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The Mutable Grand Square Dance in California—who wins?

We could ask many questions...Are people voting against a candidate they don’t like, or for a candidate they do? Did I mention Saturn and Neptune are still square, playing mind games with us all? In fact, there’s an incredible 4-point mutable grand square converging for this week in the primaries—might as well enjoy the dance!

The California primary is probably the most high stakes contest we’ll see this on the Democratic side this campaign summer—falling near the end of the primary season, its results will carry the winning candidate into the final state primaries on a strong surge of momentum. It seems like a done deal to many—Clinton only needs a few more delegates to clinch her delegate goal, but as much as the media (and Clinton’s campaign) would like to pretend it’s over between Hillary and Bernie, the astrology leaves a lot up for grabs. And yes, there are ambiguities in the astrology—as in everything else this year—that make definitive predictions very dicey!

One such ambiguity lies in how we frame the investigation: is winning the presidency the only positive outcome we’re looking for? If so, can we say that any positive indicators we see in the subject’s charts pertain to that specific outcome, or could it be positive for other reasons? Or, in a perverse-sounding way, could not winning the presidency actually be more of a positive (perhaps for the candidate’s health and mental wellbeing) than winning it in some cases?

We could ask the same questions about what constitutes a negative, as well. Are people voting against a candidate they don’t like, or for a candidate they do? Did I mention Saturn and Neptune are still square, playing mind games with us all? In fact, there’s an incredible 4-point mutable grand square converging for this week in the primaries—might as well enjoy the dance!

A many-faceted prize

Clearly, the presidency is a many-faceted prize and depending upon the candidate’s perspective, the quest may look different astrologically: is the presidency solely a 10th house career boost that demands you dig deep into your 4th house inner self and meet incredible challenges? Or is it a 1st house ego boost that says you’re the ultimate winner over your 7th house enemies? Or perhaps it represents a 2nd house possession that reflects your values (always wanted to host a sleepover in the Lincoln bedroom?), but relies heavily on the 8th house financing of others? Or a 5th-11th house place of leverage in the Old Boys’ Network (even if you’re a woman)?

Or is the presidency a 6th-house service-oriented job that fulfills your highest 12th house vision of yourself? Or a 9th house position of grandeur on the world stage that the 3rd house media will be constantly keeping in check? Or all of the above?

I’m more inclined to see success in this run as a “whole-chart” phenomenon that can’t be determined by a handful of positives. I’m also more inclined to see the presidency as a position that relies on the free will of others—not a position one is born to, as in the world’s monarchies. The Cosmos pretty clearly points out the difference!

Despite all of the above considerations, the astrology is well-worth considering before this Tuesday’s big contest in California. There are actually six states at stake on June 7th, including California, Montana, New Jersey, New Mexico and South Dakota and North Dakota (a caucus state), but we’ll focus here on California because of the enormous delegate numbers (400+) up for grabs there. It’s already clear that Clinton will probably reach her delegate goal in California, even if she doesn’t win the state, but significantly for Sanders, this one state will either encourage or undermine his path forward to the Convention in Philadelphia. 

Sander's already expressed an intention to challenge Clinton delegates to switch loyalties at the Convention, if his polling numbers continue to be stronger against Trump than Clinton’s are, so it isn’t over ‘til it’s over. And the dance goes on!

Hillary just upped her game…

Hillary Clinton continues to have high unpopularity ratings, but her strongly-delivered foreign policy speech this past week resonated well with the press and presumably with Dems who have been on the fence about her. Independents may now feel more comfortable voting for her, as well, since they’ve been given a glimpse of how she plans to stand up to Donald Trump and clearly distinguish herself from him.

So, is Clinton likely to have a good week ahead? Will Sanders turn a positive corner of some sort? Let’s start with a triwheel that compares her natal chart (I’ve always used the 8:02 a.m. version), her progressed chart (simple day-for-year) and the California primary (cast for poll opening time in the state capitol, Sacramento). We’ll hit the most dramatic highlights only, just to keep the analysis from getting too complex. 

