Sunday, October 14, 2018

A Full "Hunter" Moon for Venus, Neptune & Pluto: the “Re-emerging Feminine”

“After all these outrages, there will be calls for a renewal of civility, as if the problem is that people said nasty things about one other. But the answer to this power grab cannot be passive acceptance in the name of being polite…When power is all that matters, consistency is for suckers.”

E.J. Dionne, Washington Post, Oct. 7, 2018

A Full Moon now approaches that will probably exacerbate the toxic mix of power grabs and gender divides that we’ve been seeing in the news these days. The fact that this lunation incorporates recent phenomena like Pluto stationing direct (9/30) and Venus’s retrograde turn—on the day now-Justice Kavanaugh was voted in!—adds an intriguing dimension to the mix. More on all that ahead. 

So Kavanaugh is officially installed on the Supreme Court, and those who didn’t think he was the man for the job are looking to the midterm elections for hope and solace. Personally, I fear that our political solutions are precarious in these truth-distorting Neptunian days—but I will certainly show up and vote, nevertheless. It pains me to say it, but astrologically, what used to pass for our United States is starting to resemble a shipwreck victim, treading water and clinging to whatever bit of floating debris it can. 

The vote—and all that it represents in a faltering democracy—is one substantial, hopefully buoyant bit that could buy us some time while we come to grips with the corruption that continues to run us aground. I don’t toss out the “C” word lightly because the festering is marked by transiting Pluto, inching ever so slowly into its return to Sibly Pluto—at the same time Neptune is transiting into opposition with Sibly Neptune—“divide and conquer” is the prevailing theme and its impact is palpable. This may explain why psychologists have expressed concern about trends they are seeing in their practices. 

According to today’s cover story on, psychologists are seeing an unusual number of patients these days who are dangerously stressed out about the turmoil in Washington. Many express concern that they can’t tell the difference between what’s true and what isn’t these days—not too surprising. Instances have surfaced between married couples (i.e., that watching the news at night is undermining the love lives of some), among family members and neighbors, within communities, and in the nation-at-large:

“Even when symptoms are not sexual in nature, there is abundant evidence that Trump and his daily uproars are galloping into the inner life of millions of Americans.
During normal times, therapists say, their sessions deal with familiar themes: relationships, self-esteem, everyday coping. Current events don’t usually invade. But numerous counselors said Trump and his convulsive effect on America’s national conversation are giving politics a prominence on the psychologist’s couch not seen since the months after 9/11…”

The article flags the impact Trump’s tactics and behavior are having on people’s ability to discern what’s true and what’s not. An excerpt is worth examining here because it calls out Neptune’s influence:

“‘Gaslighting is essentially a tactic used by abusive personalities to make the abused person feel as though they’re not experiencing reality, or that it’s made up or false,’ said Dominic Sisti, a behavioral health care expert at the University of Pennsylvania who penned an article with Baum-Baicker on Trump’s effect on stress. ‘The only reality one can trust is one that is defined by the abuser. Trump does this on a daily basis—he lies, uses ambiguities, demonizes the press. It’s a macroscopic version of an abusive relationship.’”
I won’t try to fact check this statement here, but I can say that the cosmic energies at work these days do lend credence to a gaslighting concern.  Pluto brings its ruthless will-to-power and potentially abusive tendencies to bear, while Neptune is quite capable of spinning a web of mass delusion. For a chilling example of how the phenomenon of gaslighting plays out in an abusive relationship, check out the 1944 Film Noir film titled Gaslight. The idea that even some psychologists are beginning to see the American public as a mentally “abused spouse” in regards to the White House is troubling indeed. 
This film deserves its status as a "feminist horror story!"
Whether Trump’s tactics are strictly speaking “gaslighting” or not, he is visibly bent on dividing Americans against each other for the sake of raw power, and in that sense, the past eighteen months have been a study in disturbingly vicious uses of Neptune and Pluto energies. He’s using one political party to grind the other party under his heel, but in the end I don’t believe his is a partisan concern: the power he’s seeking is for himself. Republicans who get in his way are as vulnerable as any Democrat.
I think it’s critical that we take a long view of these dynamics, however, because they’re nothing new: as mentioned above, we’re now in the final few years before our collective Pluto return, and this pings back to our creation story as a nation, when we were fighting to be born.
In the 1760s and 70s, Pluto in Capricorn (among other dynamics) lent our revolutionary founders the grit they needed to prevail, while Neptune in Virgo lent them the idealistic common sense they needed to make the most of their success. Both these planets would have also figured into the overweening hubris of “mad” King George III, the British monarch who was bedeviling us: long story short, Capricorn Pluto squared his elevated Aries Jupiter and quincunxed his Gemini Mercury-Saturn, which Neptune was simultaneously squaring (chart not shown)[1]

A youthful King George III.

