Monday, July 16, 2018

Putin’s wounded trophy wife: Trump reports for duty in Helsinki

“The country can no longer afford to wait to ascertain why President Trump has subordinated himself to Putin—it must deal with the fact that he has.” David Frum, The Atlantic
 “Donald Trump’s press conference performance in Helsinki rises to & exceeds the threshold of ‘high crimes & misdemeanors.’ It was nothing short of treasonous…Republican Patriots: Where are you???”– former CIA Director John O. Brennan, as quoted in the Washington Post

No words can express how upsetting Trump’s performance was today in his joint press conference with Putin in Helsinki, although the foreign policy experts cited above—and a host of others—do a pretty good job of it. 

Did we ever think we’d see these words in print? It almost feels like the afternoon of 9/11/2001, when the World Trade towers had fallen, New York was choked with toxic ash, and we knew for sure we had been viciously attacked. Only this time, it’s difficult to distinguish between the external and the internal threats. 

Putin’s team may have lost in the World Cup of soccer, but he certainly made up for it in the U.S. coup he pulled off today. One American commentator called it “the surrender summit;” another characterized Trump and Putin as “playmates on a soccer field.” Putin ended his remarks by handing a World Cup soccer ball to Trump (for Russian-speaking Melania), which was fitting; Trump seems to have long since handed his “b#lls” over to Putin. Those who have suspected that Trump owes Putin something big (his election, perhaps?) probably feel validated today. 

In the last post here, we considered the dynamics likely to be in play at today’s summit in Helsinki, but today’s reality was still quite a shocker. For that reason and because that article was written before Friday’s stunning announcement that twelve Russian GRU operatives are being indicted by the Mueller investigation for their part in the Russian meddling into our 2016 election, I thought this geopolitical love fest deserved a second look. I would bet that its impact is going to be felt for decades, if not more, so it’s worth deeper consideration.

One good thing: we now have an actual starting time for today’s meet-up: scheduled for 1 p.m., Putin’s plane was still biding its time on the runway at 10 past the hour, its occupant apparently playing “hard to get.”  

Trump, for his part, was waiting in his hotel room, prepared to arrive fashionably late, after Putin. And so, the games began…CNN reports the meeting kicked off at 1:20 p.m., Helsinki time. 

Three major issues of astrological importance catch my eye with the triwheel I’ve cast for today’s event, using the event chart itself and the two nativities. First is the heavy preponderance of cardinal energies on the angles of the event chart, and the uncanny way those coincide with the players’ charts (could there be a court astrologer at work?); second is the amazing array of retrogrades in the event chart; third is the tight connection this triwheel enjoys with the July 27th total lunar eclipse chart. We’ll cover the first two of these issues in this post; the eclipse issue deserves an entire post to itself—lots to talk about there!

With the retrogrades, it’s as though the Cosmos has been holding its breath right along with the rest of us! What’s also interesting here, though, is that the summit predated Mercury’s impending retrograde station just prior to eclipse day. At this station, Mercury will conjoin Trump’s natal Mars and Putin’s natal Pluto (both Leo), perhaps taking the wind out of both of their sails temporarily. 

So we can see one reason why their joint narrative today (pre-retrograde station)—enabled by Trump’s pre-summit tweets and the Russian Foreign Ministry’s retweeting of those tweets—was a propagandistic coup. 

Here’s the theme that’s been unfolding for weeks and was doubled down on today: the DNC is to blame for Russia’s hacking of its systems, and the “Rigged Witch Hunt”/Mueller investigation is to blame for US-Russia relations being so bad.

All of this lays a pretext for the cozy relations Trump so dearly wants with Putin, and it doesn’t seem to matter that yes, relations between our two nations are bad because Russia attacked us and shows no signs of letting up or taking responsibility. Trump was asked blatantly by a reporter to say who he trusts on the issue of Russian election meddling: his unanimous U.S. intelligence community? Or, Putin?
Rather than answering the question in all its simplicity, however, Trump began rambling on and on about Hillary Clinton’s “server,” and why the FBI hasn’t looked at that server, and how he doesn’t think Russia would be the one to do such a thing, and yadda yadda. In other words, blaming Hillary (as he’s blamed the DNC in past tweets) for what our intelligence community (many of them Republicans!) knows the Russians did to us. At least we now know beyond a doubt where Trump’s loyalties lie, and we have a firm leaping off point for considering the charts below.

