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Of Double Binds & Mutable Times: The Gemini-Sagittarius Full Moon

What a week! News broke on December 10th that President Obama has ordered a full investigation into Russia’s cyber-hacking of the U.S. presidential election—now thought by the CIA to have been aimed at installing Trump in the White House. 

Obama’s announcement was followed closely by this CIA announcement, as summarized by The Washington Post:

The Washington Post is now reporting that the CIA has concluded something widely suspected but never flatly stated by the intelligence community: that Russia moved deliberately to help elect Donald Trump as president of the United States — not just to undermine the U.S. political process more generally.
And all of this has been happening while a powerful Full Moon perfected in Sagittarius (Sun)-Gemini (Moon) on the 13th—closely aligned with Donald Trump’s Gemini-Sagittarius Sun-Moon. We’ll take a much closer look at the relevant charts for this event ahead.

Obama’s investigation comes 2 months too late, of course; apparently, ample intelligence regarding Russian interference (from seventeen different agencies) was available back in October, when the president initially called for a bipartisan investigation. Along with other Republicans that Obama called upon at that time, however, Senate leader Mitch McConnell squashed the pre-election investigation idea, saying that if Obama proceeded with it, he would view the effort as “politically motivated.” 

Double bind number one—Obama erred on the side of respecting the election process; others, obviously, did not.

As the news has been quick to point out, McConnell had a personal vested interest in stopping that investigation (aside from his allegiance to Trump)—McConnell’s wife Elaine Chao, a former Secretary of Labor—was soon to be named Trump’s Secretary of Transportation.

Fast forward to the 12th, and McConnell changed his tune, if only to keep the situation from getting too open: he now backs an investigation by Senate committees (Intelligence and Armed Forces, that happen to be led by Republicans). Other Senators, such as Democrats Chuck Schumer (N.Y.) and Elijah Cummings (MD.) would rather see a special, bipartisan, 2-chamber committee set up specifically for such an investigation.

Obama wants the investigation he’s ordered to be completed ASAP—before he leaves office—and the press has exploded with anguished handwringing about next steps, if it turns out that Russia did somehow influence the election for Trump.

Trump’s repeated mantra that “the election is rigged” may turn out to be only too true, in fact, and it appears that the rigging may have been both an inside and outside job. Outgoing Senate majority leader Harry Reid points a finger at FBI head James Comey for throwing the election for Trump. At issue here is Comey’s reported release of information from hacked DNC and Clinton emails, while apparently sitting on intelligence that could have hurt Trump (still a matter of debate).

Many have speculated that Comey himself was in a tricky position—perhaps headed for the hot seat after the election if he hadn’t issued the now-infamous “letter.” As we’ll consider ahead, all of these double binds have similar astrological credentials.

It seems to me that the classical double-bind—being damned if you do, damned if you don’t—is a deeply mutable phenomenon. By definition a trap created by bridging two sides, the double-bind’s power lies in the codependence of the relationship in play, which is defined by its conflicting interests and—often—by a Victim-Victimizer narrative. Caught between two sets of priorities and demands, the players in double-bind relationships tap into the slippery power of astrology’s mutable polarities: Gemini-Sagittarius and Virgo-Pisces. Let’s consider some key points:

Gemini is all about gathering information and using that information to connect with others, for the sheer pleasure of the chase. In fact, information itself is a “bright, shiny object” that provides essential stimulation: Gemini ruler Mercury co-rules our nervous systems (some would say our minds) with electrical Uranusbridging the right and left hemispheres of our brains with electrical, information-laden impulses.

These impulses are then available for use in our Sagittarian intellectual lives and belief systems; they help us express our fiery pedantic, “teacher/prophet” instincts, and thereby expand (Jupiter rules Sagittarius) our presence in society. “Hot air” expands—sort of like Trump’s “modest” acceptance speech for Time Magazine’s Person of the Year” (his Moon is in Sagittarius).

In astrology, we often speak about relationships as a Venus-related phenomenon, but Mercury—particularly in its airy Gemini dimension—is all about crossing boundaries and connecting multiple entities at once in a Sender-Receiver type of relationship that we know as “the Media.” Communication is, after all, an important element of any relationship.