Neptune was also transiting square George’s Saturn-Venus conjunction in Gemini. His power was clearly being undermined on multiple levels, but not long after the defeat he suffered at the hands of the infant American nation, his delusions of grandeur tipped over into the medically demented state he found himself in at the end of his life. 

Now, that same Capricorn energy and idealistic common sense are what we need to come to grips with the very real challenges of climate change and with healing our inner divisions, but these impulses have instead been hijacked by those with a far more corrupt, self-serving agenda. The destruction we’re experiencing to the environment and our democratic institutions (including most recently, our Supreme Court!) has definite Plutonian overtones, with a persistent Neptunian undertow, created by the approaching transiting Neptune opposition to our Sibly Neptune. It's starting to feel like an existential crisis, in fact.

After Plutonian destruction comes a rebirth, yet because of Neptune’s involvement it’s hard to say what form that’s likely to take at this moment. Will the Neptune opposition help, or effectively sabotage our efforts to heal and begin afresh? Those who find themselves unmoored psychologically by the divisiveness in D.C. may be more keenly attuned to this dilemma than most. 

We can look to this past couple weeks in D.C. for several examples of Neptunian sabotage for the sake of Plutonian power, but two stand out in the end as involving not only these two heavies, but Venus, as well—so key to most major news stories these days. Notably, Senator Susan Collins’ long drawn out rationalization for dismissing Dr. Blasey-Ford’s memory of and testimony about who attacked her when she was 15 also undermined Collins at the same time it denied full just treatment to Blasey-Ford. 

The role Collins played in the whole saga was guaranteed to backfire on her in the end: maybe she was the GOP’s sacrificial lamb in this drama? She was tasked with delivering the final “we don’t believe her” blow to Blasey-Ford’s case before the Senate committee. In fact, the whole situation smacked of a twofer: Collins was expected to save GOP men from the embarrassment and political peril of delivering that message (thus opening the way for the final vote on Kavanaugh), but delivering that message was almost guaranteed to damage her reputation as a moderate in Maine. Her colleagues had to know there would be a backlash. 

Sen. Susan Collins (R-Maine)

The GOP (and Trump) had to know that Collins isn’t standing for election until 2020, so why not weaken her now so she can be challenged by a less moderate Republican then? 

This ploy could render her just another formerly powerful woman, the only women Trump seems to like, judging by his vicious attacks on other prominent women. No surprise, Sen. Dianne Feinstein (Blasey-Ford defender) and pop star Taylor Swift—who had the audacity to come out in favor of Tennessee Dems this past week—are his current targets. Between Susan Collins and these two ladies, we’ve seen Venus enter the scene, from both stage right and stage left. 

The second case of sabotage that smacks of Neptune, Pluto and Venus, in so far as Venus rules Libra, the sign concerned with fairness and justice, is from a bizarre story regarding the West Virginia Supreme Court. From

“This saga is an object lesson in the perils of politicizing the judiciary. A minor conflict over the court’s budget has escalated into a standoff between the court and the legislature, one driven by Republican efforts to wrest control of the judiciary from Democrats. Lawmakers are poised to defy an order of the state Supreme Court, permanently subverting the constitutional separation of powers. There are no real good guys in this story, but some are certainly worse than others. And if Republicans succeed in their scheme, they will have provided a road map to other politicians eager to defang an independent judiciary.”
The entire story is quite involved and convoluted, but it’s worth a read as an interesting cautionary tale that involves impeaching a female (sabotaging Venus) Supreme Court Chief Justice, who then presided over her own impeachment appeal. Facts are stranger than fiction in this case!