Primary Mutable Grand Square: Sun-Venus (Gemini) opposes Saturn (Sagittarius) and both sides square Neptune-MC (Pisces) opposite Jupiter-Node (Virgo); Primary Jupiter-Node conjoins Clinton Progressed Part of Fortune (Virgo); Primary Sun-Venus squares Clinton Moon (Pisces) and Primary Chiron (Pisces) conjoins Clinton Moon. The restless, unstable feeling Grand Square configuration sets the tone for some days to come and reflects the impatience Clinton’s campaign feels about Sanders’ persistence. Ambiguity abounds here—for instance, is the boon to Clinton’s progressed Part of Fortune a positive that outweighs the tough Chiron conjunction to her Pisces Moon?  Her feelings must feel constantly assaulted by Trump’s attacks (not to mention media harping on her emails, etc.), but she somehow manages to channel that sensitive Pisces Moon back at Trump with perceptive barbs, and she handles the media with relative grace. 

Interestingly, she uses less straightforward methods to fight Sanders—possibly also expressing that Pisces Moon, which trines her fixed Scorpio Mercury (12th).

Primary Sun-Venus (Gemini) conjoins over Clinton’s 7th house, sextiles her Mars-Pluto-Saturn (Leo) and opposes her Progressed Jupiter/ASC (midpoint, Sagittarius). Disposed by her staunch Scorpio Sun, Clinton’s 9th house Leo stellium is her chart’s power center—certainly the perfect configuration for a Secretary of State, and not bad for a President/Leader of the Free World, either. The Primary Sun-Venus conjunction appears supportive, although there’s no slam dunk in her favor with these points opposing her Progressed Jupiter/ASC (midpoint). This Sun-Venus could reflect the dynamite speech (Gemini) she just delivered, but could it also be shining a beneficent light on her opponent (7th)? The Gemini points do fall square her Moon (see above), which rules her packed 9th house—this is a difficult judgment call.

It bears mentioning here that two of the areas where Sanders exceeds Clinton in the polls are “likability” and “trustworthiness.” As we’ll see below, there are good reasons for this in Sanders’ chart. Clinton’s heavy, fixed Leo-Scorpio sign preponderance helps project a very controlling image to the public, which can be a tough sell, especially if it registers as being manipulative or deceptive. This doesn’t necessarily go along with the territory, but clearly there’s still a lot of gender bias against strong women. 

Whether she deserves the negative perception or not, Clinton will undoubtedly continue to feel it throughout this campaign—likely one major reason many feel that Sanders has a better chance than she does against Trump. Those who truly support her presidency for who she is may resonate with the sheer core strength of those Leo-Scorpio placements in her chart; they may also have to look beyond the fact that she tends to attract  suspicion with those same points.

Interchart T-square: Primary Mars (Rx Scorpio) conjoins Clinton’s Mercury-ASC-SNode-Jupiter and opposes her Node-Primary Mercury (Taurus); both ends square Clinton’s Leo stellium. It wouldn’t be a serious contest without at least one T-square, so this one reflects the level of urgency and stress laid onto the results of this primary because of the public perception (Asc) that will be created if she loses there.

The conjunction with her ascendant and 12th-1st house points suggests Clinton will enjoy positive cooperation on Primary day in CA, but she’s likely to feel deeply threatened anyway, given Mars’ retrograde and its square to her powerhouse Leo points. Mercury’s exact conjunction with her 7th house Node suggests a meeting of the minds with her opponent (or opposing delegates). Could there be some deal-making going on? Clinton’s dignified Jupiter (Sagittarius) is out-of-sign for this opposition, so the benefits of any deal-making could be a bit “off” in some way.

