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In the "pink:": April's Taurus Full Moon conjoins Uranus, new Jupiter cycles ahead

“If we hope to make any progress, we must first ask what is blocking us from doing so....  

...The fact that we have been walking in circles for so long shows, however, that we still don’t know—and are not allowed to know—what we truly lack and what we truly need.”--Andreas Weber, Enlivenment 


If you’re into astrology, you know the importance and the delight that people associate with Jupiter transits. We need that refreshing wave of optimism and the uplifting, expansive possibilities this Zeus-like planet carries in his quiver, and thankfully, through Jupiter’s cycles with Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto, we get to experience those waves and possibilities from a variety of angles.  It’s easy to forget that at certain times during those cycles, even Jupiter can put us to the test, however, as individuals and as a society.  

Along those lines, we have some interesting Jupiter-related dynamics taking shape in both the near-term, with an interesting and possibly consequential Full Moon later this month, and over the longer stretch, with two new Jupiter cycles beginning in 2022 (Jupiter-Neptune) and 2024 (Jupiter-Uranus). Today’s post will begin a two-part series that explores all this.  


This lunar month  

The tone of this month has been aggressive, but in a curiously muffled, incoherent kind of way, a paradox that was represented pretty aptly by the April 11th New Moon in Aries (see last post here) being disposed by a Gemini Mars that is driving events through the Neptunian fog of a tight square from Neptune (Pisces). This chart suggested, in fact, that Mars is likely to be the star of this lunar month, co-ruling that New Moon chart (set for Washington, D.C.) with Pluto, while navigating a frustrating quincunx with that same co-ruler. So, how is that likely to culminate at the full moon on April 26th, and how does all this work with the Jupiter cycles in question?   


Full Moon in Taurus-Scorpio 

In fact, the April 11th chart New Moon chart (see here) was dominated by a Gemini Mars that connected to virtually every other point in the chart and thus tied the chart together in a pretty neat, if somewhat chaotic and internally conflicted, agenda for forward movement. Interestingly, in the midst of a fixed sign Full Moon that aims to consolidate this month's developments around some powerful (most likely finance-related) agenda, Mars moves on into a nice Cancer trine and mutual reception with the Scorpio Moon on April 26th (see Chart #1 below), suggesting that the issues important to the American public will unfold with some momentum behind them.  

In keeping with the theme of this post, however, Jupiter rules this lunation in D.C., with Sagittarius rising. Significantly, Jupiter is firmly seated in the Aquarius 3rd house of local, as opposed to national affairs, forming an out-of-sign trine with that key Cancer Mars. The focus for growth, expansion and opportunities is decidedly local here—more detail on this when we examine this chart next to the U.S. Sibly chart in Biwheel #1 below.  

This 3rd house is co-ruled by Saturn (Aquarius) and Uranus (Taurus), points that pretty tightly square each other and are highly motivated to tackle the issues addressed by Biden’s Infrastructure bill (local 3rd house issues featured here), aka the “American Jobs Plan”—not surprisingly, the square suggests that compromise will definitely be needed to pass anything of substance. Saturn’s position in structure-related Aquarius should help to corral Jupiter’s potentially overshooting energies in Aquarius into disciplined, organized purposes. The administration’s vision for this plan sounds highly targeted—an excerpt from the official White House statement explains: 

“The United States of America is the wealthiest country in the world, yet we rank 13th when it comes to the overall quality of our infrastructure. After decades of disinvestment, our roads, bridges, and water systems are crumbling. Our electric grid is vulnerable to catastrophic outages. Too many lack access to affordable, high-speed Internet and to quality housing. The past year has led to job losses and threatened economic security, eroding more than 30 years of progress in women’s labor force participation. It has unmasked the fragility of our care-giving infrastructure. And, our nation is falling behind its biggest competitors on research and development (R&D), manufacturing, and training. It has never been more important for us to invest in strengthening our infrastructure and competitiveness, and in creating the good-paying, union jobs of the future.” 

This excerpt might as well be describing how an Aquarius Jupiter-Saturn cycle, prodded on by a pragmatic, economy-focused Taurus Uranus would naturally unfold, if given the chance. Let’s examine the chart below for more details. 



