Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Full throttle in reverse: on Clinton, WI and NY primaries, and the retrograde shuffle

Will Jupiter Rx transiting her 10th house help her dig deep inside to find the true public servant residing in that house? Or will it inspire her to reconsider her goals...? 
Importantly, her spirit and will appear a bit out of synch.... perhaps one reason the election is not quite going according to plan.

Today, April 5, Hillary Clinton is squaring off against Bernie Sanders in Wisconsin, where she has already conceded Sanders may carry the day; they will then catch a few puffs of oxygen and move along to battle for an even bigger prize (as primaries go) on April 19th, New York state. So, this seems like a good opportunity to consider how the current Jupiter and Saturn retrograde transits are affecting this would-be first woman U.S. president. Importantly, although her presidency would be a first in one respect, it would also represent a stubborn status quo—the much-despised Establishment—on the other hand.

In  the meantime, Mars—the last member of this campaign season’s retrograde tag team—will be snapping its heels and turning about face on the 17th. How’s that likely to change things?

But first, let's consider Saturn Rx. As it turns out, Clinton has an interesting history with Saturn retrograde energies: born with Saturn direct in her chart (see inner wheel, triwheel below), her natal Saturn turned retrograde by day-for-year progression at age 40, five years before her husband Bill won the 1992 presidential election and she became First Lady. Once Saturn turns Rx by progression in a natal chart, it stays that way for life, so her present progressed Saturn (set for tomorrow’s Wisconsin primary), is actually moving back over her natal Saturn (within 46”). 

There’s oh, so much more—let’s check out the triwheel below:

Triwheel: (inner wheel) Natal, Hillary Rodham Clinton (8:02 a.m. chart); (middle wheel) Clinton Day-for-year Progressions for April 5, 2016, 12:00 a.m., Madison, WI; (outer wheel) Wisconsin Primary, April 5, 2016, 7:00 a.m., Madison, WI.

Primary Saturn Rx (16°+Sagittarius) conjoins Progressed Jupiter (Sagittarius) and trines Clinton’s Natal & Progressed Rx Saturns (Leo), natal Pluto and Mars (Leo). This amazing configuration reflects the layers of concerns and demands dogging Clinton’s steps through this campaign. It also comments on what’s likely to happen in Wisconsin, and it’s not hard to see why Clinton is anticipating problems. She is a pragmatist, after all—her Scorpio Mercury allows her to factor dark realities into her strategic plans without missing a beat. Saturn Rx transiting her 1st house (8:02 birth time) may well be undermining her confidence (trine to natal Pluto-Mars), taking the wind out of her sails. If today’s story about her shaky response to the fossil fuel investments issues is any indication, it’s putting her at odds with the very people she needs to court. Her saving grace at this point: her progressed Jupiter and Mars are still in fight mode.  

The FBI’s (Saturn) drawn-out investigation of her email server controversy is certainly reflected in Saturn Rx and Mars transiting her 1st. This is especially relevant since an indictment for misuse would suggest that Clinton abused her power (Saturn-Pluto-Mars).

The Saturn Rx-Progressed Jupiter contact suggests Clinton may be able to shake off this significantly-timed (Saturn) scrutiny of her integrity, but not without a cost. Is she really feeling as optimistic as she claims? Are her energy and commitment to this race flagging just a bit? Are Bernie Sanders’ multiple wins last week working on her confidence more than she’d like to admit? Importantly, are the dynamics of these charts keeping her “trustworthiness” poll numbers in a persistent rut? Retrogrades tend to reveal the inner person, which can be difficult in politics—is what we see what we get with Clinton?

Primary Jupiter Rx (Virgo) semi-sextiles Clinton Mars-Pluto, sextiles Clinton Venus (Scorpio) and squares Primary Saturn Rx and Progressed Jupiter (Sagittarius). Clinton’s confidence level is deeply affected by her ability to contain any negatives (fixed sign Venus, Mars, Pluto) and, importantly, to keep forging forward. This shows in her debate performances, where she can display her impressive command of geopolitical facts—as she sees them, anyway! Her manner is more studied than spontaneous—a point which makes those who don’t trust her squirm. With Scorpio rising (if this birth time is accurate), it’s no wonder she radiates a bit of “mystery”—can we trust her, or can’t we? Her natal chart portrays a person who is capable of wielding great power; the question is always whether she can be trusted to do so with integrity (her natal Venus-to-Mars-Pluto square is triggered by Jupiter).

