accommodations (allowing egregious discrimination). In aggrandizing power, the court illegitimately dominates policymaking, undermining democracy to an extent we have not seen in nearly 100 years. (Ronald Brownstein pointed out that similar constitutional collisions in the 1850s and 1930s took a civil war or threat of court-packing to resolve.) 

Something must change if we want to preserve rule by the people’s elected leaders responsible to voters.” 

It’s difficult to dispute any of the above, especially as I reflect on the nation my grandchildren are about to inherit. I have so much hope for them and confidence in their gumption and talent, but, yet... 


So, what can mundane astrology help us understand about the situation we find ourselves in? Can it help us envision constructive responses? As I write this, our political system of checks and balances between three co-equal branches of government seems dangerously close to failing us, but as Jennifer Rubin seems to be saying in the above piece, perhaps the remedy is closer at hand than we think. Perhaps we’re forgetting who we are and how powerful we can be, as the American people.  

I would argue that recovering these somewhat forgotten notions is the task ahead, as we face the three, ultimately interrelated 2024 challenges enumerated above. The Sibly Progressed New Moon speaks to our vision of ourselves as a People; our national Chiron return speaks to the heavy, still-unprocessed pain and woundedness we carry with us as a former slave nation; the new Jupiter-Uranus cycle may very well speak to the ways in which pernicious blends of technology and politics are fracturing our social institutions as we know them at the moment—all in the name of Big Tech profits. Hopefully, I would say, there are better expressions of this cycle to come as well, but it will be up to us to steer things in that direction. See here for my recent general overview of the impending Jupiter-Uranus 2024 cycle.  


As for that significant turning of the karmic wheel with Chiron’s return, it sure seems that We the People are crying out for healing, and, if the hate crime statistics during this period before Chiron returns are any indication, things could get much worse before they get better. Consider this chilling excerpt from the Southern Poverty Law Center’s newly-released “The Year in Hate & Extremism” for 2022: 

“Hate and antigovernment groups makes up the extreme edge of America’s hard right, an inherently antidemocratic movement that rejects pluralism and equity. The movement instead strives to build a society dominated by hierarchy, where people whom far rightists deem lesser or threatening—women, Black and Brown people, LGBTQ people, non-Christians and others—are socially and politically subjugated. The hard right has the advantage of building on already existing structural white supremacy, as well as its persistent and regular manifestations in everyday life and in politics.  

In 2022, the SPLC documented 523 hate and 702 antigovernment extremist groups, totaling 1,225 active groups.” [1] 

Earlier in this same article, the authors cited a line from the “manifesto” left behind by the alleged mass shooter who killed multiple Black individuals in a Buffalo grocery store in 2022: “As long as the White man lives, our land will never be theirs and they will never be safe from us.” [2] The dynamics of our national Chiron in militant Aries and its impending return were certainly in play when the shooter wrote those chilling words—unfortunately, the history of Chiron returns in this nation correlates strongly with times of racial turmoil and minority oppression—a topic we’ll explore further in the next post.  

The Buffalo shooter was far from the last of his kind, of course: counting an extraordinarily violent July 4th holiday this past week, the Gun Violence Archive has recorded 351 mass shootings thus far in 2023, many of them against people of color and/or LGBTQ individuals.   

A discernible pattern seems to be at work here, in fact: behaving much like the lynch mobs that played such a heinous role in our history with slavery and Jim Crow segregation, mass shooters appear to be obsessing over pernicious ideas like the so-called “Great Replacement theory” to motivate themselves and to lionize their hateful “quest.”  


Since when are we Americans such haters? Is all this hatefulness our true nature surfacing in the wake of stressful pandemic times, or is the violence and nastiness a sign that we’re undergoing a nation-wide mental breakdown, or a kind of collective PTSD? Some call it an expression of populism; some call it a culture “war;” IMHO, it feels more like the early stages of a cultural dementia. Maybe all those airline flights that had to turn back due to violent, uncooperative passengers aboard in the recent past were trying to tell us something?  

We don’t have to all sit around singing Kumbaya together, but we need to be civil and respectful and to accept each other’s absolute right to exist in peace in this "E Pluribus Unum” nation. Trying to legislate gun controls is fruitless, of course, especially with our current Supreme Court. So, will we just continue massacring each other? Lashing out at each other in grocery stores and on the streets? Could our new progressed lunar cycle and Chiron return perhaps provide a turning point?  