Chart #1. Full Moon, April 26, 2021, 11:31:23 p.m. DST, Washington, D.C. Tropical Equal Houses, True Node. All charts cast with Kepler 8.0 and courtesy of Cosmic Patterns Software.  

T-Square: Moon (Scorpio) opposes Sun, conjunct Uranus and Venus (Taurus); this axis squares Saturn (Aquarius). A luscious spring Full Moon, especially stretched across two houses ruled by a dignified Taurus Venus (5-11)—might naturally tend to bask in its sociable comfort zones here, but Uranus and Saturn in Uranus-disposed Aquarius will have none of that. Mobilizing resources for the infrastructure battles to come is likely an important focus of this Uranus-super-charged lunation, a point confirmed by the several squares to 2nd house Saturn (including from Taurus Mercury) 

We know that Biden hopes to use a corporate tax hike to help pay for this $2+ trillion investment, so the ideological battle lines are fairly predictable. We can expect to hear the usual conservative complaint that programs like this are just meant to “redistribute wealth” downward, and maybe they’re on to something—maybe it’s time for that kind of redistribution, given the obscene level of wealth inequality this nation has built up over the past 30 years on the backs of ordinary Americans. As we’ll see in Biwheel #1 below, Jupiter is hovering over Sibly Moon in late Aquarius, so yes, ordinary Americans are due some opportunities for expansion and prosperity. Jupiter’s out-of sign trine with Mars (Cancer) here says the impetus for this kind of change is there, but the idea won’t just slide through Congress unopposed.  

At this point it makes sense to shift our gaze to that Biwheel for more.  


Biwheel #1. (inner wheel) USA-Sibly chart, July 4, 1776, 5:10 p.m. LMT, Philadelphia, PA; (outer wheel) Full Moon, April 26, 2021, 11:31:23 p.m. DST, Washington, D.C. Tropical Equal Houses, True Node. All charts cast with Kepler 8.0 and courtesy of Cosmic Patterns Software. 

Interchart Yod: Full Moon (FM) Jupiter conjoins Sibly Moon (both Aquarius); both inconjoin Sibly Neptune (Virgo) and Sibly Mercury (Cancer). This speaks pretty loudly about the difficulties that any plans directly mainly at benefiting the People (Sibly Moon) tend to run into: a media (Sibly Mercury) and misinformation (Sibly Neptune) machine that rolls out the same old reliable narrative every time that goes something like this: for the government to throw its weight behind grass foots prosperity is Socialism (the Devil incarnate); to favor corporate prosperity over all else and hope that people will survive on its scant “trickle down” (Sibly Moon semi-sextiles Sibly Pluto) is “normal” and even “holy,” Capitalism.  

As anyone knows who’s worked for a corporation, there’s little that is “holy” about it, but somewhere early in our history, Capitalism was awarded a halo and even the weakest, watered-down version of Socialism (like Social Security) was assigned the pitchfork. It has probably helped that the media has been in thrall to the corporate world (Sibly Mercury opposes Sibly Pluto) since day one. So, we can expect that during the great Infrastructure debates of 2021 this worn out saw of a narrative will be set loose in our common airwaves, if it isn’t already. If we—through our tax dollars (which should include corporate dollars)--don’t take care of and improve upon our infrastructures, who will? It’s a responsibility, not a socialist luxury! Corporations know that they will benefit greatly from these projects as well, which is great, as long as they’re helping to pay for it too. To my mind, allowing corporations to get off scot free on taxes while they simultaneously profit greatly on national projects is like having a grown-up child living in our national “basement” who’s amassing millions from some entrepreneurial effort, but refuses to pay anything towards household expenses!  

The difference these days, as opposed to some other struggles over fiscal worldview, is that, while fixing our infrastructure should be a no-brainer because it’ll benefit everyone in both private and public domains, those who care more about winning majority control back in 2022 will find a way to demonize the idea, and the misinformation machine will shift into gear to confuse the issues. Perhaps a big reason we keep spinning our wheels when it comes to necessary big projects? FM Jupiter-Sibly Moon trine Sibly Mars (Gemini) might normally seem innocuous, but Trump still wields influence over those his overheated rhetoric has radicalized and his Sun, Uranus and No. Node conjoin this national Mars in Gemini (his chart not shown). We can probably predict that he will campaign against Biden’s plans (if he isn’t already), even though a great number of the programs contained in the "Jobs for America” bill would actually benefit his supporters.  