Importantly, Clinton’s fixed Leo-Scorpio squares make observers wonder—perhaps unfairly—where her drive for power comes from. Her Venus-ruled 12th house (Libra cusp), with Sun and Venus residing there, Venus square her Leo points, suggests an intense ego-driven quest to be the ultimate “powerful woman,” but is the U.S. electorate ready to fall in line behind that woman? Will Jupiter Rx transiting her 10th house help her dig deep inside to find the true public servant residing in that house? Or will it inspire her to reconsider her goals (semi-sextile Mars-Pluto)? Importantly, her spirit and will appear a bit out of synch here (with each other and with the electorate), perhaps the reason the election is not quite going according to plan.

Can Hillary bring back the Clinton glory days of the 1990s?
I clearly remember the controversy and criticisms that arose when Bill and Hillary Clinton settled into the White House in 1993: Bill was giving Hillary too much say in policy matters—she was acting like her husband’s strategic partner, not just the gracious White House hostess some expected. We didn’t elect her, the critics complained. The truth is, Hillary’s time in the White House was as important for her resume as it was for Bill’s. This isn’t hard to see, looking at the triwheel below, setting her natal and progressed chart next to Election Day 1992. The question now is, are we likely to see a return to that “power couple” approach to governance in 2017?

Triwheel: (inner wheel) Natal, Hillary Rodham Clinton (8:02 a.m. chart); (middle wheel) Clinton Day-for-year Progressions for November 3, 1992, 12:00 a.m., Washington, D.C.; (outer wheel) Election Day 1992, November 3, 1992, 6:10 a.m., Washington, D.C.

Election Venus (Sagittarius) conjoins Clinton Progressed Sun; this aspect semi-sextiles Natal Venus (Scorpio) and trines Natal Mars-Pluto-Saturn (Leo). Venus offers quite a blessing here to Hillary’s plans to contribute more powerfully as First Lady, but the semi-sextiles suggest that Hillary had to negotiate for that role in some way.  

Election Sun conjoins Natal Sun/Mercury (midpoint in Scorpio) and squares Natal Mars/Saturn (midpoint in Leo); Progressed Jupiter (Sagittarius) trines these same Natal Leo points. Whatever we think of her track record, Hillary Clinton is the consummate professional, and the fact that she’s been operating in the “man’s world” of law and public service since day one shows in her formidable Leo-Scorpio “backbone” and dignified 1st house Jupiter in Sagittarius. The position of Progressed Jupiter simply reinforced the importance of her ideas and ambitions being given rein during Bill’s presidency; as it happened, her strengths shored up his weaknesses—and vice versa. He continues to humanize her; she has been his powerful ally in tight situations.

Interchart T-square: Election Saturn (Aquarius) opposes Clinton Mars/Saturn (midpoint in Leo); all these square her Sun/Venus (midpoint, Scorpio); Progressed Saturn Rx (Leo) squares Natal Venus-Mercury and trines Election Node (Sagittarius). Taking a back seat to Bill was undoubtedly trying to Hillary, but is clearly displayed in her 10th house progressed Saturn Rx. Being the “power behind the throne” fits this configuration, and she’s been pursuing her “time to shine” ever since (as Senator and Secretary of State). With this progressed Rx (still in force), things don’t come as easily as observers might think—as we’ve seen, despite early rumors, this year’s election has been far from a “coronation.” In 1992, transiting Saturn was personally demanding (t-square), yet her efforts were rewarded by the nice sextile with her progressed Jupiter (Sagittarius).

Election Uranus-Neptune (Capricorn) square Natal Neptune (Libra). A generational transit that many of Clinton’s contemporaries were experiencing at that time, this square was particularly powerful for her, spanning her personal 2nd and public 11th houses. Uranus and Neptune were about to begin their new Capricorn cycle (still in effect today) just 2 months in to the Clinton presidency, and this conservative-leaning cycle influenced Bill Clinton’s “centrist Democrat” policies, just as it has Barack Obama’s since then.