On the receiving end, human thinkers then abstract (Sagittarius) elements within that stream of sensory data (Gemini), and using their faculties of analysis (Virgo), they form concepts and beliefs that fit their ideological frameworks (culture, religion, biases, etc.).

Data bits (such as Trump’s treatment of women) that are analyzed and fall short in the receiver’s frameworks (Virgo) are either rejected, endangering broader acceptance of the sender (Trump), or they are somehow reconciled within that framework (by denying, excusing or accommodating the behavior, etc.).  

Here’s where the force of emotion (Pisces) comes in: emotions routinely overwhelm rational judgment, and with sign ruler Neptune transiting the sign, these emotions have been at high tide.

Those who criticize Trump for having essentially “no ideology but himself” are tapping into his amazing 10th-4th house Sun-Moon opposition in Gemini-Sagittarius. Along this axis, his family name/heritage/reputation, not to mention his ego, are tightly interdependent—he sells the mere use of his name, around the world.

Trump’s natal full moon suggests that ego gratification (Sun)—Gemini stimulation—is a constant need (Moon) because it feeds his inner “wild man/maverick” (Sagittarius). As we’ll see ahead, this polarity shooting through the heart of his chart is being powerfully triggered by this week’s Full Moon, falling (perfected on the 13th) precisely flipped on his Sun-Moon. 

Let’s examine the relevant charts—Trump’s nativity against the exact Full Moon. The Full Moon chart is cast for Washington, D.C. (Trump as elected official).

Biwheel #1: (inner wheel) Donald J. Trump, June 14, 1946, 10:54 a.m. DST, Jamaica, NY; (outer wheel) Full Moon, December 13, 2016, 7:05:37 p.m. ST, Washington, D.C.

A Full Moon illuminates—in this case, the character of Trump himself and what type of power structure he is constructing around himself. Many commentators have attempted to read Trump’s nebulous policies by examining his Cabinet picks and the Apprentice-style parade of high-level government job applicants. Without getting into the long list, one prominent feature of his principle appointments is that they are white males—very “macho” white males.

Clearly these men resonate with Trump’s authority-conscious Leo Mars/ASC—Trump deals from a position of strength (even if he has to bully his way into that position), and he likely expects his alter-ego-appointments to do the same. Unfortunately, the type of strength he seems too respect is purely authoritarian: military generals or billionaire CEOs—conflated into what one Washington Post article calls, “an army of business titans to do battle in Washington.”

If the pending investigations have anything to do with it, this Full Moon will probably also illuminate why Trump is so eager to add Putin into his strong-man confab. For starters, their respective Mars are happy to connect—Trump’s at the same degree in Leo as Putin’s is in Sagittarius. In fact, Putin’s Mars is tightly conjoined by transiting Saturn in this December 13th chart.

A volatile Aquarius Mars--disposing the chart's Aries Uranus--is featured in this Full Moon chart, opposite Trump’s natal Mars and conjunct his DSC/Part of Fortune. These aspects reflect the various efforts going on before Monday’s Electoral College vote to question Trump’s fitness for the presidency, but the likelihood of an overthrow is slim: his chart provides fail-safe mechanisms galore.

Interchart Grand Air Trine: Transiting Mars &Trump POF-DSC (all Aquarius) trines transiting Moon-Trump Sun (both Gemini), which trines transiting Jupiter-Trump Jupiter (both Libra). If we didn’t know that investigations and other efforts are dogging his steps these days, we’d probably look at this breezy configuration and say that Trump is “hitting his stride,” very quickly establishing his narrative (Gemini) that a radically different, perhaps bellicose posture (Aquarius Mars) towards his enemies (DSC—his enemies are soon to be construed as the nation’s enemies) will trigger expansive growth (Libra Jupiter). In fact, a less exact version of this grand trine already features in Trump’s nativity, but this Full Moon moment highlights and enhances the pre-existing dynamics.