On to the astrology

As we’ll see in the charts for this month’s new and full lunations, of the many wounds this nation needs to heal during these Neptune-Pluto times, one of the most pressing ones right now is the double standard that men and women are held to in American society. This is never more true when it comes to expressing emotions: women who come across as angry and demanding—one protestor even had the “audacity” to shout “Look at me when I’m talking to you” at Sen. Flake in that infamous elevator encounterstand to be labeled, ignored, marginalized and ridiculed. Flake was gracious at the time, but his colleagues have been lashing back ever since. 

Women’s patience with all-things patriarchy is just wearing thin, and millions seem to be on the brink of explosion. One Washington Post article seems to say it all. It’s titled “Thanks for not raping us, all you ‘good men.’ But it’s not enough.” It’s the best explanation I’ve seen for the explosion of rage we saw during the Kavanaugh confirmation:

“The gender war that has broken out in this country is flooding all our houses. It’s rising on the torrent of memories that every woman has. Those memories have come loose from the attic and the basement where we’ve stashed them. They are floating all around us and there is no place left to store them out of sight. Not just memories of sexual abuse. Memories of being dismissed, disdained, distrusted. Memories of having to endure put-downs at the office, catcalls in the parking lot, barked orders at a dinner party. And, for some reason, the most chilling memory of all, the one Christine Blasey Ford called up and that we all recognized: the laughter. The laughter of men who are bonding with each other by mocking us. When Ford testified under oath that the laughter is the sharpest memory of her high school assault, every woman within the sound of her voice could hear that laughter, had heard that laughter, somewhere, somehow.”
As we’ll see when we examine the New Moon chart (exact just a couple days after Kavanaugh was voted in), there’s an astrological reason for this “flood” of rage and memories. 

Men, by contrast, can hike up their knickers and explode into a rage, making broad demands and speaking up for themselves in a full-throated way, with no social disapproval. He’s “saying it like it is,” or being “powerful” and “assertive.” 

How did Shakespeare put it? “Me thinks he doth protest too much!” 

Most critically, this gender-sorting bias has always infected the way power is distributed in society, and in my mind, it's a fundamentally flawed way of doing so. Men and women both have Venus and Mars natures, and their lives are totally interdependent. Men have wives and daughters; women have husbands and sons. Even LGBTQ couples have loved ones of both genders, so pitting one against the other for the sake of power is simply wrong. A respectful, amicable, mutually-supportive balance of power and equality between the genders is the ideal, and it's high time we get there in this nation.

There are astrological correlates for all this, or course: Venus is considered a more passive, companionable and softer energy, her strength being found in relation to others, in negotiating solutions, in drawing out the cooperation of others by more appealing (even seductive) means, as opposed to using brute force, emotional or otherwise. 

More and more, the Democratic party is cast (sometimes spuriously) in the role of our national Venus in its agenda and approach to wielding power. In fact, the party is busily working to elect more women in every state, but electing women doesn’t guarantee a more passive approach. This strategy is largely an active response to perceived misogyny on-high, and the Kavanaugh nomination only added to that perception. 

There is a potential downside to being cast as Venus in today’s politics, however: Venus just turned retrograde in Pluto-disposed Scorpio, and will remain so until after the midterms. More on what this might mean in a bit.

In contrast to Venus, Mars energy claims its power through active, assertive, and even intimidating action—needless to say, anger often fuels these so-called harder “virtues.” As we witnessed with Kavanaugh’s enraged display in his final Senate hearing, and Sen. Lindsey Graham’s fit of vein-busting pique on his behalf, the Republican party has taken on the mantle of Mars—they don’t ask questions or offer apologies, they just take what they want and dare anyone to stop them. 

This has happened very disturbingly in the past couple years in voter suppression stories that have surfaced in several states: aggressive attempts to make voting a difficult, even intimidating affair, especially for citizens of color. There are pitfalls in relying so heavily on brute force, however: those who find themselves used and abused by it eventually revolt! Trump and the GOP seem to have planned for that possibility, however, as their media stories have begun to frame any such resistance as “the liberal mob.” 

You mean like that “mob” bent on liberation that fought off King George’s redcoats? Or like those “mobs” of suffragettes and everyday women who demanded the right to vote in the early 1900s, and the right to make their own reproductive decisions in the 1970s? Or like those “mobs” who demanded their civil rights in the segregated South in the 1960s? The only trouble is, even when the cause is righteous and totally in keeping with America’s founding ideals of equality and freedom, we are now not so sure if the Supreme Court will continue to defend what have been settled cases. 