Yods are always tricky to navigate because they require the native (the U.S. in this case) to reconcile two, internally-conflicted, incompatible dynamics that demand equal attention. To transcend those conflicts in this case, it would help if the narrative could be reframed around two key questions: what problems are we trying to solve or goals are we trying to pursue with these plans, and why should those problems and goals be a priority right now? With Aquarius we can trust that the goals will be long-term, potentially futuristic and/or revolutionary; with Aquarius ruler Uranus in earthy Taurus, however, we can expect to see a more pragmatic, perhaps earth-centered “revolution” of sorts.  

Reinventing transportation more broadly around more “green” electric vehicles and infrastructure is certainly one possibility we can already see taking shape. Considering the auto makers have already bought into this idea, it may not even be as revolutionary as we think, but it will certainly be “high-tech” and a major, transformative development. CleanTechnica says that the so-called “EV revolution” is unfolding faster than expected (maybe it was waiting for Jupiter and Saturn to catch up with each other in Aquarius?) and will experience a "dramatic shift” in the next five years, with EVs becoming more and more affordable. So, a development that will benefit both the public and corporations—a “win-win” is the best kind of solution for a Yod.  

Yet, we know the Right will find something to protest in this shift, until the shift to clean energy becomes a matter of law or becomes so expensive that people voluntarily adopt greener alternatives. FMSun-Uranus in Taurus sextiles Sibly Venus-Jupiter (Cancer) at the same time FM Moon (Scorpio) trines and FM Mars conjoins those points: opportunities to continue using land (Taurus) for fossil fuel extraction still exist and the impetus to do so remains strong. Pew Research said as much in a January, 2020 article that details strong and growing commitment towards non-fossil fuel energy development, but also shows that fossil fuels still “dominate” the nation’s energy consumption numbers. Capricorn Pluto disposes that Scorpio Moon, reflecting that still widespread dependence on fossil fuels.  


Jupiter cycles in 3Q 

Two key Jupiter cycles—with Neptune and with Uranus—are now in waning, 3Q mode, within the last quarter phase of their cyclical “dance,” if you will. As noted early on in this post, with Jupiter’s prominence in the chart, this Full Moon does signal that we need to pay serious attention to new Jupiter cycles pending. This message will likely be reinforced by the May 26th eclipse at 5°+Sagittarius, in which chart Jupiter will square the Full Moon axis from its new position in Pisces. So, this post will briefly consider what’s left of the current Jupiter-Neptune cycle, which completes and relaunches in early 2022, and the next post will focus on that May 26th lunar eclipse between Sagittarius and Gemini and will explore what remains of the Jupiter-Uranus cycle between now and its 2024 relaunch in Taurus.  


Jupiter-Neptune --23°+Pisces, April, 2022 

Chart #1 indicates that Jupiter and Neptune are now less than 25° degrees from completing their 2009 cycle that launched in May, 2009 at 26°+Aquarius, conjunct Sibly Moon. Here’s the quarter breakdown of this cycle: 

New: 5/2009 26°+Aquarius 

1Q: 6/2012 3°+Gem-3°+Pis 

2Q: 9/2015 7°+Vir-7°+Pis 

3Q: 1/2019 14°+Sag-14°+Pis 

New: 4/2022 24° Pis 

In keeping with its inception, this cycle was focused on the “People’s” issues (or grievances) from the get-go, and with good reason. The memory and consequences of the “Great” recession of 2008 would have still been quite fresh in people’s minds, but as soon as the Dems under Obama passed the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) in March, 2010 (with Neptune then conjunct Sibly Moon at 26°+Aquarius) that’s where the common concern seemed to end. Instead, two parallel, but ideologically-opposed outpourings of grass roots-level outrage hit the news: the Occupy Wall Street and the Tea Party movements. Clearly, very little has been done since to address the ideological divisions—if anything, they were exacerbated under the Trump years, when this cycle was mostly in 2Q or oppositional mode.  