Over the course of this and the next two posts on this site, we will cover each of these potentially challenging 2024 passages in turn. With that said, what follows are more in-depth thoughts about our impending Sibly progressed New Moon and lunar cycle (see Chart 1 below). We’ll consider the chart for the 2024 Sibly progressed Sun-Moon conjunction on its own first and will follow that up with a look at how this chart interacts with the Sibly radix chart and the transits of the day (Triwheel 1 below). It's an eye-opening exploration into a major astrological turning point for the nation. Let’s begin. 



The astrology 

Obviously, the beginning of a new progressed lunar cycle implies the ending of the final square of the prior cycle, which in this case launched in March, 2017 between 12°+Sagittarius-12°+Pisces, so conjunct the Sibly ASC in Sagittarius and in tense aspect to the Sibly DSC in Gemini from two directions. For more on this significant moment—especially when considered against the U.S. Sibly chart, see here.  

I claimed in that post that the 3Q threshold of that square also spoke to American identity, so a brief excerpt seems appropriate before we proceed: 

“The Sibly horizon’s (ASC-DSC) involvement in this interchart T-square raises the issue of American identity that was noted earlier. Emotions (progressed Moon) are running high these days, and there’s tremendous confusion (Firing Neptune conjoined progressed Sun). Is American identity today all about the partisan divide—meaning we might as well be two nations instead of one—or is it about something deeper, more fundamental and unified?” 

Indeed, the new cycle we’re approaching seems to be about giving us a chance to answer this question. Before we proceed any further, please note that the quarter breakdown of dates for the 1994 Sibly progressed lunar cycle that will be completing and beginning anew next March is illustrated in Table 1 below.  


Table 1. Current U.S. Sibly Progressed Lunar Cycle, broken down into quarters. 

Progressed New Moon 

Progressed 1st Quarter 

Progressed 2nd Quarter 

Progressed 3rd Quarter 

Cycle Mode 

Cycle Triplicity 

Sibly House(s) 














27°Aq-27° Tau 












4° Pis-4° Vir 












12° Pis-12° Sag 







3/25/2024 19°26’Pis 










With all this in mind, let’s consider the charts below: first, our national progressed lunar return, Chart 1 below. We’ll tease out key highlights and then consider the cycle launch in more depth against our radix U.S. Sibly chart and the transits we will be met with on March 25, 2024, as we enter this new progressed cycle. (Triwheel 1). 



Chart 1. New U.S. Sibly Progressed Lunar Cycle, Secondary Progressions, Solar Arc MC Method, for March 25, 2024 at 12:00 p.m. GMT, Washington, D.C. All charts are cast on Kepler 8.0 with Equal Houses and True Node, courtesy of Cosmic Patterns Software.


Given the discussion of hate crimes and the targeting of Others above, the 7th house placement of this progressed lunar cycle launch (the PSun-PMoon conjunction) seems quite apt--a continuation of the concerns that have roiled the final 3Q quarter we’re still completing. How we decide to treat Others will remain a major theme for this significant 30-year progressed cycle.  

Major questions are implied by this placement: as we reconsider who we are as a nation and People, will we simply consolidate our defenses against Others, or will we challenge ourselves to recognize how deeply, deeply we need each other to thrive in this world?  

Indeed, Gemini Uranus at the top of this chart, square the Virgo-Pisces horizon (progressed ASC and DSC) suggests that we may be in for a wake-up call during this new progressed cycle. Instability and potential unrest are certainly indicated, especially with the addition of our progressed MC and IC in Gemini and Sagittarius. This mutability will persist well into the future (till about 2050), so if it feels as if the ground is shifting beneath our feet at times, there’s good reason for it. Mutability is known to create fear...fear spawns the desire to shut Others all fits.  

Bottom line, we need to focus on adapting more sanely to fluid realities and soon. Interestingly, the lone, somewhat close fixed aspect in this chart falls between Taurus Venus and Scorpio SaturnRx, which perhaps speaks to why the economy and its institutional underpinnings have remained basically sound, despite the scare tactics used by panicky investment “gurus” and those who want to undercut Biden’s economic successes. 