The Neptune-Pluto pressure to roll back civil rights (including the right to vote) is enormous right now: will the Constitutional “dam” break?  

The toxic mix of gender, power and victimhood

As noted earlier, what traditional gender norms miss entirely is that every person possesses both Venus and Mars in their natal charts, and these energies demand—and deserve—healthy expression. To not allow, or to subvert the healthy expression of either planet is asking for difficulties in relationships, in career progress, and in one’s health and overall wellbeing. 

Needless to say, this holds true for collective entities like nations and political parties, as well, and I think it’s worth a return to basic textbook definitions to understand why. Venus, for example, is said by WWI-era mundane astrologer H.S. Green to cover the following:

“…courtships, engagements, and marriages, holiday-making,, rejoicing, public festivals; persons and occupations connected with art, music, poetry, theatres, amusements, ornaments; society, women and children, to some extent; its god influence assists charitable and philanthropic movements and institutions, increases the prosperity of the country, promotes good feeling between the various classes of the population, and tends to preserve the peace.”[2]    
We’ll return to these points as we discuss Venus’s current retrograde status and the upcoming Full Moon in Scorpio-Taurus (10/24) that promises to color the days between then and the midterms on November 6th. 

Returning to the textbook, Mars, on the other hand, is characterized by Green as follows:

“…the planet of desire and aversion; it impels to action for the sake of securing the object of desire and driving away the object of aversion…it is the planet of war, of soldiers, sailors, agitators, rebels, violent criminals, and of all who dispute and contend; it also indicates surgeons, engineers and workers in iron, and rules fires, poisons, and crimes of violence. Mars and Mercury together signify lawyers when debating, arguing, and contending, but judges, magistrates, and the judicial attitude of mind belong to Jupiter, either alone or with Mercury.”[3]
Clearly, Venus and Mars were working overtime this past couple weeks as the Kavanaugh nomination unfolded. Generally, Venus errs on the side of seeking unity and consensus or compromise, so it’s more likely that the toxic vitriol and “winner-take-all” partisanship we saw with the confirmation was pure Mars­, which "…impels to action for the sake of securing the object of desire and driving away the object of aversion.” 

By the time the cranky older men on the Senate Judiciary Committee started yelling at protestors and calling them names (which has since been carried forward by Trump and others), it was clear that their Martian “objects of aversion” were women who demand that their issues be heard and respected.  

In comments after the Kavanaugh vote was over in the Senate, Sen. Mitch McConnell was the first I heard who dubbed protestors “the angry liberal mob.”

Trump is doing his best to cast Kavanaugh—and Men writ large—as the real victims in not just the Kavanaugh-Ford story, but in American life more generally; being a strong Neptunian himself, with Jupiter (Libra) widely conjunct Neptune natally (chart not shown), and Mercury (Cancer)-square-Neptune (Libra), Trump is very adept at spinning victimization tales. He clearly understands the power in victimization: it helps him shed any responsibilities that might come calling. Others are always out to get him—and now, he’s given men explicit permission to use this passive aggressive ploy in their own relationships and lives. 

There are real victims in this world who need support and recognition; claiming fantasy or perceived victimhood for the sake of acting with impunity is toxic Mars-Neptune, at its worst. Disturbingly, this dynamic poisons both men and women and their relationships to each other in both the personal and collective arenas of life.   

A lunation for Venus and Pluto

By the time the Moon waxes into its fully ripe opposition to the Sun in any given cycle, a cosmic “seed” has been planted and nurtured through early challenges. Whatever “being” Sol and Luna conceived in that cycle is now given robust expression in a more public way. In our present political climate—less than a month before midterm elections—there’s reason to be apprehensive about what a Scorpio-Taurus full Moon, conjunct Taurus Uranus, might bring to bear

Let’s take a quick glance at the New Moon that transpired on October 8, 2018, cast for Washington, D.C., to explore what cosmic seed might now be germinating beneath the surface of American life, preparing to flower later this month.  This is a good point to remind ourselves that Pluto (Capricorn) stationed direct on September 30th, and Venus (Scorpio) has just stationed retrograde on October 5th, just hours after Kavanaugh’s nomination was given the go-ahead for full Senate confirmation. By the time that final vote was taken, Venus had completed her about-face. Back to the October 8th New Moon:

Chart #1: New Moon, October 9, 2018, 11:46:44 p.m. DST, Washington, D.C. Tropical Equal Houses, True Node. 