At the Charlottesville 2017 "Unite the Right" protest.
Since Neptune entered Pisces in 2011, the outrage has been absorbed into distortion-laden clashes over identity, over whose lives “matter” and whose protests include “reasonable” violence (“fine people on all sides”) and whose protests are chaotic “riots” (anything to do with Black Lives Matter or anti-police abuse protests). One side protests imaginary “take over” narratives supposedly victimizing white privilege and power; the other side protests actual police killings and abuse. In keeping with Pisces, the burning question in so much of our Neptune-infused public discourse seems to be, whose victimization matters 

All this is one big distraction, of course, from the very real problems that need to be solved and the very real healing that is so sorely needed between the prevailing U.S. power structure and our minority populations. As we’ve seen with the surge in anti-Asian violence and other racially-based hate crimes under this cycle, there’s been a concerted effort in some quarters to toxically racialize the nation’s ideological disagreements. To assign scapegoats for everything that ails us, in other words. A true sign of rot and decline in a nation, if you ask me.  

Indeed, our present spike in white supremacist extremism is clearly reflected in the dynamics of this Jupiter-Neptune cycle: it’s a spike driven by the toxic spread and virality of hatred on social media (“born” under the new phase of this cycle) and panic-stricken narratives about non-white populations “taking over” the country.  

Obviously, the other “viral” spread we’ve had to concern ourselves with during the 3Q of this cycle is the COVID pandemic, which shows few signs of slowing down, especially from my vantage point in besieged Michigan. Thankfully, vaccinations are also ruled by this cycle, so it’s possible that the closing out of the present 2009 cycle next year will correlate with the nation reaching that all important threshold of “herd immunity.” That happy possibility depends upon people cooperating with the process, however, continuing to wear masks and rolling up their sleeves.  

At this moment in Michigan, however, it’s difficult to keep the rose-colored glasses on—the state’s GOP legislature and some vocal constituencies seem more intent on blocking our Governor Gretchen Whitmer’s authority to address the problem than they are with helping to solve the COVID problem. They’ll be happy to shove any blame for the results onto her shoulders, however—to my deep distress, this state has become a poster child for how toxic denial-fueled politics (definitely a Jupiter-Neptune issue) literally kills people. I’m hoping we’re just ridiculous outliers in the nationwide scheme of things, but I fear we’re not.  

Unfortunately, if the nation-at-large hasn’t solved at least some of the issues that are keeping our public discourse so divided by the time this key cycle begins anew at 24°Pisces in April, 2022, things may only go from bad to worse. U.S. Intelligence officials warn that this world-wide challenge could produce long-term instabilities within and between nations, with possible knock-on effects to economies that may “catch on” in the broader world economy we all depend upon.  

Jupiter-Neptune—especially in a mutable, potentially emotional sign like Pisces—can also produce instability through the force of what former Fed Chairman Alan Greenspan famously dubbed “irrational exuberance.” This same dynamic can trigger market panics, too—extreme over-reactions and dangerous overreach are all too possible with such a mutable Pisces cycle. To appreciate more about what this cycle will look like against our national chart and its progressions for that day, let’s examine Triwheel #1 below.  


The 2022 Jupiter-Neptune cycle 


Triwheel #1: (inner wheel) USA-Sibly chart, July 4, 1776, 5:10 p.m. LMT, Philadelphia, PA; (outer wheel) Full Moon, April 26, 2021, 11:31:23 p.m. DST, Washington, D.C.; (middle wheel) Secondary progression, Solar Arc MC method, USA Sibly chart, Calculated March 7, 1777 for April 12, 2022, 12:00 p.m. GMT, Washington, D.C.; (outer wheel) Jupiter-0-Neptune 2022, April 12, 2022, 10:42:51 a.m., DST, Washington, D.C.. Tropical Equal Houses, True Node. All charts cast with Kepler 8.0 and courtesy of Cosmic Patterns Software. 