The dynamics of progression are such that only very tight aspects in a progressed chart will be significant to a reading, but in 9 months and 9 years respectively, the Sibly progressed Moon and Sun (Pisces) will both tighten their oppositions with progressed Neptune (Rx, Virgo), aspects that may be quite relevant, considering the election year looming ahead. Many commentators have mused on the curious disconnect between the public’s perception of Biden’s economic record and the reality—that many have noticed things getting better, that we’ve seen one potential crisis after another being averted, but somehow Biden rarely gets the credit for any of it.  


Sounds like Moon-Neptune obfuscation to me: a Neptunized, Piscean public might be more likely to believe fear-laced misinformation than the facts before their eyes at the gas station, the grocery store, etc. Social media provides a constant drip, drip, drip of lies and distortions and all the gaslighting emotional traps of cults and anxiety dreams; over time it’s bound to cause perception problems. Given that oppositions tend to spur revelations, however, perhaps the true nature of the “Q” phenomenon and other reality-twisting ventures like it will finally come to light 

We see what we want to see, in other words.  

Then, in 9 years from now, with progressed Sun opposite progressed Neptune, we will be just emerging from whatever happens in Election 2024: our leadership and the Nation at large will be living out a dream of our own making.   

Also potentially significant are the progressed opposition between MarsRx and Aries Chiron and its t-square to Libra MarsRx and Cancer JupiterRx: the square spans the 2nd and 11th, suggesting that, among other possibilities, our somewhat compromised military (PMarsRx) may be tasked with capturing material opportunities our leaders wish to pursue; the progressed opposition (2nd –8th) reminds us that military actions create victims. More than one “hot spot” exists in the world right now that could fit these progressed “hints” of things to come.  

The PMarsRx-Chiron dynamic here also speaks to the perils that face us as Chiron completes its return transit to Sibly Chiron next April, as noted earlier. There will be much more to say about this passage in the next post but suffice to say here that the collective rage (Mars) that seems to have us by the throat at times—and is being constantly stoked by toxic players—will likely reach a tipping point that demands deeper attention.   

Finally, before we move on to Triwheel 1 below with the Sibly chart, it’s worth noting that the progressed New Moon conjunction (PSun-PMoon) in Chart 1 falls closest to the nation’s progressed Pallas, signaling that an intense period that focuses on healing our nation’s strangely dysfunctional relationship with Justice lies ahead. Is there one standard of Justice for all Americans, or one for those with deep-pockets and one for those without? Will we offer some measure of Justice to the Others who come our way, or will we twist this noble concept against them? Profound questions are meeting us where we live these days, it seems. 


The triwheel 

The progressions illustrated in Chart 1, of course, speak to how our nation has evolved since its 1776 inception, and the progressed new Moon lends insight into the evolving relationship between We the People and our leadership and national institutions. The question will be, what “seeds” are being planted with this New Moon? What are we collectively hoping to create? Pisces can be both unifying and divisive, so will we continue to see the drip-drip-drip of eroding institutions, conflicting “realities” and random terrorist hits, or can we finally find common ground to unite around? I wouldn’t dream of trying to predict the coming presidential election; I suspect whom we elect will reflect who we are as a People, and I hope we figure that out soon! 


Triwheel 1. (inner wheel) U.S. Sibly (radix) chart, July 4, 1776, 5:10 p.m. LMT, Philadelphia, PA; (middle wheel) Transits for March 25, 2024, 12 p.m. DST, Washington, D.C.; (outer wheel) New U.S. Sibly Progressed Lunar Cycle conjunction, Secondary Progressions, Solar Arc MC Method, for March 25, 2024 at 12:00 p.m. GMT, Washington, D.C. 



Triwheels can present a dizzying snarl of aspects and interaspects to consider, but please note that any placement marked Sibly will be in the innermost wheel; those marked T (transiting) will be in the middle wheel, and those marked P (progressed) will be in the outermost wheel.  

Since the Sibly progressed lunar cycle is our chief focus here, let’s start by noticing its PSun-Moon conjunction (Pisces) position in the outermost wheel, over the Sibly 4th house of the People, or as we’re sometimes known, the “grass roots,” or the “working class.” The 4th is considered a naturally Cancerian house—so, the house most aligned with the Moon and the nation’s lunar sensibilities. The Pisces cusp of this house points to the American people’s original Neptunian “spirit” and idealistic “dreams.”   