The astrology

Judging from their post-meeting press conference (held up by the specter of a Nation journalist being dragged out of the room for holding a piece of paper with the words “Nuclear Test Ban Treaty” on it…so much for “free press”), Trump and Putin must have agreed that Putin would speak first. His segment fleshed out in incredible, rapid-fire, complex detail the global policy areas that these two claim they discussed, including one key area that leapt out at me: that he and Trump want to forge business relations between American and Russian companies, and that they aim to establish mutually beneficial economic ties. 

Needless to say, this goal is putting Trump’s recent movements into perspective:  he’s made no secret of distancing himself from trade relations with Europe, encouraging Theresa May to sue the EU on the UK’s way out the door and calling the EU a “foe.” His demonstrated desire to shift his focus to Russia might also explain why Trump sent the GOP Appropriations Committee delegation to Moscow for talks with Russian counterparts (see July 5th post and here). 

So where does that leave the issue of sanctions? Or Russia’s annexation of Crimea, its downing of a Georgian airliner and its feared incursions into other Baltic states? Or its proven interference in our election? Into the UK’s Brexit election, and the recent nerve agent poisoning of UK citizens? The list goes on. 

The fact is, Trump seems to have found his idol and benefactor—the one powerful person he looks up to as a role model (I wonder if the World Cup ball was autographed?)—and the sanctions (if they’re even being enforced by his administration) can be worked around very handily, with the GOP’s help. Their complicity is a story for another day. 

Triwheel #1: (inner wheel) Trump-Putin Summit, July 16, 2018, 1:20 p.m., DST, Helsinki, Finland; (middle wheel), Donald J. Trump, June 14, 1946, 10:54 a.m. DST, Jamaica, NY; (outer wheel) Vladimir (rect.) Putin, October 7, 1952, 12:39 p.m. ST, St. Petersburg, Russia (chart rectified by Isaac Starkman).  Tropical Equal Houses, True Node. 

As noted earlier, my focus here today is on two key issues: first, the preponderance of cardinal placements between all three charts, and why that’s geopolitically important; second is the impressive line-up of retrogrades in the event chart. So let’s take each issue in turn and see how they play out. 

Cardinal energies

This is a good point to pause and consider why cardinal energies are so important in geopolitical contexts like today’s summit. There are, according to Bill Meridian and the mentors he refers to regularly (Johndro and Jayne) “power points in the Zodiac” and they’re mostly in Cancer and Capricorn. Here’s the list Meridian cites in the March/April 2006 issue of Astrological Journal[1]:
0° of the cardinal signs (15° fixed signs)
10° Cancer: the helio north node of Jupiter
13°-14° Cancer-Capricorn: the invariable plane
20° Cancer: the helio north node of Pluto
24° Cancer: the helio north node of Saturn
Meridian also cites the geocentric north nodes of Saturn at 20° Cancer and Pluto at 23° Cancer (Pluto is now transiting its own south node) as powerfully compelling, and he gives a technical explanation for why the geocentric and helio nodes interact in mundane charts. As to the importance of these cardinal points, he says:
“Many major political entities have important points near these cardinal degrees. This includes the USA Sun in Cancer, the USSR Sun [now Russia’s Uranus-Neptune] opposite it in Capricorn, the imperial Japanese Sun in Capricorn, and the Red Chinese Sun by square from Libra. One transit hits all.”[2]
These points have practical implications for citizens of these nations: for instance, Meridian points out that Americans may be on average wealthier than other nationals because our radix Sun and Jupiter are conjunct Jupiter’s helio north node. This, combined with Jupiter ruling our radix chart with its Sagittarius ASC, has worked pretty well for us over the years.
We might also make the connection with how these cardinal points operate in Trump’s chart: his Cancer Mercury is within orb of Jupiter’s helio north node, and his Saturn-Venus conjunction is conjoined Saturn’s helio north node. Putin’s nativity features other key placements along these powerful cardinal axes, and in some cases, his placements overpower Trump’s (surprise, surprise).
To a great extent, today’s summit was a show of cardinal shadow-boxing, but judging from Trump’s pre-summit tweets alone, we pretty well knew who would emerge victorious.
Stay tuned for the role these key cardinal “power” points played in the overall picture of today’s event—it’s dizzying!
Summit ASC (Libra) conjoins Putin Sun and Trump Chiron-Juno and squares Trump Mercury/Saturn (midpoint, Cancer) and Putin Uranus (Cancer). This reflects a powerful impediment to Trump’s ability to speak freely, even though he seems to ramble on incoherently half the time. Putin’s Sun is in its glory here, conjoined the event’s ASC; it’s tempting to say that a “new day” has dawned for him, in fact, courtesy of Trump’s Chiron-Juno square Mercury/Saturn vulnerability. Munkasey has this to say about this midpoint, minus Juno’s and Chiron’s input:

“Serious discussions with your partner; talk which carries a sense of duty and realism; approaching and discussing difficult subjects with your companions; plans for joint projects or mutual activities.”[3]
Even having these closed-door, secretive, no-accountability-required discussions with Putin was enough to compromise Trump’s presidency, not to mention the presidency in general. It shouldn’t surprise us that both the presidency and the nation-at-large are represented by the Sibly Sun at 13+Cancer—square Putin’s Sun shown here. 
Recall that this 13°-14° Cancer/Capricorn axis is a major power axis; in fact, Meridian tells that it is on what is known as the “invariable plane” (the explanation for this is pretty wonky; suffice to say here, nations with placements on this plane tend to be more powerful than those who don’t). [8] Meridian details a number of major historical events and national chart placements along this plane—I think we can add today’s summit to his impressive list.
Bottom line, both the presidency and the nation-at-large were turned into Putin’s wounded “trophy wife” today (Trump Juno-Chiron).
Every American president to date who has had to deal with Putin has stood up to him, save one—Trump.  No improved economic ties in the universe can make up for that!
Interchart T-Square: Summit Sun-MC, Trump Saturn-Venus, and Putin Uranus-Part of Fortune (all Cancer) oppose Summit Pluto Rx (Capricorn); this axis squares Putin Saturn-Neptune-Mercury (Libra) conjoined Trump Jupiter Rx (Libra) and Summit ASC. These aspects reinforce and demand more from the first set of aspects at the Summit ASC, and again, we see how Putin outmatches Trump’s strength on all fronts, and it may have something to do with how the cardinal “power points” are deployed here.
Putin plays to Trump’s considerable insecurities, conspiracy theories and thin skin (Putin’s Saturn-Neptune-Mercury to Trump’s Venus-Saturn—all conjoined or square to Pluto’s north node at 23°Cancer and Saturn’s helio north node at 24°). Putin probably adds some unique twists to the narrative (Putin’s Uranus-Part of Fortune, also aligned with this sensitive power axis. All for the sake of fulfilling Putin’s geopolitical wish-list (his Part-of-Fortune tightly conjoins the Summit Sun). My guess is that the summit was timed to make sure these conjunctions would be prominent.
It’s no secret that Putin sees himself as the rebuilder of Russia’s former glory, and he’s wily enough to seize the opportunities these cardinal dynamics offer (Capricorn Pluto is key here, too). Trump is playing right into his hands (Pluto opposes Trump’s finance-related Saturn-Venus), so it’s likely that money is a big reason why. Is there something for him, personally, in all those business deals he’s hoping to make with Russia? Or is it simply payback time for past favors? We could speculate for days here—better to wait for the facts.
We might think Trump has a choice in whatever’s going on, but when Pluto’s involved (it is now not only opposite Putin’s Uranus, but conjunct Russia’s founding Uranus-Neptune conjunction, see the July 5th post), we can’t really take that for granted. Putin is on a mission to seal his legacy, and Trump handed him a big victory today.
Summit Saturn Rx (Capricorn) opposes Trump Mercury (Cancer) and squares Trump Neptune (Libra); Summit SaturnRx/PlutoRx (midpoint) squares the gathering at the Summit ASC (discussed earlier). Putin was clearly thinking and speaking rings around Trump today, and that shows up here, along with Trump’s dodgy loyalties and grasp of the facts. He’s trying to serve “two masters,” as the saying goes, and it’s isn’t going well because it can’t be done. Munkasey captures this Saturn/Pluto midpoint exceedingly well:
“Keeping affairs private or not open to scrutiny; secret preparations for future restrictions; hoarding resources for potential future disasters; lengthy consideration of methods of removal or destruction.”[4]
The first two points were clearly accurate today; it will be interesting to see what resources are at stake, and who or what’s likely to be removed or destroyed. 