Interchart T-Square: Cycle Jupiter conjoins Neptune (Pisces) and opposes Sibly Neptune (Virgo); this axis t-squares Sibly Mars (Gemini). It’s fairly amazing that this cycle launches nearly exactly opposite our national chart’s 10th house “Dream factory” Neptune. Will we find a way to inject reason and logic into our public discourse (Sibly Mars is in the potentially rational sign of Gemini), or will the misinformation and toxic media narratives spin out of control, putting our democracy itself at risk? 2022 will be a midterm election year and we already know that GOP-led legislatures around the nation are trying to pass egregious voter restriction laws that will enable them to force their way back to majority rule—basically, they’re trying to pass a new generation of Jim Crow laws that will make voting as difficult as possible for minority citizens whose votes they fear. On top of that, they’ve written provisions into these laws that would blatantly allow them to override results they don’t like in local legislatures. Trump has no facts to prove that the 2020 election was stolen from him, but he and his cohort are trying to make sure that they can force their will on communities, come what may.   

The Brennan Center for Justice explains how all this was triggered by the lies about voter fraud perpetrated during the 2020 election: 

“In a backlash to 2020’s historic voter turnout, and under the pretense of responding to baseless and racist allegations of voter fraud and election irregularities, state lawmakers have introduced a startling number of bills to curb the vote. As of March 24, legislators have introduced 361 bills with restrictive provisions in 47 states. footnote1_wrx9qit 1 That’s 108 more than the 253 restrictive bills tallied as of February 19, 2021 — a 43 percent increase in little more than a month....Many bills seek to undermine the power of local officials. After county election officials conducted elections during a pandemic and stood up to pressure to manipulate the results, state lawmakers are now seeking new criminal penalties to target these officials.” 

By the time this cycle launches anew next year, we should have an idea whether that voter suppression effort is going to pass legal muster or not. Or whether other forces, like corporate boycotts and Supreme Court challenges, are going to make a real difference. The GOP was founded under a Pisces Sun, and this cycle is launching very near its radix chart’s Sun/Neptune midpoint in Pisces (chart not shown)1; rational, ethical behavior isn’t high on the priorities list. Interestingly, the Party’s chart is also experiencing a Uranus return to its radix position in Taurus—the same Uranus that figured heavily into the “Party-of-Lincoln's” original anti-slavery agenda. What goes around certainly doesn’t always come around in ways we might expect!  

There’s a sense here that the GOP is approaching a decisive, perhaps even existential crossroads in its development, and unfortunately, it’s not showing any signs of officially relinquishing the Trumpian “Big Lie” that has so propelled its downward spiral. Will the Party continue enabling that “Lie,” keeping people divided, agitated and confused for the sake of political gain, or will it take some responsibility for its own failures and get real about helping to solve the nation’s problems? I take no joy in saying this; our democracy needs a fully functioning second party (maybe even a third), and this GOP is simply not that.  

As for the COVID pandemic, I suspect this new cycle will take its cues from whatever’s going on in our public discourse around launch time—the Neptune-Neptune opposition noted above sextiles and trines Sibly Progressed No. Node (Cancer), which also happens to conjoin Sibly Mercury (Cancer). Aside from the influence these aspects could wield in the voter suppression struggle already discussed, this will hopefully be an opportunity to finally immerse the nation in a coherent narrative (Virgo Sibly Neptune sextile Sibly Mercury) that motivates everyone to “get with the program” regarding COVID. If our main thrust at that point is getting everyone vaccinated (hopefully we've made substantial progress by then), that will signal a positive turning point, but if we’re still begging people to cooperate towards the nation’s collective wellbeing (and their own), we could also be looking at a surge of infections to beat all surges.  

Mutable oppositions can indicate sensitive tipping points in the trajectory of long-term crises, which fits with how pandemic diseases naturally operate: when viruses like COVID-19 meet resistance from immune people, they tend to mutate and form variants designed to overcome those barriers and latch onto more vulnerable hosts. Prevention measures and vaccinating our way out of this is the only path because neither Jupiter nor Neptune are easily contained once their combined “virality” acquires momentum, but we can co-opt their energies with vaccines that ultimately contain that spread. Most of all, it seems with this opposition that we need to be wary of reaching a “point of no return” (or some triggering event) where everything spins out of control. There are no guarantees here—things could get worse before they get better, but thoughtful, competent action (Sibly Mars) can be effective.  