Virgo Neptune itself is elevated in the Sibly 10th house, widely conjunct the Sibly’s Libra MC, so that American “Dream” has been the image we’ve projected of ourselves to the greater world since day one as well. This native Neptunian spirit, of course, has always had a love/hate relationship with our 3rd house, late Aquarius Sibly Moon, which in mundane tradition also represents We the People.  

The disconnect we’re experiencing so acutely these days is nothing new, in other words: in fact, it has bubbled over into chaos and catastrophe before and during our Civil War; during the 1920s and 1940s race riots; during the Civil Rights era, and most recently, as a backlash against the Obama presidency.   

Even so, this confused identity is worth exploring: are we Saturn-Uranus-dominated Aquarians or Neptunian Pisceans by nature? Are we hopelessly at odds between those two? Or could we be both? For my money, it’s the unique blend of these two influences that has made us who we are in the world, but recently, we seem to have forgotten how these two strains in our collective Nature can work together. This disconnect has been deepening and manifesting uncomfortably for some time now, but perhaps most notably since our progressed Sibly Sun ingressed Pisces on November 1, 2004, with our progressed Moon conjunct radix Sibly Sun in Cancer.  


John Kerry and George W. Bush (l-r) in 2004.
November, 2004 was significant for being a presidential election month, of course, and in accordance with the traditional courtesy the nation typically extends to a president in war time, George W. Bush was re-elected with minimal rancor for a second term. Red warning flags were already emerging about our democracy at that time, however: during Bush's two terms, Executive power was heightened dangerously for the sake of his administration’s dubious “war on Terror.” Just to put things into perspective, that period now looks like a freedom-rider's cakewalk compared to our current reality.  

Fast-forward another 18 years to December 6, 2022, with the nation still in the tortuous afterglow of the COVID-19 pandemic and the January 6, 2021 insurrection at the U.S. Capitol, our progressed Sibly Moon also ingressed Pisces to basically navigate these final months of the nation’s 1994 progressed lunar cycle. The chart for this ingress (not shown) featured our progressed Moon in the 6th house of health and work—two issues of great significance during 2022, a difficult year of very tentative recovery. 

We seemed to be bouncing back from then-recent shockwaves, but even in 2023 it’s clear that the recovery has been incomplete and spotty, at best. For starters, 244,000 Americans reportedly died of COVID in 2022 alone, but according to the CDC, nearly half that number--another 109,000 Americans—also died of fentanyl-related drug overdoses in 2022 alone. The fentanyl story is a controversial one beyond our scope here, but suffice to say here, the nation’s substance abuse problem is nowhere near solved.

Interestingly, both pandemic disease and addiction/drug abuse issues are associated traditionally with Neptune, and therefore, Pisces, so with a new 30-year cycle launching squarely in that sign, overcoming this public health crisis may require all the heart and soul and determination we’ve got as a nation. What kind of nation do we want to leave for our children and grandchildren?  


The concentration of points in this triwheel over the Sibly 4th only reinforces the harsh realities impacting the American people and the “grass roots” of the nation, of course: transiting (T) Saturn-MC-Venus (middle wheel) hover in the same mid-Pisces region as the progressed (P) Sun-Moon. T MC-Venus also square Sibly Mars (Gemini, inner wheel) and T Saturn tightly squares the Sibly ASC-DSC horizon and the Sibly Mars/Uranus (midpoint, Gemini). All the Pisces points but T Saturn stand in opposition to Sibly Neptune (Virgo, inner wheel). 

 Let’s unpack this complicated convergence. 

Considering the Sibly 4th as the house of working people helps here: Venus rules the Sibly 6th house of Labor, public servants and the military; here, we see T Venus conjunct not only the P New Moon, but also T Saturn and MC. It appears that we could see a demanding period ahead for Labor, both organized and otherwise.  