Hillary’s thinking about economic policies was undoubtedly heavily influenced by this period, so when voters have a hard time accepting that she is now a liberal Democrat, there’s good reason. She projects a public image of concern for middle class workers and economic justice (11th house Neptune), but her 2nd house Capricorn energies are more in synch with the corporate agenda. The campaign finance issues Bernie Sanders has been able to use against her—especially the claim that her campaign has accepted money from fossil fuels corporations (Koch brothers?)—puts this 2nd-11th house disconnect on full display.

So, will we see a return to the “power couple” White House? Not likely, but not inconceivable, either, given their powerful allies: can the Clintons leverage this season of retrogrades for a “do-over?”

Mars’ upcoming station retrograde & the New York primary…
So, will Mars turning retrograde on April 17th—just 2 days before the critical New York primary—make an appreciable difference to Clinton’s campaign? Since the chart for Mars’ about face is virtually identical to the Primary chart (save the faster moving Sun and Moon placements), we’ll consider the latter against Clinton’s natal chart.

Biwheel: (inner wheel) Natal, Hillary Rodham Clinton (8:02 a.m. chart); (outer wheel) New York Primary, April 19, 2016, 6:00 a.m., Albany, NY.

Interchart Grand Trine: Primary Sun-As-Uranus-Venus (Aries) trine Primary Saturn Rx (Sagittarius) and Clinton Saturn (Leo). With its proximity to her Saturn, Clinton's Mars-Pluto conjunction is drawn into these fiery energies, as well. Reflected here, Clinton has expressed much more anger and frustration with the Sanders campaign lately--his claims about her corporate affiliations are hard to shake. The Aries points span her 5th and 6th, not a bad placement for one seeking the backing of working class voters.  

Primary Mars Rx widely conjoins Primary Saturn Rx and Clinton Jupiter (all Sagittarius) and Primary MarsRx-Saturn Rx trines Clinton Mars-Pluto (Leo). A scramble to reassess her campaign strategies is reflected here. These retrogrades are transiting her 1st house (if this birth time is accurate), suggesting she may be increasingly forced into defensive, “damage control” mode.

Primary Jupiter Rx-Node (Virgo) squares Primary Mars Rx-Saturn Rx. Spanning Clinton’s 1st and 10th, this powerful square reflects the intense review her ethical practices have been receiving. Even if the investigations uncover nothing of concern (there could be announcements during this period), will her Leo-Scorpio strength still be a liability in the end because the public equates strength (especially in a political woman) with corruption? Or is this transiting mutable square between retrograde planets a sign that it’s time to reinvent the so-called “Establishment,” (Jupiter-Saturn) and she just happens to be on the wrong side of history? This primary race will probably tell the story—adaptability will be rewarded, suggesting Sanders has an advantage.

Interchart t-square: Primary Venus-Uranus (Aries) oppose Clinton Neptune; all square Primary Pluto (Capricorn); Primary Venus-Uranus trine Clinton Saturn (Leo); Primary Uranus inconjoins Clinton Mercury-Ascendant (Scorpio). These aspects suggest that we shouldn’t count Clinton out just yet, however. She’s still a formidable opponent who has supporters who believe in her track record and her measured approach to policies (as opposed to Sanders'). The debate scheduled before the New York primary may give her a chance to regroup. She’s been tripping over her own tongue lately and for young voters, she projects an image of being “out of touch.” This probably reflects the transiting Uranus inconjunct aspects; we’ll see on Primary day if this loss of control over her message and image continues to haunt her.

So, what’s the net effect of racing backwards with the Cosmos? Clearly, all the candidates are confronted with these retrograde transits, but they catch some candidates more off balance than others. Next, we’ll consider Ted Cruz—and they’re off!

Raye Robertson is a practicing astrologer, writer and former university English instructor. A graduate of the Faculty of Astrological Studies (U.K.), Raye focuses on mundane, collective-oriented astrology, with a particular interest in current affairs, culture and media, the astrology of generations, and public concerns such as education and health. Several of her articles on these topics have been featured in The Mountain Astrologer and other publications over the years. Raye can be contacted by comment here, or at: robertsonraye@gmail.com. 

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