4th house Ceres-Sun-Moon conjunction (Libra) t-squares Pluto-DSC (Capricorn) opposite ASC (Cancer). It shouldn’t escape us that the ASC here conjoins Sibly Sun (chart not shown), representing the Executive and the Nation at large. The Moon rules this Cancer lunation chart and together, the Sun-Moon conjunction (Libra) is disposed by sensitive, moody Venus in Scorpio, also found in the 4th house of grass roots expression. 

Venus Rx forms a grand trine with this Cancer ASC and Pisces Neptune Rx, suggesting that the concerns of women will be unleashed in a big way. This certainly makes sense with what we’ve been through already this month—this grand trine has great momentum, so we can expect the concerns it represents to remain in the news. 

The cardinal t-square formed between this lunation and the chart’s horizon and Pluto (Capricorn)  reflects the intense power plays we’ve seen in D.C. over the Kavanaugh nomination, not to mention voter suppression efforts. The 4th house Moon here represents voters, so there’s an uneasy alliance (conjunction) in all things related to the government’s central power (Sun) and finance (Pluto) at the moment. 

Fairness and justice (Libra) are under intense pressure, with secretive (even shady) deals and manipulation used as a favored weapon (7th house Pluto). Disempowerment of the “masses” (Ceres-Moon) is a very real possibility, yet bringing awareness (Sun) of this threat to bear may help. All of this explains why the Supreme Court has been such a focus of attention, and why there’s been such a rush to manipulate the media narrative around protests, etc. 

 Pluto (Capricorn) sextiles Neptune Rx (Pisces) and sextiles the VenusRx/Jupiter (midpoint, Scorpio). These aspects transform the Grand Trine seen above into a much more interesting Kite formation. Here’s what midpoints expert Michael Munkasey has to say about the Pluto connection to Venus/Jupiter:

“Expansion of religions and their interference into the justice system; an expansion of social culture which affects all aspects of life; foreign raids on the treasury; an inability to defend values or symbols of enterprise.”
Many fear that a Conservative-majority Court will privilege certain religious groups in this nation over others, not to mention framing American justice around the values of some parts of American culture, to the detriment of others (hence the “expansion of social culture”). 

 Munkasey also cites possible “periods of prosperity and growth” with this midpoint, and “extreme reactions to opinions which other feel damage their areas of interests.”[4] This latter point brings in Pluto’s aspect to this midpoint configuration—vested interests drive more disputes than anything else. 

The influence of these powerful sextile aspects to the overall Kite formation could mean that the momentum of that watery grand trine would be channeled into achieving Pluto’s powerfully vested agenda. Undoubtedly Pluto’s position also says something about the billions being funneled into election campaigns—on both sides—so power plays enough to go around!

The "Old Boys' Club" needs to consider how they'd want their daughters and wives treated.

We’ve already seen the prelude to that in the slick way sympathy for Blasey-Ford was twisted into a victim story for Kavanaugh, so what may look very flowing and positive on one side or the other could backfire. Given Venus Rx’s involvement in the grand trine, it’s not hard to see a continued effort to further subvert women’s voices and issues—cast in the garb of a #HimToo movement, perhaps? 

One way or another, all of the watery energy we see in this chart will find its level somewhere. Many expect Election 2016 election problems (social media disinformation campaigns, outside hacking, etc.) to resurface in a big way, and this could indeed happen, but factoring Neptune and all that water into this, we could also be looking at a surge in enthusiasm for voting, something akin to mass hysteria in political rallies, and so on. 

No surprise—Trump is stumping hard for 2020 already, and he has a pretty keen sense of when to take advantage of the collective mood—and a knack for whipping people up over his latest “enemies list.” 

Venus Rx (Scorpio) disposes Uranus Rx in Taurus at top of chart, trine Saturn (Capricorn). This placement tells us what we might expect to come to fruition in the Full Moon chart for this month. A 10th house Uranus suggests chaos and change on high, and with Mars ruling the 10th, we might expect some volatility. This could have foreshadowed the nation’s focus on Hurricane Michael, which forced volatile change on many lives (our deep sympathies to everyone in its path). 