Given that T Saturn also squares Sibly Uranus-DSC (Gemini), the Sibly Mars/Uranus (midpoint, Gemini) and will be navigating the 3Q of its cycle with T Uranus (Taurus) until June, 2032—we can probably expect volatility and unrest over worker demands and most likely, border issues (7th house Others). Nothing keeps Labor movements under better control than pitting working people against immigrants and other minorities 

Besides, as a system, Capitalism (closely attuned to the Saturn-Uranus cycle) naturally views all workers as liabilities rather than assets, and that alone guarantees unrest.  

Yet, opportunities will exist for workers going forward: both the progressed New Moon conjunction (Pisces) and T Saturn-MC-Venus sextiles T Jupiter (Taurus) and all but T Saturn also sextile T Uranus (Taurus). Notice that the proximity of T Jupiter to T Uranus here speaks to the impending completion of their 2010 cycle and the launch of their new cycle at 21° Tau 50’ on April 20, 2024It seems that we’re seeing a sneak preview here of how deeply interwoven this Jupiter-Uranus cycle launch is likely to be with the other passages we’ve been considering here—Uranus co-rules (with Saturn) our Sibly Moon (Aquarius), after all: a Moon that’s always reflected our history as technologically innovative and industrious people, so IMHO, there’s no doubt the American public resonates with this cycle.   

Meanwhile, as noted earlier, for the general consideration of that 2024 Jupiter-Uranus cycle launch that I’ve already posted, see here. 


Which brings us to the potentially significant expressions of Mars in this triwheel: first, T Mars (Pisces) squares Sibly and P Uranus (both Gemini). Unrest within the 6th house public service sector, the military and workers more generally is likely, unrest that could spill over into the Sibly 3rd (Aquarius), 5th (Aries) and 12th (Scorpio) houses. We may already be seeing some of this with the heavy right-wing focus on controlling school boards and libraries (3rd), on domestic extremist groups that operate like social clubs (5th) for the disenchanted, including many veterans, and on the recruitment of more extremists in settings like prisons and the military (12th and 6th).  

T Mars (Pisces) square Sibly Uranus (Gemini) also speaks to the barrage of death threats our public servants have been receiving just for doing their jobs and will likely continue to receive. These threats have become chillingly real in recent cases: on June 29, federal prosecutors arrested a Jan. 6 participant who claimed he was planning to blow up one government building while he was also stalking the D.C. Obama home, armed with guns and hundreds of rounds of ammunitionThe FBI claimed years ago already that domestic terrorism (often inspired by white supremacist/anti-government goals) is our most serious security threat in these times; unfortunately, nothing in this triwheel suggests that this threat will be eliminated any time soonFrom that 2021 report’s executive summary: 

“The threat posed by international and domestic threat actors has 

evolved significantly since 9/11. The greatest terrorism threat to the Homeland we face today is 

posed by lone offenders, often radicalized online, who look to attack soft targets with easily 

accessible weapons. Many of these violent extremists are motivated and inspired by a mix of 

socio-political goals and personal grievances against their targets.” 


The second critical Mars-related configuration to heed in this triwheel is Sibly P Mars (Rx, Libra) conjoins T So. Node and Sibly Saturn (both Libra) and opposes Sibly Chiron-T Chiron-P Chiron and T-No. Node (all Aries); this axis t-squares Sibly Sun-P JupiterRx (Cancer). I suggested under Chart 1 that we could be looking at military engagements with the basic t-square configuration, but the amazing involvement of Chiron (Sibly, transiting and progressed) so near the No. Node here suggests that there will be a trend towards militarizing our response to any turmoil caused by our national Chiron return. Recall that when the 2020 George Floyd protests broke out, then-president Trump wanted to send the military out into the streets to squash them, but military heads refused because of the Posse Comitatus law; I fear that we may be looking at similar possibilities ahead and an emboldened Executive (P JupiterRx conjunct Sibly Sun) who finds willing military participation. The essential freedom of peaceful protest could be seriously compromised if this type of “police state” is allowed to take hold.  

Another almost ironic fact involving Mars is that Sibly P Mars Rx conjunct T So. Node and Sibly Saturn also speaks to ongoing dynamics that are likely to persist into the next cycle: guns and violence too often provide the “default” (So. Node) way of dealing with disagreements—on the streets, at the doorways of homes where strangers, especially non-white ones, are unwelcome.  