Clinton Progressed Sun-Progressed Mercury (Capricorn) squares her Neptune (Libra)-opposite-Part of Fortune (Aries); Primary Pluto (Capricorn) widely conjoins her Capricorn points and all are trined by Primary Jupiter (Virgo). Clinton’s progressed points now inhabit the mid-Capricorn “power sector,” which is a boon for a person seeking the presidency, especially tied into that powerful Primary Jupiter-Pluto trine. In fact, the Capricorn points fall opposite the Sibly Sun at 13°+ Cancer, which represents the Executive. Closely square her Neptune-Part of Fortune opposition, this powerful Capricorn position may be responsible for the paradoxical way she’s amassed delegates and votes, despite such high negative favorability numbers.

Finances shouldn’t be a problem with these Capricorn points falling over her 2nd house, trine transiting Jupiter in Virgo, and the 5-11 placement of the opposition suggests Clinton has the “blessing” of the Establishment. Whether this blessing extends to the FBI investigation of her email server remains to be seen. Her progressed points also fall inconjunct her Leo Mars-Pluto, so nothing is ever completely easy for Clinton, but overall this configuration reflects support and formidable determination and grit.

So, clearly Clinton is a force to be reckoned with on Tuesday in California, but just putting her delegate count over the top may not fully arm her to face off with Trump in the fall. And, there are chinks in her armor that could allow Sanders to make some strides as well. Let’s examine his triwheel for similar highlights:

 Bernie goes Hollywood…

Sanders’ campaign has made masterful use of social media and his celebrity with young voters to make his call for political revolution go “viral.” As we’ve seen repeatedly in debates between the Dems, Sanders focuses his message primarily on the domestic scene, connecting the dots between so-called middle class economic issues and virtually every other national concern, including foreign policy and the environment. The only remaining candidate with high approval ratings, he prides himself on being dependent on small donors only—no Super-Pacs.

On the policy front, Sanders has forced Clinton—who tends to be a more centrist liberal—to move her ideas further Left because his more European-style, Democratic Socialist ideas have caught on with a critical faction of Democrats (new and old). If forcing that shift, influencing the policy debate and bringing a whole new generation into the voting process has been his definition of success from the get-go, he’s already there. Let’s consider his triwheel.

Please note that I’ve used a version of Sanders’ chart rectified for 11:43:40 a.m. by Isaac Starkman and posted on I chose this chart (out of three possible rectifications) because it seems to fit what I’ve learned about the candidate, but there’s no guarantee this is correct. Please be aware that the Moon’s degree and any house placements discussed here are speculative.

Primary Mutable Grand Square: Sun-Venus (Gemini) opposes Saturn (Sagittarius) and both sides square Neptune-MC (Pisces) opposite Jupiter-Node (Virgo); Sanders’ Sun, Progressed & Natal Node (Virgo) tie into Primary Jupiter-Node and are squared by Primary Saturn; Sanders’ Jupiter-Part of Fortune & Progressed Jupiter ties into Primary Sun-Venus (Gemini) and are opposed by Primary Saturn; Primary Sun-Venus trines Sanders Venus (Libra). This super-complex configuration looks like a mixed blessing for Sanders, although there is ample stress and agitation floating about as well. If social media is to any indication, there’s a deep sense of injustice being felt by Sanders’ supporters, who feel their candidate has been victimized by Democratic party rules. This feeling is perhaps reflected in the Primary Saturn-Neptune square built into the configuration and how that taps into Sanders’ chart.

On a more positive note, falling over Sanders’ 8th house (speculative), the beneficent Primary Sun-Venus could bless his campaign with an outpouring of contributions, and perhaps votes, if we consider votes another tangible investment others make in a political campaign. If the chart’s timing is close to accurate, Sanders’ 2nd house (Sagittarius) is ruled by Jupiter, making the placement of election Sun-Venus fortuitous, even square his Virgo Sun-Nodal axis. This square probably reflects the very real personal stress of the campaign on the candidate (he is nearly 75 years old, after all). The square aspects also say that Sanders is not operating under any illusions—he can count delegates, but is willing to push forward despite the obstacles.

