Sunday, June 21, 2020

A season for introspection & turning inward: the June 21st solar eclipse

"Remember all at once the things you forgot to imagine..."

“What I want is a mythology so huge
That settling on its grassy bank
(Which may at first seem ordinary)
You catch sight of the frog, the stone,
The dead minnow jeweled with flies,
And remember all at once
The things you had forgotten to imagine.”
--Rebecca Elson, A Responsibility to Awe

We should all be lazing on a grassy bank, appreciating Nature’s more subtle charms and nourishing our souls and imaginations in these steamy summer days that are now officially—and cosmically—upon us, with today’s (June 21) solar eclipse, perfected at about 2:40 this morning. Unfortunately, world and national events press upon us, highlighting how excruciatingly significant the approaching presidential election will be. 
But that’s not the focus of this post—today, I choose to be selectively oblivious to all that because the Cosmos is telling us it’s time to slow down, to stop bypassing or ignoring our inner needs, and—as one astrologer put it, “to feel our feels”—to focus on nourishing our bodies and spirits and reconnecting with “the things you forgot to imagine.” To all dads who need an excuse to unwind on the grassy bank of their choice on this Father’s Day, the Cosmos just delivered!
The chart for the solar eclipse marking this day confirms my certainty that it’s time to take a pause, so we’ll consider that below—with a special focus on the convergence of several retrograde planets it contains. Because eclipses tend to signal the overriding tone we will encounter in society and collective events for an extended period, some of the retrogrades hold more weight than they might otherwise. This is a so-called “Dragon’s Head” eclipse, with the North Node closely conjunct the 0°+Cancer eclipse point, so we should expect a rush of new energy and, as expert Celeste Teal puts it, “an enticement toward participation in earthly matters and material acquisition.”[1]  We're not being given permission to hide, but to engage from a deeper place within ourselves.
Obviously, this eclipse closely follows on the heels of the summer solstice—the Sun’s ingress into Cancer that perfected at 5:43 p.m. last night (6/20), but the key here is that an eclipse falling at the zero-point of any cardinal sign (as Cancer is), magnifies, according to Teal, the overall potency of an eclipse. She says,
“These zero degrees, sometimes called Aries Point degrees, are always indicative of important world matters at hand, where one event has a domino effect that leads to ramifications in many areas and around the globe.”[2]
Yet, as we’ll see, several of the planets in this eclipse chart are retrograde, perhaps reflecting just how introspective the course of world affairs still needs to be in the wake of COVID-19. There’s a “wait-and-see” flavor to the overall picture that suggests to me that the world will continue holding its breath while we Americans work out our differences and decide which path we want to pursue in 2021. 
Learning to relax and be vigilant is something to learn from this eclipse!
But let’s just get right to it and consider the eclipse chart so that we can then stretch back out on that grassy bank to strengthen our spirits for the path ahead.

Chart 1: Solar eclipse, June 21, 2020, 2:41:19 a.m. DST, Washington, D.C. Tropical Equal Houses, True Node.[3]
First, notice all the retrograde energy: Mercury (Cancer), Venus (Gemini), Saturn (Aquarius), Pallas, Jupiter, Pluto (all Capricorn). Of these, the ones we feel most directly are clearly Mercury and Venus, and there’s reason to wonder with these two if we’ll experience more fall-out in the economy and perhaps even with our relationships during this period. Being able to communicate clearly and understanding each other’s perspectives is key, of course, so this retrograde duo could be challenging without some conscious efforts to do both.
I think it’s also significant that both Jupiter and Saturn are retrograde at the same time—we’ve spoken often about how they will be coming together for a momentous “Great Mutation” conjunction and new cycle in air-sign Aquarius in December, but clearly they have some “inner work” of their own to do in the interim. This will happen through their “agents,” if you will, in the finance sector and in our national institutions, and with both still within orb of Pluto, we might find that the power brokers on Wall Street will be stressed and looking for shelter when what the country probably needs for them to do is to rethink their basic assumptions about capitalism in this country. Who is Wall Street meant to serve? Who actually profits and benefits, and at whose expense? What relationship does Wall Street have to our everyday economy? (perhaps Venus Rx can help us better understand this), and what should the government’s role (Jupiter-Saturn) be?  
We’ve seen a halting recovery in progress from the worst COVID-inspired plunges in the past months, but I suspect that we’ll come to appreciate (perhaps the hard way) that undulating numbers don’t tell the whole story. Something about the narrative from on high that counsels re-opening our economies, even at the risk of our health and lives, simply doesn’t sound sustainable.
In fact, feeding the pandemic with more victims (denying all the way what’s going on) will simply prolong the disruption—notice that Mars conjoins Neptune (Pisces) and they’re not retrograde, so no signs of slowing down the spread, or the misinformation that has accompanied it, especially as Mars-Neptune squares the all-important Nodal axis (Gemini-Sagittarius) here. In this context, it’s concerning that the North Node is so tightly conjunct the Eclipse point – that “inflowing energy” will probably include a rush of new COVID cases if we let down our guard. 
Trump's Tulsa rally defied all CDC guidelines for COVID safety.
Trump's Tulsa rally last night was unremarkable except to point out how it violated all CDC guidelines for COVID safety. A better takeaway from this eclipse is that we need to use good common sense to take care of our families (Cancer eclipse), and those who are acting as if they have some “magical defense” against the virus should stop. As one commentator put it, “We’re riding this tiger…not taming it.” The only thing “magical” about all this is Neptune’s ability to delude people into thinking the pandemic it rules is not calling the shots!
There’s no sense sugar-coating this—indeed, if anything, with the Eclipse point inconjunct Saturn (Rx, Aquarius), and with dispositor Uranus square Saturn and rising at the chart’s Taurus ASC, it’s to our advantage to deal with the facts, as frustrating and restrictive as they may seem. Saturn rules the Capricorn MC here, which sextiles that Mars-Neptune conjunction, so institutional restraints (the rule of Law, even) have an opportunity to intervene in this rolling disaster to slow it down and perhaps even to rein it in, but we’re far from out of the woods.
The interesting thing about the two views of the matter showing up in sextile, rather than a more tense configuration is that the administration has basically produced (as one does a TV show) this divisive drama for prime time—if the matter were left up to individual common sense, there may be some dissent, but not nearly the drama we’re seeing.  
A Sofia Varano illustration
Final thoughts
So, while it’s true that this powerful Cardinal zero-point eclipse could have ramifications on the world stage that are difficult to discern from the grassy bank I’m lounging on today, I will leave this broader analysis for another day. Clearly, the release of John Bolton’s tell-all book against Trump will resonate abroad and perhaps inspire a blowback, however on this lazy Sunday afternoon, under the sway of a lovely, nurturing Cancer New Moon, are we really looking for such drama?

Happy Father's day, y'all!

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[1]Celeste Teal, Eclipses: Predicting World Events & Personal Transformation, Llewellyn Publications, Woodbury, MA, 1st ed. 2006, p.11.
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[3]With thanks to Kepler and Cosmic Patterns Software for use of this chart.