First, a run-down of which planets are retrograde in the Summit chart: (from right-to-left, clockwise) Chiron (Aries), Neptune (Pisces), Mars (Aquarius), Pluto and Saturn (Capricorn), Vesta (Sagittarius). Beyond the overall sense that the Cosmos is holding its breath and awaiting something big, the restrained, inward-looking characteristics of these retrogrades made for some interesting dynamics between today’s players. Let’s look more closely:
Summit ChironRx (Aries) squares Summit SaturnRx (Capricorn). This aspect spans the charts 4th-7th houses, suggesting that we’re seeing a wounding, almost “parental” relationship take shape. Authority flows in one direction in this relationship; it’s not a relationship of equals.
Summit NeptuneRx (Pisces) trines Summit Jupiter (Scorpio), squares Trump Uranus and Putin Ceres (both Gemini) and quincunxes Putin Saturn conjoined Trump Jupiter Rx (both Libra). Trump prides himself on being able to “deal” on the fly, with no preparation other than his natural ability to play with words and spin alternate realities (which is getting real old). Here, Neptune seems to have him under the lazy illusion that others can’t see through his machinations.
There’s a limit to how many times he can call the facts “fake news” before even his biggest boosters get tired of it. Actions spoke louder than words at today’s summit—reflecting the stress his cardinal points (including Jupiter Rx here) were under. He reportedly had “low expectations” for this summit (it was going to be the “easiest” of his European stops), and he certainly delivered!
Summit MarsRx (Aquarius) conjoins Summit South Node (Aquarius), squares Summit Uranus (Taurus) and inconjoins Summit Venus-Ceres-Moon (Virgo). Again, we see that 4th-7th house connection in action: the shocking relationship “coup” revealed today has both tangible (Taurus) and technical/weapons-related (Aquarius) implications. There were supposedly nuclear arms issues discussed, but my interest was especially piqued by the business dealings these two seem prepared to pursue. Trump complains non-stop about China’s theft of our technology: will he gift Putin with the same? Putin wants our strategic missile defense technologies removed from Russia’s sphere of influence: will Trump deliver? 
We know that agreeing to a framework for a three-way alliance with Israel was high on their priority list today; who will be arming whom, at whose expense?
How does control over Syria’s future fit into their plans?—in a weird twist today, Trump allowed Putin to characterize himself as having “compassion” for the ravaged people of Syria—really, after supporting the Assad regime’s merciless bombing campaign against those same people? More than likely, “compassion” translates as lucrative nation-building contracts (Taurus) ready for the picking!
Trump said he would not suspend military exercises going on in the Baltic States: is that a small bone he’s willing to throw the NATO alliance for the sake of appearances? Or a smoke screen for throwing those states under the geopolitical bus down the road? I wish this speculation was outlandish paranoia; unfortunately, Trump’s committed to pleasing Putin, so anything goes. I tried to listen carefully as Putin detailed his agenda for today’s discussions (yes, Trump appeared to let Putin set the agenda), and many of the above issues were quickly mentioned. The translator could hardly keep up with Putin’s rapid fire wish-list.
Summit PlutoRx and SaturnRx (both Capricorn) anchored today’s discussions; SaturnRx trines Uranus (Taurus). We’ve talked at length about the cardinal oppositions and squares that Pluto and Saturn are involved in; here we see how their physical location in the chart weighed everything down, leaving heavy dismay in their wake for many. What might normally be a positive feeling trine (SaturnRx to Uranus) felt instead like an unfortunate use of resources and energies.
SaturnRx also quincunxes the Summit North Node (Leo), suggesting that relationships will be fatally compromised by what happened today, with reputations destroyed, and so on. Trump’s word is already pretty worthless, but he was even criticized by Fox News today! Loyalty is a Saturnian virtue, and with this SaturnRx opposite Trump’s natal Mercury (Cancer), his loyalty to the U.S. is being questioned.
VestaRx (Sagittarius) conjoins Putin Mars and Trump Moon (both Sagittarius). These points figure heavily into the discussion we need to have about the upcoming eclipse, so I will just note here that there’s a lot more going on in this conjunction than meets the eye. In his incredible compendium of information about eclipses entitled The Predictive Power of Eclipse Paths, Bill Meridian teaches that eclipses wield an impact for some period prior to the dates they happen, and the July 27th eclipse point at 23+Sag will reignite and carry forward whatever transpired in today’s meeting.
The more I look at it, the more I believe this eclipse will be one for the books: please check back for more on that soon!
In the meantime, hope springs eternal, but it doesn’t trickle down from on high—it surges up from the grass roots!
Raye Robertson is a practicing astrologer, writer and former educator. A graduate of the Faculty of Astrological Studies (U.K.), Raye focuses on mundane, collective-oriented astrology, with a particular interest in current affairs, culture and media, the astrology of generations, and public concerns such as education and health. Several of her articles on these topics have been featured in The Mountain Astrologer, Astrological Journal, and other publications over the years.

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[1] Bill Meridian, “Power Points in the Zodiac,” Astrological Journal, Vol. 48, March/April 2006, pp. 5-12.
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