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New in April 2021:

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We’re familiar with the term “We the People,” but have we ever thought about what that phrase means astrologically? In today’s America, that’s a loaded question indeed—a question that this work tackles by taking readers on an interesting odyssey through America’s most recent progressed lunar cycle. Will this cycle deliver a homecoming, or run the nation aground on the shoals of division and tribalism?

This brief study explores nuances of human behavior in society at the same time it illumines mundane (nation-and-state-oriented) astrological principles that are often taken for granted, but not fully understood. If the goal is to conceive of more People-centric ways to interpret events in society astrologically, this work represents progress.


From 2020:

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In their roles as social “engineers,” Jupiter and Saturn can only work with the raw materials we provide—especially the “story” we tell ourselves about life on this planet and about our roles in that life. From our chosen narrative flows a great deal of power: to extract and deploy the earth’s resources; to determine who and what we will value, or not; to decide whose needs and talents will be served and cultivated, and whose will not. In this study, I consider the important issues at stake between now and this coming December when Jupiter and Saturn reach a dramatic new milestone, completing their nearly 200 years of earth-sign cycles and beginning a fresh new round of Air-sign cycles, beginning with spirited, unconventional Aquarius.

I think you'll find that this work lays out in convincing detail--with helpful supporting material and charts--that this rather dull sounding passage may actually represent exciting, hopeful possibilities ahead. Especially hopeful for our ability to consciously engineer a better way forward, rather than passively submitting to an outworn, increasingly toxic status quo. A much-needed opening--a silver lining--shimmers invitingly ahead, and this study argues that we need to be prepared to make the most of it.

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This has been a long time in the works, but happily I can now announce that I have just published my first E-Book on, entitled Pluto’s Sibly Return: Revisiting Paine’s Common Sense for Transformational Times. A re-do of a pamphlet I published in 2005 that I've updated for today’s particular challenges, the story takes a deep history-based dive into this soul journey we Americans are embarked on as a nation, and I invite you to learn more about it by clicking on the title and link. I also invite you to click on “Follow” on my Amazon page– this blog feed is linked into my author’s page and you might find it’s easier to follow developments there than it is on this Blogger site.

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