Unsurprisingly, with Sibly Saturn involved, discord has even broken out on the floors of Congress and in the Supreme Court , with shouting matches and general friction.  


Other Mars-influenced subtleties exist in this triwheel that are also worth quick note: e.g., Mars co-disposes Scorpio P SaturnRx  with Pluto, and with T Pluto (Aquarius), which is now square that P Saturn and part of a larger interchart t-square with P Saturn Rx opposite P Venus (Taurus). With all this fixed energy and the heavy influence of Saturn and Pluto, an autocratic system feels increasingly possible. T Saturn (Pisces) and its square to Sibly and P Uranus (both Gemini) and the Sibly Mars/Uranus (midpoint, Gemini) could reinforce that possibility.  

Finally, the other Mars-related nuance that could spell trouble ahead is its transit reflected here in Pisces, creating an alliance of sorts with Neptune. The weaponizing of misinformation is nothing new with our elections, but lately it’s produced a certain level of chaos in our public discourse that ensures the coming elections will be fraught at best. Unfortunately, with an enabling Supreme Court that has been eroding our democracy and civil rights one decision after another, this isn’t likely to improve any time soon.  

That, however, is just one dimension of a multi-pronged Neptunian assault. We’ve been living through strongly Neptunian times for years now, with Pisces Neptune transiting opposite Sibly Neptune (Virgo) and t-square our Sibly Mars (Gemini), and this new Pisces P New Moon phase is only going to deepen that influence, at least in the short term.  

Between May and June, 2024, the Sibly P Moon will exactly oppose Sibly Neptune (Virgo) and closely square Sibly Mars (Gemini) and T Uranus (Taurus) will square Sibly Moon (Aquarius). Let's hope we’re not looking at another misinformation-based uprising like January 6th, 2021—these dynamics leave the door open for something like that. Whatever transpires, as an infamous tweet once said, “It [could be] be wild!”  



Final thoughts 

At the risk of sounding dismal, my hope is that it won’t take another major war to shake us out of our Neptunian stupor and convince us to start working together for the survival of the planet and ourselves in the process. Given the deeply powerful dynamics at work between Uranus, Neptune and Pluto (and thus the power of big money in our politics) these days, I often wonder if our deep national divides are being stoked by those who are determined to save their fossil fuel dominance at all costs.  

I was hopeful that the severe climate change-related developments we’ve already seen would be enough to inspire some cohesion around such important goals, but instead we hear stories about meteorologists being sent death threats for reporting on climate change-related developments.  

I’ll repeat what I wondered out loud earlier..are we going through some kind of collective mental breakdown or something? Truth tellers and scientists should now have to fear that the life-saving facts they try to share will get them killed? Don’t we all have a right to that vital information? Better we bicker over nonsense in the halls of Congress, I supposeYears and years of precious time are being squandered for the sake of what?!  

Unfortunately, extremism—a Neptunian phenomenon that relies on decidedly Uranian players to accomplish its destructive purposes—has found a foothold in our Congress, in our Courts and, if the fringe Right gets its chance, in the continued “deconstruction” of our federal government for the sake of an autocratic regime that offers lies and powerful mantras and corporate profits, but little else.  

Bottom line, perhaps we need to realize that there’s no magic planetary configuration in the Sibly chart or in the critical upcoming cycles that guarantee our democracy will persist into the future, period. Nations die, like any other beings do. The question is, what will our rebirth look like?  

So, it matters what our collective vision for this nation is going forward, and that’s where the new progressed lunar cycle we’re about to embark on could be of help, if we collectively decide that democracy is worth saving. To my eye, we might not want to take anything for granted going forward. 




[1] Cassie Miller and Caleb Kieffer, “Hate and Extremism In the Mainstream and on Main Street,” 2022 The Year in Hate & Extremism, Southern Poverty Law Center, 2023, p. 6. 

[2] Miller and Kieffer, p. 4. 



Raye Robertson is a practicing astrologer, writer and retired educator. A graduate of the Faculty of Astrological Studies (U.K.), Raye focuses on mundane, collective-oriented astrology, with a particular interest in current affairs, U.S. history, culture and media, the astrology of generations, and public concerns such as education and health. Her articles on these topics have appeared in several key astrology journals over the years, including most recently, the TMA blog. For information about individual chart readings, contact: 

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