Grand trines imply very little resistance—the energized agenda simply flows. Even though this may just feel like business as usual to Trump, the added punch of the Full Moon could inspire increased recklessness. As we see with Mitch McConnell and Paul Ryan this week, others are often called upon to clean up or contain the mess. 

Transiting Sun-Saturn-Trump Moon (all Sagittarius) sextile Transiting Mars-Trump DSC/Part of Fortune (all Aquarius), trine Trump Mars-ASC (Leo) and oppose Transiting Moon & Trump Sun-Node-Uranus (all Gemini).  The key take-away from all this is that Congress (Saturn) may be able to leverage the Mars-opposite-Mars challenge happening over his chart horizon and perhaps rein in his more reckless instincts. Whether dramatic changes are likely may be up to the following aspect.

Interchart Grand Fire Trine: Transiting Uranus (Aries) trines Trump Mars-ASC (Leo), trines Transiting Saturn-Sun &Trump Moon (all Sagittarius); Transiting Jupiter &Trump Jupiter (both Libra) oppose Transiting Uranus (Aries). Revelations regarding Trump’s investments and 2nd-8th house conflicts of interest are likely, but the likelihood of holding him accountable for these conflicts to any serious extent is slim. There’s a mutable, martial arts-style dynamic in progress here—a challenge (T Mars and T Uranus) is presented; Trump extracts the energy from that challenge (via sextiles and trines in his chart to those points) and turns it back on the challenger.

In fact, it won’t surprise me at all if Trump’s postponed press conference about these conflicts delivers on this mutable dynamic, attempting to redefine such conflicts as strategic foreign policy assets. For all we can tell now, the military, rules-conscious strong men he’s installing around him are looking the other way on this issue, and we have to wonder why.

Today’s “post-Truth” atmosphere only facilitates and confounds his challengers (Neptune is transiting his 7th).

It will be interesting to see if the current demand that he divest himself of his new Washington hotel (a former U.S. Post Office leased from the Federal Government) will stick—this is a situation where Trump would be both the lease-holder and the landlord! Will signing the lease over to his kids do the trick?

Still, there is pressure being brought to bear—and this is nothing new—transiting Uranus has opposed Trump’s Jupiter and trined his Mars for awhile now, so it could simply reflect the general flurry of activity designed to install an “anti-Government” (as one commentator dubbed it). Trump’s continued need to stage mass rallies to re-envigorate his followers’ support (T Uranus-Trump Moon) is also reflected here.

More on the mutables

Mercury/Gemini and Jupiter/Sagittarius are not naturally about exclusive or long-lasting, stable relationships (Venus likes those), but when we say that another person is “on our wavelength,” we’re tapping into a Gemini-Sagittarius style relationship. The relationship can be fleeting and unpredictable (air and fire together are especially so), even if the constant hunger for communication and ideological connection is satisfied. This polarity lives in the fast lane, and the “spirited mind” is its playground.

Gemini shares Mercury’s rulership energies with Virgo, an earth sign that helps us discriminate between desirable and undesirable information, making it possible to use Mercury’s nervous energy for practical (even healthy) purposes. Is it possible to channel undesirable information (lies, manipulated facts, etc.) in some desired direction?—clearly, yes!

This is the terrain we get into with the very mutable phenomenon of the “fog of war.” When the Machiavellian “ends justify the means,” the truth is the first casualty. No need to actively lie, however: a constant nudge, nudge, nudge in the media that casts doubt upon established facts, and questions the terms of reality as we know them, seem to be the tactics (Gemini) and strategies (Sagittarius) of our times. 

“We don’t know that Russia hacked the election…it could have been China…it could be a 400-lb. man sitting on his bed in New Jersey…” And up is down and right is left, ad nauseum.

As we might expect, mutable, illusion-spinning sign Pisces provides the “fog” in question.

It’s no accident that Machiavelli’s nativity features an air grand trine, with Gemini Mercury trine Libra Uranus trine Aquarius Node-Moon,, and with Pisces Mars square his Mercury and opposed his Virgo Pluto. The quest for power is simply its own justification here.