Sanders’ Venus and Jupiter are trine natally, reflecting his optimism (and probably enhancing his likability); Primary Sun-Venus lights up that trine very nicely here. Even if he doesn’t win the presidency in the end, he will probably continue to set the tone for the values (2nd house-Venus in 11th) underlying Democratic politics this year, and that’s momentous. If Venus really has been inhibited natally in his 12th, these chart interactions suggest his values are finally finding the light of day. This is confirmed by his Progressed Venus (Capricorn) in the 3rd (again, houses are speculative).

Primary Jupiter-Node (Virgo) trine Primary Pluto (Capricorn)-Sanders Progressed Venus-Moon (Capricorn). Jupiter and Pluto often seem to oversee the distribution of power in a society, and here they appear to bless Sanders with a megaphone for pragmatic, but emotionally-tuned-in ideas (3rd house P Venus-Moon in Capricorn). As with Clinton’s Progressed Sun-Mercury in Capricorn, this connection of Sanders to a Capricorn “power center” could explain why his followers haven’t abandoned him for Clinton quite yet (if ever). These Capricorn points lend both candidates a “can-do” air of competence, and both tap into the important Sibly Sun (Cancer-not shown in triwheel).

Primary Mercury (Taurus) conjoins Sanders Saturn (Taurus) while Primary Mars (Rx Scorpio) conjoins his Progressed Sun (Scorpio) and opposes the Taurus points. Unlike in Clinton’s triwheel, the Taurus oppositions here do not conjoin Sanders’ chart ASC-DSC horizon, so they’re not likely to have the same impact. Primary Mars (Rx) at Sanders’ Progressed Sun is hopeful for him, especially since the closer it applies to his P Sun (once it goes direct later this month), the tighter the orb will also be to opposing his Saturn (and then, Uranus in Gemini). As we’ve seen with Clinton’s chart, her fixed Mars-Saturn energy is key to her endurance and determination, so we can expect this opposition to be similarly strong for Sanders. The house placements differ, of course; here, Sanders’ 1-7 placement (speculative) suggests these energies enhance his personal magnetism with his followers. 

Could Uranus’s role in these aspects suggest an upset victory over his opponent (7th)? With Mars transiting Rx, this is a tough call, but both candidates are operating under this Mars, so an upset is not out of the question.

Primary Uranus (Aries) exactly conjoins Sanders Mars (Aries) and opposes Sanders Venus (Libra); Sanders Uranus (Gemini) trines Sanders Mercury (Libra). Sanders has proven to have the incredible energy needed to carry his campaign everywhere it’s needed to go—certainly that is reflected in his Aries Mars. His personal likability and affability are reflected here as well, with his Mars-Venus opposition in ruling signs and his airy Uranus (Gemini)-Mercury (Libra) trine. Sanders projects a wry sense of humor that many find appealing with these points, as well.

It’s a wrap
One of the tremendously difficult facets of election predictions this campaign has been the sheer abundance of both positive and negative factors, compounded of course, by the mutability of the outer-planetary cycles. Ambiguity is the new “empirical fact” it seems—witness the Climate Change debate that manages to stall the important long-term work that needs to be done. We’ve entered a serious period of shedding the old and starting anew—a winding down period from the 2000 Taurus Jupiter-Saturn cycle that’s entered its final quarter. 

The Saturn-Neptune square dogging our heels in Sagittarius-Pisces has thrown just enough chaos into the works to lay the groundwork for serious change in the near future, but nothing radically different is likely to really take hold within the U.S. government until after the new Jupiter-Saturn cycle begins in 2020. A long story for another day, but a lot of things we’ve taken for granted all these years may be up for grabs with that new cycle.

So where does that leave our Primary opponents in California for now? The triwheels suggest to me they will both prosper in some way, but I’ll be very surprised if Clinton is able to knock Sanders out of the race entirely. His Progressed Sun moves into Sagittarius soon and will closely oppose his Gemini Uranus—the “Revolution” is far from over in his mind!

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