The Uranus Rx-Saturn trine suggests that resources and technologies will be flowing from on-high into military, infrastructure and governmental agencies, but there could be delays and bureaucracy to overcome (retrograde). 

This could also pertain to the funding for Trump’s famous “Wall”—last I heard there’s little progress on that (which is just fine). Workers may be feeling better about their wages these days, although there’s a chance the volatility we’ve seen in the Stock Market is partly related to this aspect, and that could slow down any hoped for wage hikes. Taurus demands value for its dollar, so if stocks were overvalued, this trine could trigger a “reality check.” Venus Rx will be backing up into a closer opposition to Uranus Rx over the coming week, which may help cool down what’s been a long bull Market as well. 

U.N. Ambassador Nikki Haley announces her resignation.

Venus Rx squares Mars (Aquarius). As Venus retrogrades back into a tighter opposition with Uranus Rx (as noted above), she will (through Oct. 20th) also become the third leg of a fixed t-square with Mars (Aquarius), disposed by that same Uranus! Male/Female relations will probably take another volatile turn in the news. Will the coming election be a referendum on gender tensions? If it is, it will be a real coup for those who want to divide and conquer us for their own purposes. 

If we take another look at those lists of keywords for Venus and Mars noted above, it’s easy to see that this t-square could have a number of volatile ramifications. Some have been merely surprising, like U.N. Ambassador Nikki Haley’s curiously timed (right before an election) resignation announcement, and pop star Taylor Swift’s uncharacteristic political activism in endorsing Democratic candidates in Tennessee. She sent voter registration numbers soaring with that endorsement!

Mars could also help break up some stagnant, retrograde energy in key, technology-driven areas, although from the 7th it seems to more likely signify tension, conflicting interests and attempts at brute force.  

Mars does fall trine the lunation (Sun-Moon), suggesting a lively cycle that supports radical action and change, within limits, however. The retrogrades we see in this t-square may temper the change and/or add a bit of restraint. However, the Full Moon may pick up on this story and give it a couple surprising twists. 

The October Full Moon is known as the Hunter's Moon.

In the fullness of time…

Let’s now move on to the Full Moon chart for this pre-election season. As we’ve seen, the cosmic “seeds” that were planted earlier this month are potentially volatile and heavy with outer-planetary influence. We can expect that the same themes will be not only relevant, but further developed and “ripened.” Here’s the chart.

Chart #2: Full Moon, October 24 2018, 12:45:05 p.m. DST, Washington, D.C. Tropical Equal Houses, True Node. 

Fixed Grand Square: Sun-Venus Rx-MC conjunction (Scorpio-Libra) opposes Moon-Uranus Rx (Taurus); this axis is squared by Leo-Aquarius Nodal axis. We can almost read the news right off this configuration: a dramatic stand-off between the forces of gender-driven change and the authoritative/administrative status quo. Of course, we can expect this stand-off to be framed differently by the opposing sides: the retrogrades make room for that sort of challenge, but in the end, that’s just politics.  

We’ll probably see more dramatic intrigue than usual, however—disposing the Scorpio points, Pluto occupies the 1st house, so along with Capricorn Saturn (conjunct the ASC from the 12th), it will set the tone for this final stretch before the November election. 

Things will undoubtedly get pretty nasty—attacks on women running for office are likely to become sleazier, more misogynist and less truthful (we’re already seeing this in Michigan), but these same Capricorn points may also help consolidate a good amount of power in women’s hands. 

We’re also likely to see more turmoil in the Stock Market before things even out: the Market will be feeling everyone’s jitters approaching this election.

Saturn-ASC (Capricorn) trines Moon-Uranus Rx (Taurus) and sextiles Sun-Venus Rx (Scorpio). The 12th house position of Saturn here puts a bit of a damper on the important structural assistance we’d usually expect from these aspects, although the feeling is still pretty encouraging. If these were harder aspects, we’d expect that administrative meddling with the vote in November is “on the horizon,” but these more flowing aspects suggest an emphasis on following the rules, despite impediments (retrogrades, 12th house position). 

The judiciary’s role in enforcing fairness in this election is highlighted here, as well—lawsuits have been lodged against political gerrymandering and voter suppression efforts in several states. The pessimistic (but not necessarily realistic) view here would be that those efforts will be “too little, too late.” 