The dangers in all this apply to the pandemic, to our current issues with extremism, and to other “movements” that may seem to come out of nowhere and seize attention. The 2010-11 Arab Spring protest movement that washed across that region of the world with lightning speed was a product of the 2009 Jupiter-Neptune cycle. The 2004 Indonesian earthquake-driven tsunami that killed hundreds of thousands in a matter of moments happened under a Jupiter-Neptune trine, with Uranus in Pisces and Uranus in mutual reception with Neptune. These two energies can be wonderfully bubbly and euphoric in combination, but the tendency towards overreach and formlessness can also be devastating.  

Protesters now have two deaths to mourn in Minneapolis.
Cycle Saturn (Aquarius) conjoins Cycle Mars (Aquarius); both conjoin Sibly Moon and Progressed Sibly Moon (both Aquarius). I’m hopeful that these aspects will manifest mostly in the realm of the infrastructure projects slated to roll out in the near future, although they could also reflect the violent, controlling downside of our national crisis of gun violence and police abuse. Who needs a formal police state when young black males have to worry about getting through a traffic stop alive? In that context, Saturn conjunct Sibly and Sibly PMoon is perhaps a call to consider what each of us would do if the shoe were on the other foot and our children were at risk every time they left home.  

On another note, gun violence more broadly routinely puts American children and grandchildren at risk, and it’s on us to force our legislators to pass sane gun laws to protect them. Generations of children have been traumatized by our lax gun laws and no other nation in the world would stand for it. Saturn in Aquarius can be fairly heavy handed—maybe it needs to be to get something done on this issue.   

As for the more pleasant infrastructure possibilities of this Saturn transit, some pretty amazing efforts at building innovative communities around green energy are already in the works, but Biden’s plans and the major investment involved aim to take such developments to whole new levels and benefit millions more people across the nation in the process. This “building back better” will take tremendous focus, discipline and commitment (Saturn-Mars), all qualities that have eluded us pretty badly in the recent past, but perhaps after a year of near-lockdown and loss, the American public is ready to be mobilized (Aquarius Mars-Sibly Moons) for a big national, non-election-related effort. Now if we can just figure out a helpful, constructive use for the Piscean undertow created by our Progressed Sun, bobbing along in Cycle Jupiter-Neptune's watery Pisces wake. This PSun will remain in Pisces for the next 12+ years, so the road ahead is likely to continue being a quest to restore and refresh our national “Soul.”  

More on this in the next post, when we continue this discussion with a look at the waning Jupiter-Uranus cycle and the coming May 26th lunar eclipse.  


Final thoughts 

Our cosmic times certainly do seem focused on forcing this nation to dig deep and recover that vibrant, innovative melange of energies and chutzpah that has helped us provide more fully for our own people and be a welcoming destination for others who have followed their dreams to our shores. Unfortunately, we’ve fallen back into the shadows of our national Self in the recent past and it takes some doing to shake that dust off our feet and move forward, more mindfully and with renewed determination. I’m cautiously optimistic that Biden has what it takes to shepherd us through this process, although even the greatest of our great presidents couldn’t have accomplished this alone. I’m optimistic because Biden’s a kind person who is already demonstrating that he’s in the White House to help all Americans, not just those who voted for him. The American Rescue Act would have been a very different bill had he only wanted to serve Democrats. This, to me, is the mark of a leader. 

I’ve also never heard Biden try to scapegoat any one for the nation’s ills. He hasn’t held back from criticizing the mess Trump left him, but I’ve never heard a remark from him that targets a particular group—religious, political, racial or otherwise—as the “cause” of our nation’s problems. He’s our sorely-needed “grown-up” in the room at the moment, and not a moment too soon. As we can see so clearly in Minneapolis these days, we need our officials and our system of government itself to take responsibility where it is due, but this lofty, necessary goal can be very elusive unless we all hold our system accountable.  

IMHO, what’s unfolding in the Derek Chauvin trial as we speak implicates all of us and our families. A system that allows for one person to be brutalized to death by a government-empowered official can do the same to any of us. True, we rarely, if ever, hear of traffic stops or street encounters involving white people ending in death, but does that make what happened in Minneapolis any less horrifying and unacceptable? I would say not. 

We’re better than this, aren’t we? 

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