This quest often makes lively use of mutable energies: As we’ve seen, Gemini-Sagittarius is always on the lookout for ways to play with information and the minds that need to process it: social media now allows the Senders to reach a mass audience of suggestible Receivers. Truth is optional—just keep the stimulation (i.e., social media) coming.

Ruled by Mercury and Neptune respectively (with Jupiter chiming in to co-rule  Pisces), the Virgo-Pisces polarity is capable of the highest, most compassionate, spiritual service ethic, expressed in the most down-to-earth pragmatic ways (feeding the hungry, nursing care, etc.), but in its lesser manifestations, Virgo-Pisces can also promote twisted versions of all of the above, laced with illusions, addiction and victim-redeemer relationships. Why is it that service-oriented people so often find themselves in toxic, codependent relationships?

Such relationships overwhelm Virgo’s analytical and discrimination skills—in the case of a classic alcoholic family, the Neptunian denial that characterizes a Pisces-style addiction can draw the family into enabling the addict and tip-toeing around his/her version of reality. There often seems to be little choice: the addiction creates that classic mutable “double bind” discussed above. If they’re “damned if they do and damned if they don’t,” people opt for whatever gets them and their families through the day.

Unfortunately, this passive approach only perpetuates the addiction and the codependency—an intervention, on the other hand, interjects facts into the picture (bearing witness to and naming the addiction), which allows Virgo to assume its naturally therapeutic role in the healing, and liberates Pisces to make that much-needed surrender to a “higher power.” etc. The objective, witnessing element of this transaction brings the Gemini-Sagittarius polarity to bear—the square aspects involved between these axes reflect the difficulty of this process.

Mutable mind games are a true, “whole-brained” exercise that plays the more rational, left-brain centers (Mercury-Jupiter) off against the more emotional right-brain (Neptune) centers. While the air-fire energies of Gemini-Sagittarius enliven and relay the erratic particles of thought, the earth-water energies of Virgo-Pisces provide a more sensory, empathic experience. The first polarity violates boundaries (mostly mental) in its eagerness to express and be heard; the second overwhelms the boundaries between the tangible and intangible, leaving us to ask if the evidence of our senses is “real, or Memorex?”

Clearly, mutable mind games roiled the country during Election 2016—with Saturn square Neptune (Sagittarius-Pisces) the entire past year, it’s no wonder that facts were overwhelmed by assorted passive aggressive tactics: dismissing reality, deflecting attention, casting doubt through innuendo and the toxic labeling of Others—a way of reframing any opposing narratives. 

Viral “Tweets” (Neptune/Pisces) were used to create perception (Mercury/Gemini); perceptions assumed the status of facts for those with “ears to hear.” As if to put a tortured cherry on top of this gooey mess, Politifacts’ “Lie of the Year” was just announced as being “Fake News”—a pernicious use of mutable energy if there ever was one and a central feature of Election 2016.

The truth certainly was the first casualty in 2016’s Machiavellian wonderland, and all the fact-checking in the world can’t cut through the illusions if the “believers” have bought into the narrative that everyone else is lying and conniving. On this matter, Trump’s Sagittarian Moon is uniquely convincing: ruling his aggressively protective Cancer Saturn-Venus conjunction, his Moon marshals emotion and infuses it with fiery protectionist passion—a charismatic combination for those looking to circle the wagons against the outside world.

Playing off his erratic, rebellious Gemini Sun-Node-Uranus, this mutable Sagittarian energy has rocked the ship of State—troublingly, it seems, with some input from Russia.  

In classic double-bind style, the nation will now be trying to figure out where the bright line is between a vigorous, no-holds-barred political sparring match, and an illicitly manipulated contest. Unfortunately, with this extraordinarily entangled double-bind, there may be multiple “bright lines,” and they may all be elusive.

This, too shall pass!!

Raye Robertson is a practicing astrologer, writer and former university English instructor. A graduate of the Faculty of Astrological Studies (U.K.), Raye focuses on mundane, collective-oriented astrology, with a particular interest in current affairs, culture and media, the astrology of generations, and public concerns such as education and health. Several of her articles on these topics have been featured in The Mountain Astrologer and other publications over the years. Raye can be contacted by comment here, or at: 

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