Mercury-Jupiter (Scorpio) trine Chiron (Pisces); Mars (Aquarius) squares Mercury; Neptune Rx (Pisces) widely trines Mercury. Between now and the election, it will continue to be difficult to discern between truth and fabrication (Neptune’s mass deluding super power) in both social media and the news, a problem that could undermine election results, or at least the democratic (small “d”) intent behind them.  This difficulty will only be exacerbated by Pluto’s rulership of Scorpio and sextile to Mercury—opportunities to spread manipulative lies and disinformation (Neptune) will abound. 

On a more positive note, we’ll undoubtedly witness powerful speakers (Mercury-Jupiter) making their cases, and the themes will probably draw upon Chiron’s focus on wounded victimization (Pisces). Mars and Pluto co-dispose and further empower these Scorpio points: Mars’ square to Mercury will likely heighten the belligerent rhetoric, and as we’ve seen, Pluto’s sextile to Mercury will impact the information we access. 

Mars also trines Trump’s Uranus-Node-Sun (Gemini, chart not shown), so we can expect that he will be the source of a lot of that rhetoric. One of this morning’s political talk shows commented on how he “wants this election to be a referendum on him:” he will probably get his wish, for better or worse. 

Mars rules the 4th and 11th houses in this chart from the 2nd house. A grass-roots level uprising of sorts could transpire, fueled by robust resources. Fund-raising is at record levels on both sides of the aisle these days, so no surprises here. 

Neptune Rx’s position in the 3rd house of communications, trine natural 3rd house ruler Mercury in the 11th is troubling, but not surprising. Neptune Rx rules this 3rd house, and along with Saturn, co-rules the entire chart as a final dispositor (placed in its ruling sign). Saturn seems to have a leg up on Neptune Rx overall (more of the points in this chart are ultimately connected to Saturn by rulership network than to Neptune), however we shouldn’t underestimate the power Neptune can wield via the communications networks.  

Both of these dignified heavies are powerfully placed and both are somewhat constrained by circumstances and placement. 

One aspect that concerns me somewhat with Neptune Rx is its tight sextile to 1st house Vesta (Capricorn). Women are intensely focused on achieving the ideal of a greater “voice” in American politics, and this sextile can make or break a lot of those races. “When they go low, we go high” may or may not work as a strategy, but with Pluto widely conjunct Vesta, these races may have the financial winds at their back and other powerful support. Asteroids expert Demetra George has this to say about Vesta-Pluto aspects:

“Harmonious aspects describe an individual who can focus and direct large amounts of energy to penetrate hidden and unknown realms. ..This aspect can signify a dedication to use personal power in the service of spiritual or social ideals.”
As for the many challenges that may arise for such individuals, George concludes:

“The resolution of these challenges lies in focusing power into constructive social change and transformation.”[5]
It’s hard to miss that with this powerful Vesta-Pluto conjunction in the 1st house of this chart, the “feminine” is, indeed, “re-emerging.” How that will translate into campaign wins and losses come November will be an intriguing story.

Ancient image of the Celtic goddesses of fertility

Final thoughts

It's worth noting here that Venus Rx will conjoin Ceres and the Moon in late Libra, on Election-eve, November 5th.  This gaggle of “goddess” energies will be rising on the horizon in the dawn chart for the 6th, reinforcing the notion of a “re-emerging feminine.” Early voting is already going on in precincts around the country, so we may not want to rely too heavily on the November 6th chart to tell the story, but these three “ladies” are certainly joining forces to make their presence known on Election day. 

Women do not all vote the same, of course—in fact, the women’s vote is surprisingly divided going into this election, even on issues we all share a serious stake in. We're individuals, after all--and that's how it should be.

Bottom line, what remains of this pre-election season promises to be lively, potentially volatile and filled with contrary, twisted narratives in the media (and social media) networks. However difficult, or confusing or frustrating it might be, however, for the sake of our democracy, let’s get out and vote!!  



Raye Robertson is a practicing astrologer, writer and former educator. A graduate of the Faculty of Astrological Studies (U.K.), Raye focuses on mundane, collective-oriented astrology, with a particular interest in current affairs, culture and media, the astrology of generations, and public concerns such as education and health. Several of her articles on these topics have been featured in The Mountain Astrologer and other publications over the years.

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